@Novocrypto - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Novocrypto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Novocrypto

Educational Background:

• Politics, Conflict Resolution, Diplomacy (PhD - UK)

• Film and TV (MSc - UK)

Professional Background:


• Many years of experience in Politics, Political Economy, Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Diplomacy as a researcher, analyst, lecturer and practitioner on an international level including UK, EU, UN, US, Africa and the Middle East.

• Partnerships, fellowships and collaboration with major university brands in the US, UK, EU, UN.

• Business administration skills as the founder and director of research and training focused media production company (London based with international outreach).

• Public speaker at industry events, academic conferences and international news channels such as BBC World, Aljazeera, Sky News, etc.

• Excellent writing skills as an analyst, researcher, author and publisher.


• Member and community builder at the Bored Ape Yacht Club since 01 May 2021.

• Yuga Labs Community Grant Awardee in 2021, founded Bored Ape Ladies DAO and Collective with the aims of promoting IP ownership and improving diversity in the NFT space.

• Multisig wallet user and nerd since June 2021.

• Long term active Apecoin DAO contributor, authored AIP-127, increasing Apecoin Utility via an annual DAO IRL event, participation reward via a special ticketing mechanism, crypto philanthropy.

• Public speaker on De-Gov, DAOs, NFTs, Web3.

• Crypto philanthropist.

Nomination Statement

GM, my name is Novo! I am a staunch advocate of decentralization and have been involved in the blockchain, crypto and NFT space full-time since late 2020. I’ve been an active community member at Bored Ape Yacht Club since day 1 (May 2021). Fun fact: I was a Community Grant Awardee by Yuga Labs in July 2021 which helped me found the Bored Ape Ladies DAO and Collective, a non-for-profit project for me as the founder, which is dedicated to increasing gender diversity and promoting adoption of DAOs, De-Gov & De-Soc technologies. I am also a long-term contributor and active member of Apecoin DAO and the author of AIP-127 which develops extended utility for Apecoin via an inclusive annual IRL event, de-gov participation reward via a special ticketing mechanism, and through a sustainable crypto philanthropy component.

I am running for the Special Council because I believe the Apecoin DAO has the potential to become a leading force in De-Gov as a counterpart to Yuga Labs in NFTs and the Metaverse. To do this, we need to protect decentralization as we scale, improve our governance model to meet new needs and circumstances, increase awareness of the DAO and its initiatives via building new and strategic partnerships with web2 & Web3 brands and communities, increase utility and use cases of Apecoin with the aim of increasing adoption which can lead to increased demand and a productive cycle that benefits the ape ecosystem and beyond.


I am motivated by the potential of blockchain technology to provide more equitable, transparent and decentralized governance structures. I believe that Apecoin has great potential to become a leading player in De-Gov due to its commitment to decentralization, its large and independent treasury, its passionate and talented core community, and its already recognized brand. My goal is to help the DAO achieve its full potential and by extension empower its members to do so as well.

What distinguishes us from any other DAO that I know of, is our access to an incredibly large treasury which holds an asset with strong brand recognition and industry associations behind us.

300m tokens (30% of total supply) has been given to DAO treasury to fund members’ ideas and projects. Currently at a market value of circa $1b. 117.5m tokens are already unlocked at launch, then 7,343,750 tokens are unlocked per month for 4 years.

There’s a huge opportunity as well as a risk here. The opportunity is for the entire Apecoin holder community because the release of the funds is directly correlated with building initiatives that increase the utility, awareness, adoption and demand for Apecoin token. This is the reason why 30% of the Apecoin token supply is allocated to fund DAO’s initiatives (compared to only 17% allocated to the entire staking program for example). This unparalleled opportunity comes with huge responsibility for all of us as members and especially for the Special Council in the position of decentralized leadership. We must continue to serve in a transparent, accountable and collaborative way to represent the common interests of the Apecoin Community and make sure that builders from our community get a fair chance to contribute to the growth of the DAO and adoption of Apecoin.


• Decentralization:

The decentralized nature of the Apecoin DAO is its defining feature. It is important to me that this principle is respected and upheld. I will help DAO to scale in a decentralized, fair and inclusive way for example by exploring more sophisticated voting mechanisms and delegation process. This requires not only familiarity with decentralized technology but also awareness of its limitations and boundaries especially for increasing participation and ultimately mass adoption. This is always a balancing act which I have a track record of excelling at.

