M&A: Let's talk about buying a company

Here’s a random, non Web3 idea, let’s target and purchase a Web2 company and flip it into a Web3 company. Obviously Twitter is a bit out of our price range, but there are many other opportunities that would fit the bill.

Maybe the company was a huge success in the 90’s but their business model did not stand up to the pressures of the internet (i.e. Kodak), or maybe it is a news organisation that we want control over (NYT comes to mind), or maybe its a small cap NFL / NHL / MLB team (let’s make a team that is uncompetitive, competitive again - all tickets / merch sold for ApeCoin)

Some examples:

  • GameStop … LOL, MarketCap probably to big (12.5B) - JOKES!!!
  • Cheapest sports team is in hockey ($450M) – we can rename them to the Buffalo Board Apes, and the arena could be called the BAYC LOL, or we can go further down league and buy a Football club in the **EFL Championship
  • Sega Games, again probably too big but it would be cool flipping Sonic into a Web3 environment (4.5B Market Cap)
  • Polaroid? Knight’s bridge capital acquired them in 2009 for US$87M. Basically we would be buying the brand and resources and then retargeting their hardware for MetaVerse integration
  • How about a record label, “Dear Snoop, can you help us take over the music industry?”

I mean the constitution DAO was fun but now we are larger scale and should be looking at larger opportunities. There will be another Staking Proposal and that’s great, but come on, let’s think big, let’s be bold, let’s just start. Let’s collaborate and propose, focus on building not just commenting about why something doesn’t work. Let’s take risks, ask questions and empower each other to be confident in our areas of expertise.

We are effectively the largest DAO in the world, and we can make a real difference in anything we want. Bring your crazy, silly, moonshot ideas here and let’s talk about them in a manner that assumes we can actually do it!! I am 100% in, I have a pretty big network, I have a lot of software engineering experience,
I’ve built a few startups (some failed, some succeeded), I am happy to collaborate with anyone and everyone.


What about a media company. Like how disney owns everything to do with everything. Look at the food network, HGTV, travel network. Some sort of network that can transition into the filming of the 3d metaverse. Just cause i’m a pro at that stuff.

a production company of sorts.


I fully agree, I have a lot more thoughts I want to add but need more processing.

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hey man I really like the idea of buying a sports team into web3 and I think if we could be the first on it vary much could be industry changing.


I definitely agree here, think it would be wise to wait til ApeCoin was worth more but because of the amount of NBA players with Apes, It would be truly inspirational to the culture of web3 if we managed to buy a sports team and ran the sports team through DAO proposals.


I like the idea of an IRL yacht club/marina for revenue.


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