Metaverse - Future or a failed gamble?

Metaverso is a subject that has several discussions in the web 3 space, it has already been applauded in the past, but nowadays it is not mentioned much, maybe this is due to the departure of the meta of this space… What do you think about this subject? Is this a promising area in your view?



It was never a viable nor practical enterprise. For starters, people just mangled and misappropriated the term, Metaverse. It was the buzzword for a period of time. Then everyone realized that it was nonsense from the start. Then those people - and investors - pivoted to the next buzz. AI.

Arguably games such as Fortnite, Minecraft and their ilk are a form of Metaverse; though not by the strict definition due to not requiring hardware.

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I think the metaverse will grow in the years to come. With the evolution of technology and digital technology, we’re obliged to adapt, and we’re in an era of change, especially since the invention of the Internet. More and more, we’re immersed in the virtual world, and I think this is the world of the future.

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Metaverse is a confusing term. Already many metaverses exists, we just need the technology to connect public ledgers and think about bridging in good gas or no gas terms.


Animocra brand & Wreckleague partnered with Yugalabs with Apecoin integration for the upcoming gamification for WEB3 & WEB2 avatars minted. Its not quite a metaverse but already a possible bridge style)


We so early :sunglasses:

Eagerly awaiting Otherside and what will be built on from there. Animoca is a force to be reckoned with and investing in like 450 companies building in collab to make it all work.

Stay tuned, don’t switch channels…AI is cool and all but it’s just a cool tool to free us up, so we can get our Game On :video_game:

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In fact, we are far from an example that really makes sense for the word METAVERSE.

I was looking forward to seeing this happen, it will develop in the future, but at the moment it was not as I expected… Maybe the hype of the Yuga brand gave a false impression that it would be something very good at that moment, but the market we’re not suppressing the hype that the brand has.

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How is that a “possible bridge”? I don’t understand what you mean.

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What makes you think that Otherside will succeed where others have ultimately failed thus far?

You know that it’s not about the tech, right? UnrealEngine /w integrated SpatialOS based tech from Improbable isn’t going to somehow create a Metaverse dynamic - in any form.

Every single game - every single one - that used that tech has failed. Even the studio that Improbable bought, made and released a game with. There currently isn’t a single game in operation or dev that uses that tech.

The main defining factor of Otherside is going to be the experience - not the tech (which has its own on-going problems). And to compete in that arena, it has to be an experience that either meets or surpasses the likes of Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and even Core (by MantiCore) . And in addition to that, it has to have a low barrier of entry, which, going by HVY:MTL and Wreck League, is probably not what they’re going to do.

Either way, none of these environments are the Metaverse. And never will be. There’s a reason that Meta has thus far lost over $40 Billion in chasing that pipedream.


Exactly. It was all hype and noise.

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Looks promising and interesting

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