New AIP: Bored Apes Storm Hollywood (BASH) by American Ape

American Ape and Myth Division have been, since the OG early days of BAYC, developing culture and legitimate IP usage for not only BAYC, BAKC, and MAYC members, but the NFT space at large. They were early adopters of cross IP utilization in creating an extremely dedicated community of die hard NFT collectors and community members.

To support this AIP is to support BAYC, ApeCoin, and NFT / Web3 Culture.

I’ve watched Ramon and Myth Division build since Day 1. The amount of dedication the team has put in to build in web3 is on par with the biggest projects in web3, and surpasses plenty of them.

This is a culture DAO. This is culture. LFG.


those arts are soo freacking cool!!!


Love the Myth Division art style

Can you clarify #6/7 please? Does this mean 3 total comic book versions?



We been there ser, tryna beat down American Ape. He knows how to build culture


The whole Storyverse of different characters is what got me interested in Myth Division nearly two years ago. And when they made their comic, many pfp collections had a chance to get their characters featured in it. These were BGA, Gutter Gang, Untamed Elephants, FoxyFam, to name a few and the best part is that they’re open to including more projects. It would be good adoption potential for Apecoin if more holders get into the NFT comic culture using APE as a medium of exchange in the Metaverse.


Thanks for being an early Believer, Srini! Appreciate your support for the last 2+ years on this Ape journey! :orangutan:


Hi Tiger! Yes, to elaborate on specifics here’s what I’m thinking for each, having produced both formats several times before:

2 thirty-two page “one shots,” each introducing one character owned by an Apecoin holder as the main protagonist of the story. This means the story begins and ends with these pages, but leaves room for the character and story to be further developed by the owner and/or another collaborator afterward due to non-exclusive licensing terms.

1 ninety page “Anthology” featuring 10 short stories that each features a character owned by an Apecoin holder as the main protagonist of the story. This gives opportunity for more holders to be featured in their own stories as non-exclusive “spin-offs.”

Hope that helps to clarify it further! Let me know if you have more questions about it or the process. Thanks!


I love this Anthology format featuring 10 Apecoin holders characters as main protagonists. Can you clarify for the larger audience which all pfp NFT projects have been featured till now in the already running American Ape comic. Apecoin holders are spread across various NFT projects and they would definitely like to have their pfps get a shot at Myth Division character building through the comic.


Nothing much I can say other than that I love this proposal and idea and what you guys are doing.


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Hi Amplify! Thanks for asking, I think I have sufficient feedback, but the last 48 hours should be enough time to get any more from DAO members.

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Hi @AmericanApe,

Love this! I look forward to see what this develops into!

I have great character for you already! :imp: :gorilla:

Also, congrats on being early! 0.45 ETH for an Ape? WOW!


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Hey @AmericanApe brother

I like the way you presented the new AIP idea. It’s very informative, with a clear vision and concrete steps to achieve its goals. Particularly, the showcased previous work serves as a preview, helping to understand the team’s level of quality and capability. You have my vote.

My only concern is that for a 22-minute episode, considering the amount of time and resources you are planning to spend on it, I’m not sure if 50k Ape is enough. However, I understand that it’s tricky to consider a higher budget, as we will inevitably have to look into the ROI at the next level

Best of luck regardless



Thanks Jimbol! Very fair assessment! I think I’m tempering the budget a bit with the intention of boostrapping a bit with the right production services partner. We have a shortlist of companies we’ve worked with before that cumulatively have over a dozen shows on streamers, so worst case I’ll be able to stretch the pilot budget through carefully crafted writing that takes into consideration the production value and costs for scenes. We also have a small pool of investors and relationships prepared to help us with gap financing and seeking tax credits to offset production costs with a cherry-picked team.

The idea here is to continue doing a full raise for the season, while developing and packaging the pilot. It’s more a “build it and they (the distributors) will come” strategy in the worst case scenario and best case scenario is we secure distribution and full season financing at some point during the packaging and development stage. With several upcoming amazon shows already closed, we’re really betting on the IP and the support of the community to get the green light from a major streamer. They want to see that the community is behind it, and then they’re much more likely to pull the trigger and help us solve some of these initial budgetary constraints. Again, as producers we’re no strangers to bootstrapping, so we’d just extend the timeline and try a “favored nations” approach, where cherry-picked members of the team would take a pay cut with some backend assurances in order to ensure the quality is maintained and it’s something we’re all beyond proud of.

Thanks for the insightful share. Appreciate the support!


Heavy hitters here! I love that you include expanding awareness of the ApeCoin ecosystem as that is an avenue that has yet to be explored and implemented in AIP ideas.


Quick reminder fam:

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


really good stuff incoming :slight_smile: wait to see more mate