Oops, I rugged myself!

Alright, I thought it might be fun to share the self-rugs: the battle wounds we’ve gathered and the scars along the way. I mean, maybe sharing misery will help us feel better, right? :rofl::sweat_smile::sob:

I’ll start:

So I got lucky getting to mint 4 apes on launch day, without much of an idea of where they’d go. Within 20 hours I got an offer for a WHOPPING 1.1 ETH and couldn’t believe my luck, so I hit sell and felt super good. Best ROI ever! I mean, 15x in less than 24 hours is amazing, right? :skull_and_crossbones:

So here’s the part where I say it was a solid gold ape, #3072.

Needless to say I kinda wish I still had that one :flushed:. Happy I still have #3073.

Alright, so let’s have it apes. The bad, the worse, the ugly.


haha! thank you for sharing your self-rug experience and creating a space for others to do the same.


WOW! ive heard some of these stories and they all have this theme of something they didn’t think too much about at first becoming something way bigger then they imagined and feeling bad later BUT the silver lining is most of the stories involved ppl pulling profits and the money really affecting them positively. fortunately the rule of 3 or 4 in this case protected you! lol look at how holding on to #3073 rewarded you with a nice amount of $ape that certainly helps in easing that scar you earned lol


I believe everyone has a story like this hahaha, the most iconic is the one of the guy who bought the two most expensive pizzas in history haha :rofl: :rofl:


LOL srsly that single pizza order set it off. :boom:

I had a friend offer to buy me an ape before launch. I told him not to waste his money and passed on the opportunity. Now obtaining an ape is likely to forever be out of my financial abilities. Won’t be making that mistake again. Glad that I can still be involved with the project through the purchasing of Apecoin. Would really be great if the team could focus on growing its member base with products that have an affordable floor price. Would be cool to see some merch available to the public.


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