Multisig wallet for AprCoin DAO Treasury Discussion

Dear Special Council Candidates,

Would like to hear your opinion as a Special Council candidate for using multisig ApeCoin DAO Treasury wallet addresses:

ApeCoin DAO Gnosis Safe wallet address:


I am in favor of using multisig wallet for ApeCoin DAO Treasury with at least 10 signers. This could be one of the key factors to determine if SEC considers ApeCoin DAO is truly a decentralized.

If we want the ApeCoin DAO to grow huge with hundreds Special Councils and Administrators.


  1. How many people or members should sign for the ApeCoin DAO Multisig wallet in term of transparency in mind?

  2. Should the ApeCoin DAO make list of the multisig wallet signers transparent and publicly listed with the signer’s name whenever they sign the transaction?

  3. Reasons for these questions are, how transparent the ApeCoin can be for showing leadership in the new era of decentralized corporate governance?

A multisig wallet, in other words a multi-signature wallet, is required a predetermined number of signatures to validate transactions, which means that each transaction requires multiple ApeCoin Council members and/or Administrators to validate it.

For example in this case, ApeCoin Treasury multisign wallet, we can set rules such as at least X of signed by the members are required to transfer funds from the wallet. I recommend that we use the best known multi-signature wallet called Gnosis Safe:


  • Automatic transfer of funds received from NFT-sales to multisig wallet
  • Adding and displaying meta-information,
    for example, rationale of spending, to multisig Wallet transactions

  • Work with ERC20 asset like ApeCoin Token

  • Support smart contracts and other DAPPs

Pros: Using a multi-signature wallet is more secured solution for ApeCoin DAO fund management

Cons: Add little more management overhead


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