Opening a Twitter Space to freely discuss $ape

GM and happy Monday everyone. I’ll be opening a spaces on Twitter: @N1t3GUY since I’m working from home today and I’m gonna keep it open all day so please stop by with your coffee say a quick GM or stick around and let’s talk about the developments and sentiments around $ape and the dao. It’ll be an open floor for all. :sparkles::raised_hands:t5:


No offense intended…but why are you starting a twitter discussion about this DAO? Please direct people here for discussion…our thoughts should be in ONE PLACE united…not spread all over the place…my 2.5 satoshi’s. I personally dont want to go to other forums to learn others opinions…


none taken fam but i feel an open voice chat is always great and regardless we congregate and come together in various spaces inevitably anyway :man_shrugging:t6:. the main board is HQ :beers: sure but it doesn’t meant we cant have camps outside. :ok_hand:t6:

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Had a similar issue in another group. Info was being posted in so many places but not shared equally in each of those places. People got frustrated because the there was no structure for communication and you had to hunt info down.

There can be a voice recording shared in the Apecoin DAO from within a bullet-point summary.

I think, real-time conversations, such as Twitter Spaces, also have value to provide that sometimes written and asynchronous communication mediums such as forums can’t procure.


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