Moonboy Safe Space

(This topic is dedicated to all things moonboy. Here is your safe space to talk about token price, etc. without disrupting the flow of conversations elsewhere. Go wild, you apes!)

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YES LAWD. A moonboy safe space for those of us who understand the explosive upside of YugaLabs. It WILL be the google of Web3. First moonboy post will be a copy post of the twitter thread i created today outlining the coming land drop. Link to OG tweet here

  • for starters, every whale I know has been bearish on nearly every crypto sector except gaming. The big brains seem to be shying from 3Dponzinomics and creating sustainable play 2 earn platforms

  • crypto twitter witnessed $APE casually do 7billion dollars in volume and mocked it, while #BOREDAPE holders were airdropped new cars worth of apecoin. Documents from yugalabs state #BAYC and #MAYC holders will also be airdropped land in the upcoming “OtherSide” metaverse

  • In addition to the normal hype that accompanies an airdrop of any kind (let alone a BAYC based one) I found this survey on @Coinbase_NFT rather interesting.

  • So you mean to tell me the Bluest of Bluechip cryptocompanies in the USA, has a user base confirming “land” is what they’re most seeking in the metaverse? Gee if only the most hyped NFT project in crypto had land they wanted to airdro… oh wait…

  • I’m sorry, but the portfolio and hype of @yugalabs has reached Thanos levels. #Decentraland and #Sandbox will be fine with first mover advantage, but they should be shook and all your little micrometaverse projects still building are about to get steamrolled.


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