Mo_ezz14 - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @mo_ezz14


Country of Residence: England

Educational Background:

I hold three degrees with a strong focus on Mathematics: a First Class Honours in Mathematics, a Master’s in Mathematics, and a degree in Education. My academic journey has imbued me with a rigorous analytical and problem-solving mindset, crucial for navigating the complexities of blockchain technology, community & governance.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Currently, as the Head of Tokenomics at Animoca Brands, I lead a team of 10 in developing innovative ecosystem designs which include governance, growth, tokenomics, gamification, incentive and monetisation strategies etc.
I founded this department three years ago, instilling a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. Previously, I served nearly a decade as a high school teacher, focusing on behaviour management and curriculum planning, which honed my leadership and pedagogical skills. My comprehensive experience in tokenomics and DAO structures, from strategy and mechanism design to community engagement, positions me well to contribute effectively to the ApeCoin DAO.

Nomination Statement:

I am eager to serve as a Special Council member for ApeCoin DAO because of my extensive background in DAO governance, Tokenomics, and Ecosystem development. Having been involved with ApeCoin before its Token Generation Event (TGE), I possess a deep understanding of the community’s foundations and the different aspects required to propel its vision forward. My experience at Animoca Brands as Head of Tokenomics, combined with my work on various DAO structures, equips me with a unique set of skills and insights that are well-suited to this role.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

My motivation to join the ApeCoin DAO Special Council stems from a commitment to leverage my expertise to enhance community involvement and optimize the DAO. I envision a DAO where community engagement is maximized through improved governance mechanisms.

My Goal is to Make Ape Great Again, as we continue on this journey of iteration and improvement.

My Vision is an ecosystem where the core contributors and wider community have aligned interests, approach each AIP with the right mindset and are open to collaborating with other like minded builders.

Together we can!

Values & Commitment:

My core values of inclusivity, teamwork, and a growth mindset align closely with the ethos of the ApeCoin community. I am committed to dedicating the time and effort to serve actively and productively within the DAO. My leadership style, which emphasizes collective success and strategic growth, will contribute to fostering a supportive and innovative community.

Concluding Statement:

With a robust background in Tokenomics, DAO governance, and Problem solving, coupled with a proven track record of leadership and innovation in the blockchain space, I am uniquely qualified for the Special Council role within ApeCoin DAO. My commitment to promoting ApeCoin and driving its success is unwavering, and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring this vision and my values to this vital role, championing ApeCoin’s cause globally.


Gm Mo,

Great to have you here, so now I can pick your brains, which clearly you have with so much top education under your belt.


  1. How can ApeCoin utilise platforms like Zealy to incentivize and grow the community and ultimately the number of holders and the amount an average or smaller holder is willing to hold?

  2. As Mocaverse is building up more in the DAO space how will this impact ApeCoin Dao outside of voting on AIPs which they currently do.

  3. How do you see the connect to other new DAOs closely related to ApeCoin and Animoca, using the new Sandbox Dao as an example.

  4. With such a nice rich beard which beard oil do you use if any.

Gm gm Bull,

Thank you for the great questions!

Ive taken an initial stab at answering them.

  1. Zealy and other affiliated platforms are great for (social) farming with an incentive tied to it and the question we really want to be asking is what do we want from new holders of $APE, what kind of personas do we want to attract and how can they add value.

With this in mind, the question then becomes, is Zealy et al the right kind of platform we need for the most meaningful outcomes.

  1. This remains to be seen but the overarching sentiment is delegating tokens of other DAOs to Mocaverse holders to vote with, e.g. $SAND or $EDU

  2. It would come back to what do we want to achieve as a DAO and Community.
    Sandbox has a great UGC community and also associated with many brands.

With the current gaming narrative / Apechain, coupled with the recent launch of the Sandbox DAO, a potential plan would include (in no particular order):

  • Token swap with Sandbox DAO to align incentives with a lock up of 24 months and then a discussion closer to the end time over next steps
  • Bridging $Sand onto apechain, it has trading volume over $60/70m daily with a good sized holderbase
  • Leveraging APE_U and the apecoin community to held the Sandbox DAO grow, we have experience as a community DAOs and sharing learnings. The more DAOs we have the better.
  • Launching a joint experience in Sandbox, powered by $APE and utilising some of the brands within their ecosystem for collaboration (used as a UA strategy to bring them onto Apechain)
  • Joint proposals that grow both ecosystems to both DAOs simultaneously (if and when it makes sense)
    etc etc

This should start to give a feeling of what could be in a single context.

  1. It is all natural baby :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to jump in deeper into any / all of these answers


Great chatting with you today :pray:

Very thoughtful & encouraging perspectives with a highly relevant background :mechanical_arm: :apecoin:

Among the strongest of candidates :100: :+1: