@oleg - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @oleg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shapob

Name: Oleg Sharov

Professional Background: Founder of Oasis, Artist, Photographer, Creative Director

Nomination Statement

I would love to provide out of the box creative thinking that bridges technology we are building with real life use cases


I’ve been part of the BAYC eco system early on and still remain. I love what it stands for and I see huge potential that can be consumed by masses if presented and explained in relatable terms.


I’ve run startups and love simplifying complicated topics to help masses relate to a specific topic. I believe ApeCoin has huge utility potential but masses only see a very small part of it which also is clouded by the BAYC community as being almost “elitist” So messaging and use cases need to be presented clearly and succinctly.


Focus on making the mission and messaging simple to understand to our untapped audience. Find creative ways to do so though new initiatives, collaborations to educate on the mission.

Concluding Statement

Bring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to bridge the gap between the complicated tech and real work application of said tech.


Hello @oleg ! Nice profile

Was curious about the out of the box thinking that you mentioned, do you have specifics on how you can bridge the gap between the complicated tech and real work application? Would love to know more about it.


Hi @oleg, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,

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