【Monthly Update】Treasury and governance reporting from the community and for the community

Dear fam, we are well aware of the extensive discussions surrounding data and transparency regarding the treasury and governance lately and many constructive suggestions and excellent ideas have been put forward by the community as well. With the positive vibe, we would love to be the first ones to focus on reporting through a community-driven initiative. This initiative is created by the community, intended for the community, and we hope to see more of you join us. We value your feedback and encourage you to notify us of any discrepancies or adjustments that may be required :eyes:.

While we possess great passion, work diligently behind the scenes, our team’s shyness often hinders us from engaging effectively with the community. We hope that our efforts and the reports we deliver can convey the sincerity we put into our work :heart:.

Without further ado, we have compiled the report for the month of May. And if the feedback is positive, we will try to keep it going reporting on a monthly basis.

**Treasury and Governance Report in full details: The PASS—DAO Aggregator **
**Apecoin Transaction Labeling For May: Apecoin DAO Transaction Labeling (Monthly Update) - Google Sheets **

Please go over the report in above link or walk through with us here in this post now :point_down:

Furthermore, our data sources come from the tools we have developed for ApecoinDAO: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/empowering-transparency-through-community-contribution-dashboards-data-analysis/14042.


Thanks for the info. Also, thanks to you I’ve become aware of the thepass site which is really very useful. good job.

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Appreciate the info <3

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Thank you for sharing. I’d be curious what all the unknown transfers are, probably AIP grants being distributed and salaries? Thanks.

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe not next time.

With no true transparency, oversight, or audits - not for time, duties, or transactions - nobody knows or will know.

This is data, not reporting. Those are different things. And self-reporting is very different than proper reporting. And that’s OK. It just matters terms are used accurately if people want accuracy.

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Yes, we are eager to contribute to the community’s audit efforts. In terms of the transactions, we have diligently compared them with the previous months and made an effort to label the transfers as accurately as possible. However, it would be better to have a little bit help from the DAO core members. Furthermore, we strongly believe that an audit conducted by a reputable third-party is highly necessary. Such an approach would enhance transparency, fairness, objectivity, and professionalism in the process.

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But the salaries. We have marked out the regular salaries and rewards. Maybe related with AIP grants, MM or any other factors.

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Thanks mate! We really appreciate it!

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Great overview, appreciate it!

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Thank you for the effort.

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I have a doubt I hope you can help me. The value of the treasure indicated on thepass site ( The PASS—DAO Aggregator ) is equal to the sum of all the apecoins obtainable through the unlocks minus the exits already incurred or it is the current value of the treasure to which must be added the apecoins that have yet to be unlocked.

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