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As I attended a recent Twitter Spaces with OMGuild, it was clear there are a lot of fun, interesting, and creative ideas people have related to the Otherside but these people might not necessarily be familiar with the AIP process and the steps needed to be taken to to turn that idea into a proposal.

To rectify this, I wanted to create a thread where people can share their ideas, get feedback, collaborate, and materialize these ideas into official AIPs. Of course I’m happy to provide feedback, but I also think everyone can benefit from a central location where multiple people can provide feedback and bounce ideas off of each other.


We’re working on some ideas with @RidazLP. He’s got a website idea to offer 3D Avatars of apes, kodas and others. We will be submitting soon. Also we’re working on coming up with great ideas for apecoin marketing animations. For social media and commercial placement. Perhaps to air during playoffs and award shows. If anyone has something they’d love to see Rida do…please chime in.


Sweet. Would the 3D avatars being worked on be in conjunction with the BAYC post in Discord way back in 2021 where they revealed the 3D Curtis model? BAYC has mentioned a while back providing each Ape holder with their own 3D version… is this a project along those lines? I unfortunately missed the First Trip so I didn’t get to participate in that part, curious what the avatars are like and what areas might be improved upon.


gm gm,

Also @AaronLeupp.eth has been working on something similar since June with AIP-61 – he’s received a ton of feedback from the community, made some major changes and and has made several gains in potential collabs.

Might not be a bad idea to connect with him to reduce any redundancy or duplication.



To second what SSP said on the 3D avatars, @CANNACITY you should look at the conversation on that thread. Specifically the posts near the bottom by Harry, and note he’s from OMA3 & Animoca. There’s a high likelyhood they are creating interoperable avatars of the apes & kodas already.


Thank you @ssp1111 yes has been 5 months now working with all the ApeCoin communities feedback an @bc and @Pearson and the rest of the ApeCoin DAO team to finally get this up for a vote. However we have a big team may need all the help we can get and wold love even to join forces to help with the workload even since we could even add Kodas to the list and can have you guys @CANNACITY @RidazLP and the rest of your team as well work on that portion as well. If not all good to look forward to all your success and love the Kodas videos!


Not officially affiliated. It’s a Rida/Inceptive Studio joint.


Great thread! Can help to bring Otherside communities together to share ideas and build things!

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For sure! Otherside has so much potential to build things there. Hoping this thread can help bring some of these ideas to fruition.


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