Otherside KODA - $APECOIN Airdrop

I don’t see how this could help the $APE ecosystem. I’m getting strong vibes of artificially pumping the Koda price.

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Thank you tmay for your proposal idea!

1 - What @CryptoLogically said. We’re not Yuga Labs, and as apecoin.com website explains, Yuga is just one of participants in this DAO. There’s no other relationship:

2 - Why Kodas and not Otherdeeds or HV-MTL? Voters may see this as “pump my bags” initiative.
3 - You’re asking for more $APE per Koda than mutants got, and mutants are a membership NFT. This is very likely to stir up controversy.
4 - “Increased participation and engagement within the metaverse” - there’s no metaverse yet to participate in.
5 - “Facilitation of trades and transactions within the metaverse” - there are transactions that can be done yet since there’s no metaverse (yet).
6 - “Increased value of Otherdeed NFTs” - this DAO does not engage in floor price manipulation. We’re only here to fund projects that build/do cool stuff. The DAO does not even concern itself with the price of the $ape token, much less a random asset like Otherdeeds.

You’re more than welcome to of course continue with the proposal, but even if the Special Council allows it to proceed, I’m guessing the DAO will vote it down for the reasons presented above.

That said, there IS a way for all Kodas to earn $APE and that is through our good friends at ThankApe! :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree with you Sasha, great answer


I appreciate everyone’s input about the AIP proposal I submitted. After discussing with other members via Discord and Twitter I’ve decided to implement another AIP proposal to allow for KODA staking. I hope this plan is better accepted with regards to the community than my first proposal made above. I’m in the process of submitting it now so please feel free to check it out once its completed. Thanks


It’s been a topic that emerges during various ApeComms Spaces (like the one on Friday, most recently), and surfaces occasionally in proposals like this:

and this:

In that same spaces, a new user stepped up to the mic and voiced that he had no idea that ApeCoin DAO was separate from Yuga as legal entities, and that by that revelation felt more “included” as a non-Ape-holder to participate. When we put our ears to the community, this is far from a one-off occurrence and there’s a seemingly widespread understanding that “ApeCoin DAO” is largely by and for Yuga holders, which of course isn’t true. Many of us are here, but we not only invite others to join, we absolutely need them to, in this guy’s opinion.

The concern is the air of exclusivity that a direct Yuga affiliation brings; our very logo is quite literally the BAYC skull on a blue background. On the one hand, that can be a great thing for brand partnerships, price appreciation and the like. On the other hand, as a grants DAO, we need as many great ideas from diverse backgrounds as possible brought to the table. Expanding our reach into communities who have zero exposure to Yuga assets will be critical to a more globalized DAO. I’d like to see more ideas, funding more goods, doing real things, in communities far removed from our NFT predecessors. That’s the future I’d like to see, anyway.

This isn’t to say Yuga shouldn’t implement $APE in more activations, or leverage $APE as a currency. I’d like to see everyone doing that. What I’m saying is that by creating a more unique identity, one more distinct from that of Yuga, we will invariably encourage others to join, contribute, and grow this DAO in a way that 30,000 Apes never could.


Hello @tmay314,

Am I correct in thinking your new post is meant to replace this one? If so, please let me know and I will go ahead and Withdraw this AIP Idea. :slight_smile:

In the future, you can merely edit your existing AIP Idea with the new content so you don’t have to make a new post on the forum. I hope this helps!


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Koda owners will have other ways to earn $APE with LoTM coming this summer, don’t think doing another airdrop is in the best interest of the DAO.


How do KODAS apply to EVO 1?

No I would like them both to remain active, please and thanks! They are two different AIPs for reward based strategies regarding the Otherside KODA NFTs. After discussing in discord with other Koda holders, they mentioned to write one for Staking Kodas, so that’s what I did! Please do NOT withdraw my AIP from yesterday. Thanks

Thanks for the more information in the details.

