OTHERSIDE multi-chain possibilities & bridging

As of the last YugaLabs discussion about OTHERSIDE & possibility of its own chain,

I would like to ask if it can be a multi-chain with bridging features.

This can bring more users and they can decide where they would like to trade their assets.

Also I would like to discuss the possibility of cross- chain marketplace writhing the platform as well as its own marketplace on several chains.

This will allow to expand the type developers for the platform and WEB3 assets will be tradable there in larger quantities.

Now we have companies & folks creating the 3D fashion and skins as well as environment and design interior/exterior items sold with access to different types of 3D files. This type of assets does not need the functions of interaction (interoperability in its core) to be build writhing the platform as all, some objects can look slightly different but then different files can be used.

I also encourage everyone to lear a little bit more about technicality, type of movable objects build (like 2 or 3 joints style, gravity effect, ets) , so you can understand more what to build writhing the platform and what functions are crucial to program for the objects and as well - platform developers to build those for simple objects.

The objects that need functions to affect other objects and work at the platform (tools, weapons, mechanical tools, cars,… ets) - they will be most likely much later .
Crucial part of bringing them - it’s having those interoperability/affect functions build. Thinking about this part we also have to have a friendly place for EXPENDABLE assets (food, medicine, pills of some sort of booster style, any consumables, drinks itself even, bullets, fuel, other objects that change functions but disappear later) - let’s think about chains, objects or avatars in effect and so on.

And now I want you to think about the hardest thing ever, imagine all functions and build it’s require and interaction: THIS ABOUT SEASONS…
Expendable or changeable interactive items…

Imagine the snow machine being sold to you…

The most difficult - snowflakes that melt or change into ice forming ice.
You you don’t understand where I’m going yet - ask please.

But main think first:

what chains do we need to have available?

and what marketplace should it be?

This is a discussion about OTHERSIDE.
Thank you.

#ThefatehrOfAllStorms aka #SnowflakeSolidity


Can you please provide some resources and references regarding YugaLabs discussion about the OTHERSIDE having its own chain? Thanks, Ken


Technical feasibility aside, if this happened, it would internationalize the Otherside faster than interop with any other chain. It would also protect the sanctity of the Otherside’s decentralization the most of nearly any other chain (that is being used, that is). Yeah, I understand there is a core issue around Cosmos decentralization, but I believe in that group of people more than anyone to really fulfill their decentralization promise.

So Cosmos is my vote.


Hey Mantis Bro, So the OTHERSIDE might put its focus efforts on building its own chain based on the Cosmos Network architecture, or build the chain on top of the Cosmos platform as dapp for its dynamic NFT interoperability with all other platforms?


I wouldn’t think they’d completely copy the entire IBC. Just build a chain on Cosmos.

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I believe that the next bull market will come from Web3 / GameFi with Dynamic NFT like the Otherside Otherdeeds game innovations via ownership rise in non-custodial and multi-chain wallets.

Let’s see how the OTHERSIDE Metaverse evolve in 2023. A second trip is scheduled in March 2023, and maybe another 100k Otherdeeds mint sales exclusively for Otherdeed owners in August 2023. Build the Otherside chain on Cosmos platform would be a great solution IMO.

Now YugaLabs has the new CEO, maybe some amazing things will come out in 2023 from the Otherside!


This seems to be the prevailing notion. It’s certainly a possibility!

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Previous post by YugaLabs on the Discussion here mentioned that.

There are 2 things I’m looking deep into:

1: marketplace where you can trade internally plus having a portal where you can connect different wallets to bridge

Good example: Big Time Studios: they started selling snapshots of game art on Binance, tickets of access, bridged art and some tickets to Etherium and now have a marketplace to exchange earned access with multi chain

2: people understanding what interoperability actually means and learn about it:

  • depending on the platform the surfaces properties and colors mind not look the same, objects builders need files to be available to download in different build saved types

Good example: Cyber Crew builders avatars at GameStop L2 platform, files available after connecting a wallet on Eth with any of the NFTs, contracts with several metaverses/games to be used to and build thinking about it: available different 3D files, different poly, built thinking about the object movement in most platforms (which is only 2 joints style not 3)

  • if the platform don’t have function built for the object, it will just nit work

Example: a) function of producing effects (gas, fire, shine, ets…) - simple functions
B) function of interaction with other objects - anything that will change the way other object look or it’s temporal file during the game (colours, shapes, size, removal of partial object, it’s other non visual qualities)

So it’s all about builders working together between platform and objects for it.

What will go first in will be simple SDK builds like non movable things and self functioning things : art, furniture, environment, decor…

After we will go for more complicated things.
First phase will allow us to test the surfaces of the used files and how well they look, update them in form of the file update without needing the change to the metadata of the asset. Let them be on chain with frozen metadata - this is I’ll make them visible for other market places or at list with frozen metadata.

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I think dynamic metadata is to encourage the participation (like stamps here - too bad of you have more then one wallet in that case), and it mind also unlock the assets within those lands you have - that would be my move as a developer of the company direction.

What are the most common forms? Which forms does UE5 use, or can UE5 accept any type? Has yuga announced which mods they are including in the SDK, or are they custom building the entire kit?

No official announcement. Looking forward to play with the building kit and train.

Blender has more other 3D formats for the files then UE5
So ones we know more about the platform itself - we will know more limitations and opportunities for different surfaces built.
Check Docs file for UE5 to see full list of the formats.
Here is some software compatibility for UE5:Datasmith Supported Software and File Types | Unreal Engine Documentation

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