Mantis Wants to be a WG0 Stuart

Maybe it is a good idea that someone who is currently working for the ApeCoin DAO creates an organizational chart with all the paid employees and their positions. Make it publicly available for comments. IMO, it might reinforce that position and his/her duties as employee!

For example, I don’t even know if you are currently working for the ApeCoin DAO or just regular members. Your comments and my comments are pretty much meaningless !

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Gotta keep up the good fight, though

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"Can organizations like ApeCoin function without top management?
My answer is - No.
Can organizations function without any middle managers?

  • Yes.

Would be good to see the ApeCoin DAO organizational chart, who are the top management personnel at the ApeCoin DAO. 3 elected SC ? I don’t see that.

A chart is a great idea! Currently the only people paid to work for the DAO would be the 5 members of Special Council, the Administrator (who then pays it’s employees), and the Stewards of WG0 (only for 3 months).

WG0 was created in part to put forth through an AIP working group structure that would allow more people to be paid to work for the DAO. Discussions on the best way for this to be structured are ongoing and anyone with 1 apecoin can participate. Most of the conversation and workshops are happening in the WG0 discord that was recently set up, so would love if you’d join and contribute!


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