I was pretty surprised when I heard it for the first time. Never come up to my mind that this is a problem. I see it as the biggest benefit of the $APE and Apecoin DAO personally. Plus, I believe that other holders of $APE feels the same.

And to be honest, one user in Apecomms Spaces is not a strong argument. After mentioned rebranding, you will have to spend much more time on marketing activities to let people understand the DAO and why people should care. In my eyes, it just creates much more problems than benefits (I don’t see any, tbh).

The actual position is much stronger from all possible perspectives. The DAO should build on the foundations, not starting from scratch. Yuga will bring much more interest in $APE than the whole Apecoin DAO could in every case.


Thank you for your contribution; I myself agree here.

I, a non Yuga asset Holder (but a holder of ApeCoin), do not see how I would want to onboard into the ecosystem if Koda holders were to receive an airdrop; it would just feel like "the rich getting richer’…

If onboarding is the case, then I think there needs to be an ‘evening of the playing field’.

Thank you for your time!

Couldn’t agree more, and I’m certainly not proposing we tear anything down. Rather, I’m proposing that we continue to build and create initiatives that the people are passionate about, which have proven to be many and with more coming in every day. All I’m saying is I’m not in favor of initiatives that narrow our brand affiliation, but rather those that allow ApeCoin to stand on its own merits and allow the members from all the various global communities we have represented here to reflect and give voice to those communities in their own unique way.

Again, I understand my opinion here is one in the minority. But at the end of the day, I would love for us to be able to stand for the world at large and foster a greater sense of inclusivity, and that goal need not come at the expense of Yuga. We will always have our roots in Yuga, and nothing will take that away.

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Totally agree with you


What about an airdrop of Kodas for $Ape holders, now that would be cool.


I can’t see myself supporting this proposal. Although I do have a Koda and would benefit from this passing, I feel like it only benefits a small pool of people versus the greater DAO.


imho, separation from Yuga occurs in the generation after this one. In this generation, Yuga asset holders must all be given tools to become builders for projects. Once this happens, individual apes can begin building stuff that is less associated with anthropormorphic apes and more accessible to the general public. This airdrop is a necessity, as Otherside holders are honestly getting rekt right now by the FP.

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Hey, you mention “Otherside holders” but this airdrop is specifically for ‘$APE tokens to holders of Otherside Kodas’. As there are only 10k kodas in the collection how does this really help? Would love some clarification bc I am trying to understand.

You mention “more accessible to the general public” which I don’t believe this even covers as it is a small pool of holders. I don’t even feel like most dao members own a koda so to use the treasury for this feels… wrong?

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Right, I mistyped, but I stick to the same point.

What I say is

Once what happens?

Like it or not, $APE value is tied to the Yuga ecosystem at this point. At a later time, the two could separate. But right now, if core Yuga holders move away from Yuga because their first party assets and storyline are not catered to, $APE will fall. As much as I hate to think this way, $APE token price is essential for new entrants, and that token price is most contingent on keeping core Yuga holders satisfied.

I don’t think there needs to be an argument about either returning value to Yuga holders or dissociating $APE from Yuga. I think it happens in stages. First, Yuga holders must be made to HOLD. This will stabilize $APE. In the next stage, Apedao can move away from Yuga knowing that it won’t get dumped on by asset holders who want to see first party content.

If you move away now, with VCs and celebs dumping, and without empowering more core Yuga holders to become builders, it puts too much sell pressure on $APE. People will be forced to move to other ecosystems, because not doing so would mean too much of a capital loss.

I don’t hold a Koda.

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Appreciate your response^^ :slightly_smiling_face:

As many others have said, I don’t see how an arbitrary $APE airdrop to Koda owners benefits the overall DAO nor do I believe the foundation has (or should have) the mandate to artificially inflate NFT prices.

If Yuga wants to implement some kind of reward system for Kodas fine, but even then the only material impact such an initiative would have is a temporary pump and subsequent dump Kodas.

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