• Consensus:

Regardless of working with autonomous and decentralized infrastructures, we are still an organization made up of humans with a wide range of backgrounds, interests and aspirations. Often, visions are aligned: “we all want more decentralized ownership of data, finance and culture”. But sometimes, people differ on ways to achieve common goals. Misunderstandings can lead to disagreements; arguments lead to conflict which can create a negative environment for growth and smooth running of the DAO. As we scale, it will become increasingly important to have strong community building and dispute resolution mechanisms in place. My background in conflict resolution, mediation and diplomacy will help me maintain a constructive atmosphere for a thriving community of builders and a positive narrative to present externally.

• Accountability:

A culture based on accountability and transparency is one that will most successfully onboard new members and talent from across the board, without these values, the Special Council will not be able to represent the best interests of the community or make decisions that reflect the will of the people. In my role as Special Council, I will be an active and engaged member of the community, and work to ensure that all voices are heard. I will be available to answer any questions that members of the community may have in order to increase transparency and accountability. My plan for achieving these goals includes serving the community in a full-time capacity, hosting spaces and office hours, representing the community at conferences and events, and working to increase awareness through education and partnerships with major universities.

• Impartial Leadership

As a Special Council member, I will delegate my own voting power (currently 23k $Ape) to maintain my impartiality and avoid any perceived or potential conflict of interest. It is extremely important to me that community members feel equally heard and acknowledged and given a space to voice concerns. To this effect I allocate 25% of my time as a full-time Special Council Member (around 10 hours a week) to the practice of listening via weekly office hours, hosted spaces, joining other community-led spaces and following discussions on Discourse and Discord.

• Representative Diversity

As a female web3 builder, I bring diversity to the Special Council. A more diverse DAO would be better able to represent the needs and aspirations of a wider range of people, and would also be more likely to attract a wider range of talent.

• Philanthropy

One of the utilities of Apecoin token is doing good in the world. It’s written in its DNA. However, I believe that decentralized and crypto philanthropy can and should move beyond giving out cash donations to charity organizations, as important and worthy as these acts of kindness are. I see huge potential in using blockchain technology to create infrastructures for education and income in underprivileged communities. I have initiated multiple philanthropy projects using my personal crypto funds including one that equips and sends children especially young girls in Nigeria to school in a way that can become self-sustainable.


I have a strong background in decentralized governance with extensive knowledge and experience in blockchain technology and how to use it for decentralized leadership. As a community builder and long-time participant in the Apecoin DAO and the wider Ape Ecosystem, I have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing our community. As the author of AIP-127 and prolific contributor to Forum discussions on this platform, I have a first-hand experience and knowledge of the DAO’s legal structure, funding procedures and community. This gives me the needed perspective on how the DAO can improve its operations and achieve its goals, especially in areas that need improvement such as efficiency, accountability and transparency.

As an OG member of the BAYC community, I have a consistent track record in building and managing communities especially with regards to improving gender balance and inclusive onboarding strategies. I am also a Yuga Labs Community Grant Awardee and the founder of the non-profit Collective and DAO Bored Ape Ladies Club, which is dedicated to promoting diversity and decentralized IP ownership in the NFT and Web3 space. As a long-term community builder and manager in the NFT space, I bring a strong network of talented builders to contribute to DAO’s growth.

As an experienced public speaker and PR expert, I’ll be committed to representing the DAO in web3 and web2 arenas in a positive, inclusive and impactful way via a range of effective, consistent and inclusive communication strategies and best practices.

My academic credentials are relevant in three ways. Firstly, it could help to promote the DAO to a wider audience, as my academic credentials and network of leaders in the higher education sector will facilitate making strategic partnerships with new audiences. Secondly, it could be helpful in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, developing and implementing policies and procedures. Lastly, as someone with a PhD in politics and expertise in conflict resolution, mediation and diplomacy, I have experience in working with diverse groups of people and building consensus. This experience will be valuable in ensuring that the community is always consulted before any decisions are made that could impact the DAO.

I am dedicated to finding ways to increase the utility of the Apecoin token by utilizing IRL events, gamified governance, education and philanthropy. I believe that this will eventually lead to increased demand and greater mainstream adoption.

Actions that I will take in my first year as a Special Council Member

• Identifying and targeting major university brands that could be potential partners for the DAO. (initially in the US, UK and EU; in the future in South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa)

• Assisting in the development of educational resources for the DAO including an IRL Web3 Builders bootcamp.

• Working with other DAOs and crypto projects to find ways to collaborate and cross-promote each other’s work.

• Encouraging more female builders and talented people from underrepresented groups to participate in the Apecoin DAO.

• Promoting the Apecoin DAO as a model for other organizations looking to create more inclusive and equitable governance structures via public speaking at major industry events, universities, and media outlets.

