name a building

let me know if you want to name this building and I’ll pay a grant writer to try to draft it, but
if no one is interested then I’ll skip it.

thanks for reading

Naming of a Van Ness building


204 n van ness ave fresno ca 93701


“Van Ness Inovation Centre: powered by Ape Coin”

for one year.

The location is between tech and the arts on Van Ness

700 Van Ness ave (is or was controled by Bitwize)

“Van Ness Inovation Centre: powered by Ape Coin”

Tower District Art and Cultural area

This proposal currently is only for a sign and naming rights.

If community desire is there, other AIPs can be proposed for the newly named “Van Ness Inovation Centre : powered by Ape Coin”

cost break down

building owner receives 9000 ape coins to do nothing

ape coin dao controls, pays for, desides, and administers all of the following

  1. Design

  2. Permits

  3. Instalation

  4. Maintenance and operation costs

a. if applicable, for example, interactive light shows or other mechanical signs etc

  1. Removal (if applicable)
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This is useful for context.

204 n van ness ave fresno ca 93701 on street view.

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I see two addresses. The one @bigbull mentioned and 700 Van Ness ave. Is it the building on Van Ness? If so, what’s the other address for?

For reference, here’s 700 Van Ness ave

Also where would the sign be located and how big would it be? How many daily impressions would it get?

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Why are there two different addresses listed? Second one looks more like a building to put advertising on it.

If the other address is a mistake and a private home address. I will delete my last post.

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it would be for 204 n van ness

it’s not as good of a building as the other one, (money can be way less since it’s smaller and all)

it’s bettween the tech side (there) and the arts district so it would hopefully capture the tech guys driving to tower after work, etc.

was the hope.

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I’m confuse now. Can you share the building you refer to with more details.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

i worded bad. they pass one building to get to tower from other.
making it good for sign to capture their imagination when they go to party.

i’m going to try to delete and try again in few years.

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