@MetaverseLawyer - Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @MetaverseLawyer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaverseLawyer

Educational Background: BA in Economics; MS in Applied Economics; JD - Law Degree

Professional Background:

I have worked as an attorney for 17 years focusing on business/corporate law, business litigation. I was previously as a partner with the law firm Fox Rothschild, and for the last 5 years have been the owner of Gutke Law Group.

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Special Council

I am running for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council because I want to help the DAO reach its potential as a transformative way to organize our community resources. With my unique background that includes deep knowledge of legal and regulatory matters, I am well-suited to provide valuable insights and guidance to the DAO.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member

I am motivated to become an ApeCoin DAO Special Council member due to my passion for building a better future using decentralized networks and the excitement of how a DAO can be a more efficient and equitable way for communities to organize and operate. Over the past several years, I have spent a significant amount of time living in South America, and feel passionate about bringing decentralized blockchain technology to people in countries outside the US. I want to see an increase in focus on the use of ApeCoin as a means of payment among members of the DAO, and find ways for use to implement systems to incentivize ApeCoin adoption and use.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

My extensive educational and work background–including degrees in economics and a law degree, and having specialized in business and corporate law–has provided me with a solid foundation to navigate complex legal and regulatory environments. With 17 years of experience as an attorney, specializing in business and corporate law and in crypto/web3-focused law and regulation for the past 3 years, I am well-equipped to understand and address legal intricacies within the crypto industry that affect the DAO and DAO members. I am relatively fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and I hope my language skills and familiarity with Latin American culture (from having lived in Colombia and Brazil) will allow me to act as a liaison between the ApeCoin DAO and various Latin American communities as well.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

I have admittedly not been as directly involved in governance within other existing DAOs as I would have liked, but I have been very active within an online community of web3/crypto lawyers that debate and analyze DAO governance, and I have advised individuals forming DAOs as well as worked on legislative evolution of DAO statutes and studied ideas like DAO constitutions, researched ongoing litigation matters involving DAOs, and have been deep in the weeds on the evolution (practical and philosophical) of DAO governance. As a Special Council member, I’d like to see the establishment of a designated representatives on the special counsel for various communities of DAO members based on geography, language, ideals, or other subcommunity characteristics. I’d also like to encourage DAO members to use (or establish/improve upon existing) marketplaces to offer their business services (goods and/or professional services) to one another, for payment in ApeCoin, such that we could establish an economy powered by ApeCoin, as the DAO’s mission envisions.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Special Council

With my unique background, legal expertise, and focus on crypto/web3 opportunities in Latin America, I think I am the best choice for ApeCoin DAO Special Counsel. My 17 years of experience as a lawyer focusing on complex business and corporate issues, including the last 3 focusing exclusively on blockchain/cryptocurrency law and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, have given me unique professional qualifications that I am eager to employ for the community’s benefit and growth.


Hey @MetaverseLawyer
You have quite a few skills to help the DAO. Nice to see you apply for the post ser

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My number one question I am asking to all nominees is, in your opinion what is the biggest hurdle we’ve yet to get past in the DAO?

Thanks! I look forward to contributing my skills as a community member whether elected to SC or not.