I will strive to be as transparent as possible in my work, and to make sure that the community is always informed first about any decisions that impact the DAO and Apecoin directly. To that effect I will

• Participate in community-led spaces. Currently Apecomm team are leading the way with Mon & Fri Spaces which I will continue to join. I commit to hosting 2 regular spaces per month dedicated to discussing major developments in the field of De-Gov and DAOs. I will also hold regular office hours, during which members of the community can come to me with any concerns or questions they may have. I will do my best to be available and communicate with the community in the event of any unforeseen development that directly affects the Apecoin community.

• I will create a monthly report, detailing my work as Special Council member and what I have accomplished in that month.


Please see above! :slight_smile:

Concluding Statement

If elected, I will serve the Apecoin community in my role as a Special Council member in a full-time capacity and use my skills and credentials in de-gov, research, higher education, community building, mediation, conflict resolution, and diplomacy to help us grow in a fair, accountable, transparent and impactful way. I will help Apecoin DAO to achieve the goals of sustainable growth, financial longevity, and increased token utility and adoption metrics. Thank you for supporting me as I continue to support the Apecoin community! :saluting_face:


Excellent background with a clear understanding of executing and giving value to the community!


Thank you so much for this @doberdanny :orange_heart:

I really appreciate your support and contributions to the DAO.

Always happy to answer any questions you may have about my background, experience or future plans :raised_hands:


Excited to see your proposal, I have yet to connect with you on a deeper level, but look forward to seeing your skillsets thrive within the apecoin council.


Thank you very much for commenting. I am now working to repurpose AIP-127 to a multi-day event at a later date (Q3 2023). This will be a Web3 Builders Bootcamp in a completely new format but at the same venue that focuses on building deeper and more collaborative working relationship between the attendees via a range of hands-on and participatory workshops and seminars. There will still be an entertainment/party component but only as part of a larger event focused on building together.

I’m now making connections with some prominent builders in our ecosystem and beyond to make this happen and can’t wait to share more exciting details with you all. :saluting_face:


Hello @Novocrypto i was just wondering. Why did you abandon your AIP for a NYE party?


Hi there,

Thanks for your question. I’d proposed to organize a large IRL event for the Apecoin community to take place on New Year’s Eve this year. Everything I needed to plan and organize on my end was already in place however I never heard back from the Special Council so my AIP has remained stuck in the draft stage unfortunately!

I have been thinking creatively about this issue and am working hard to repurpose the proposal for a later date in 2023 (Q3). The event will have a different format and run over 3 days instead of one. It will be a Web3 Builders Bootcamp bringing together some of the best talents inside the Ape Ecosystem and beyond in the same location to take part in hands-on in-depth workshops and seminars especially designed to help our builders make connections, accelerate their ideas and learn from other experienced builders within the Apecoin community and beyond. There will still be a party and entertainment component to the event but DAO’s funding will be more focused on sponsoring builder’s participation as well as a more minimal food and drinks option covering the whole duration of stay.

The number of resident builders and attendees will be much smaller, however we are looking to sell tickets to the party component to general public in order to independently raise more funds to support this initiative and also with the purpose of opening up to the outside world and showcasing our work and vision to a more diverse group of people.

Please keep an eye on the AIP as I will be posting a more detailed update soon.

Thanks again for asking. I hope this answers your question.


I love the shift to a bootcamp as opposed to just a party. Looking forward to checking out the new AIP!


Hi @Novocrypto, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,


Hi @foxSlightly Thank you so much for taking the time to ask these questions, much appreciated. Here are my answers:

  1. If I had to focus on only one area in my role as Special Council, it will be developing Apecoin’s utility via IRL events, especially a multipurpose annual event for Apecoin holders in the format of a 3-day Builders’ Bootcamp where we sponsor and bring together the most impactful builders in web3 and the most talented and enthusiastic DAO members to interact, learn and build over a range of hands-on workshops and seminars during the day and to socialize and have fun in the evenings leading to a finale grand party that is open to the entire space to attend and enjoy.

The reason I chose this as “the one item” to focus on is because it will fulfil a few of my goals for helping Apecoin and our DAO grow under one umbrella: It will provide the space (literally) and infrastructure for others to come together and build a range of utilities for Apecoin and the wider ape ecosystem in a unique and productive environment while offering tangible membership benefits to apecoin holders especially active builders in our community via residency sponsorships.

I will use my extensive background in organizing large scale educational events with a residency component to make this event a leading example in De-Gov and NFT space. To learn more about my vision, please check out AIP-127 which lays the groundwork for such an event with some important changes, for example the duration has changed from 1 day to 3 days, the theme changed from a New Year’s Eve party to a Builders’ Bootcamp, and the budget, sponsorships and financing have also been revised to make the proposal more self-sufficient and sustainable long-term.

