MBA platform powered by ApeChain

Hey fellow Apecoin enthusiasts.

You’ve requested your MadebyApes license. You’ve build a MBA product ready to hit the market. Put in the blood, sweat, and tears to develop something truly innovative with your IP, but now comes the real challenge—getting it into the hands of consumers worldwide.

Currently 435 products have been listed on the MadeByApes website. You can browse the community-led, IP-backed brands created by BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC holders using their NFT IP. On the MadeByApes website, but it doesn’t have the option to purchase the products directly in $ape or fiat.

You’ve got the product, but what you need is global distribution and more customers. Traditional retail partnerships might help, but why not think bigger? What if there was a platform specifically designed to connect MBA products with global distribution channels and retail partners, all while leveraging technology like NFC & ApeChain?

Picture this: a one-stop-shop e-commerce platform / website where MBA creators can showcase their products, connect with potential distributors and retail partners, and seamlessly integrate NFC technology and leverage ApeChain blockchain capabilities into their offerings. And sell your products directly to customers.

With Apechain integration, every MBA product could have the power of NFC blockchain behind it, ensuring transparency, loyalty rewards. royalties on purchases, enhanced customer experiences and traceability from production to purchase. From chain to customers.

So, what do you think? Could an e-commerce platform like this be the next big thing for MBA products? Let’s discuss and see if it’s an idea worth pursuing as an AIP.


I think this is a great idea as I think a lot gets lost on the MBA page. It’s a very interesting approach and the first thing that comes to mind is music merchandise companies who deal with worldwide distribution of products on behalf of an artist. Two of the big ones are and
There is another way. Amazon, who can distribute worldwide, although i don’t know much about that.

Also I think there’s a multistore addon for Shopify, although this gets complicated with taxes etc, which have to be collected on behalf of the stores you list. I wouldn’t personally go that direction.

Hope this is helpful.


Very cool idea! Hope to see some legs on this one!


Lovely idea! I’d love to see this happening.


Love this idea and have advocated for something similar. As an MBA licensee, having the backing of the community is great, but being able to have a way to easily execute on that backing will be 100x better. Let me know if/how I can help with this.


I think it’s interesting. Connecting MBA with distributors could definitely be a big thing. But since the NFT space isn’t main stream yet. I would focus also on getting products in stores. Like maybe getting shelf space in the store. Or using already existing platforms but approaching it as a group instead of multiple individual businesses. Like maybe an MBA corner on Amazon. And sells all products


However, for people in the space. An e-commerce platform like this would be amazing!


Great idea! Especially love “from chain to customers”!


As an MBA builder of a digital game: Great idea. More sales channels are good if easy to manage. But more important than sales channels (as a pure digital product) is additional marketing and getting eyes on us. Facilitating partnerships is one way to do that. For physical products the retail space and partnership possibilities are even more important.

As a former e-Commerce marketplace Co-Founder: make sure
a) the MBA businesses can do as much by themselves as possible
b) to generate significant reach and hopefully sales for them
c) charge enough to generate profits in a reasonable time, otherwise the platform won’t be sustainable once your funding runs out…

As a consumer: I like the idea very much - what’s crucial for a smooth buying process is knowing right away where it’s shipping from/if it ships to where I am (Europe, we are often left out) + shipping costs and if customs duties are already included or if I need to calculate them myself on top (which is 30% of the total product + shipping price, so not insignificant)

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing an amazing product and spending time learning about it just to realize they don’t ship to you. I am aware there are forwarding services, but this all adds extra costs and time. Unless the product is absolutely amazing by itself no consumer will take the extra effort and costs more than once

Also, many MBA businesses don’t have products for sale on stock at all times, it’s important to highlight that

In addition it would also be great to have a filter for products selling directly to consumers vs products that are meant for B2B, events etc…


yes it’s a good idea
but it needs to be refined !
Global merger and creation of MBA center
is not only products it is also
Games, Contracts, Radio, Projects working only in web3
of course you can sell access to send vod or pdf
this is what MBA holders do to make it work
first you need to give the opportunity to sell - consumers
(yes, you can build together )
but who is to invest ?
Where are the funds for investment to come from?
what fees will be to maintain the investment ?
what profit and obligations will each MBA investor have ?
who will bear the responsibility ?
it is possible to prepare everything, but it is not easy


It would be nice to see an expansion to include all kinds of NFTs which give the IP rights to their holders.

Also working with companies who offered IP rights to their NFT holders to make sure they have done all the necessary applications for trademarks etc.

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