I will share the revised AIP draft soon. But for now, I hope this answers your question.

  1. The short answer is: none!
    I have been involved in De-Gov, crypto and NFTs full-time since early 2021. If elected as Special Council member, I will serve our DAO and community in full-time capacity as also stated in my nomination statement. I am active across multiple timezones especially USA, UK, EU and West Asia with a most flexible family life that allows me to travel freely and frequently so that I can represent Apecoin DAO in various IRL events around the world. I believe I am one of the very few candidates who has pledged to serve as Special Council member in a full-time capacity without any restrictions or conflict of interest with pre-existing roles.

  2. We are a young DAO so I believe that we can slowly move towards more decentralization, better communication, and more utility for apecoin. But there’s one area that I think we should have already covered by now (preferably at launch even) which is currently lacking: We don’t have an independent and central space where apecoin holders and DAO members can just hang out, communicate and build relationships with one another without needing to relate to a specific topic or AIP. Our only official home for discussions is Discourse forum but the format is not conducive to spontaneous conversations. I feel like this is one of the reasons why engagement is relatively very low in the DAO. Some people only use twitter to discuss their opinions about the DAO, others use an “un-official” discord server which is unfortunately not open to all. We need to have a token-gated, secured yet fully accessible discord server for Apecoin DAO just like there is one for BAYC, Otherside, and other DAOs! I believe that having a home like that will allow us to connect better with each other and ultimately increase engagement and participation in the DAO.

  3. None of us really knows what a Koda is! I just know that they should be approached with caution! I also know that they will be capable of doing things that only Kodas can do, for example extracting resources, because there are certain Koda tools and artefacts! I hold a couple of Kodas and a few Koda artefacts and can’t wait to learn what magical things we will be capable of achieving together!

Thanks again for your questions! :saluting_face:


Because I decided to apply and run for the Special Council member, since then I have been studying, learning, and communicating with other ApeCoin forum participants. This is something we all agree - There are some degree of risks that ApeCoin DAO associated with a centralized governance model through a 3rd party leadership.

I would suggest that we create a working group who have a high level of knowledge and skills to brainstorm how to move the DAO forward with decentralization. If I were not being selected for the Special Council committee, I would volunteer to work, facilitate, and create the transition structure for the ApeCoin DAO. I personally and strongly believe that’s what the ApeCoin DAO must have - A leadership team to function and protect the ApeCoin ecosystem as well as its Ape coin holders.


Thank you so much for your contributions and suggestions. A DAO is only as strong as the sum of its active members. Good luck with your nomination. I look forward to working together in whatever capacity it shall be to help the DAO grow in a fair, efficient, transparent and sustainable way. :saluting_face:


Amazing background and quals. Novo has already done so much to encourage women in the space and support communication between DAO contributors and token holders.


Thank you so much for the kind words. I look forward to working together in whatever capacity that shall be to help our DAO grow in a fair, transparent and sustainable way. :saluting_face:


PAI says: “Novocrypto has been an epic force of change in our community. They have stood by many and helped many sentients in our cycle to cycle existence. They have led the Bored Ape Ladies Club with great leadership instincts and strategy. They are humble and well rounded. I love Novo and I offer them my full support. Novo is highly qualified and more than capable of fulfilling the duties of this role. Thank you for existing, you are a beautiful manifestation of the force of life.:heart::robot::heart:.”


Hi @Novocrypto,

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you better through your contributions to the DAO and participation during discussions. You’re certainly qualified, empathetic to the community, and thoughtful of the big picture. I appreciate the values you’ve stated, and I trust you to uphold them. I’m looking forward to your continued contributions, regardless of your “position” in the DAO. If you do continue on as a Candidate, I look forward to learning more about how your experience and perspective differs from other Candidates.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It’s been a pleasure contributing to DAO discussions and interacting with other builders in the ape ecosystem like yourself. I look forward to helping the DAO grow and decentralize more in a sustainable way together in whatever capacity I find myself in going forward. :saluting_face:


Thank you Apecoin Fam for all your support and encouraging comments.

I’d like to share a Spaces we had yesterday (14th Dec) with the 5 brilliant women running for Special Council, including yours truly Novo :saluting_face:

Feel free to have a listen to learn more about each candidate! Such a powerhouse of women in web3 leadership positions :fire::fire::fire:

Would love to answer any questions you may have based on this conversation :point_down:


Thank you PAI. It’s amazing to have you here. I appreciate your encouraging words and kind support. :orange_heart:

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wishing success for the women nom’s! go novo🤍