Poppin Foods Lasagna Company founded by Pancho Poppins

Objective and Goals:

Pancho’s Poppin Lasagna seeks to revolutionize the frozen food industry by combining gourmet food with digital innovation. Our goal is to expand our operations, increase our reach, and promote the ape ecosystem through the use of $APE for transactions. We plan to contribute to the growth of small businesses, NFT IP development, and foster a community culture around good food and the ape ecosystem.

Alignment with Ape Communities:

Our brand draws inspiration from Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT #7217, named Pancho Poppins, and Little Fella Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT #6321. We believe this alignment with Ape IP and the use of Apecoin as a transactional currency for online orders and IRL events underlines our commitment to the values and interests of ape communities.

Contribution to Ape Ecosystem:

As part of our commitment to the ape ecosystem, Pancho’s Poppin Foods aims to expand the membership of the Apecoin DAO by promoting good food and contributing to the elimination of food deserts globally. Our operations embrace digital ownership and blockchain technology, which are significant interests of the ape communities. We also plan to collaborate with Yuga Labs and Bored and Hungry to serve our lasagna at large-scale events, further promoting the ecosystem.

Use of Grant and Expected Outcomes:

The requested grant will be used to upscale production, improve marketing efforts, source high-quality ingredients, and invest in blockchain technology for seamless transactions with $APE. With this funding, we expect to increase our customer base, establish Pancho’s Poppin Foods as a recognized brand in the frozen food industry, and expand the use of Apecoin in the food sector.

Accountability and Transparency:

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability and have a plan in place for managing the grant. The funds will be handled by multiple signers, each responsible for different aspects of the business. A detailed report of how the funds are utilized will be provided periodically to ensure transparency.

Past Successes and Future Growth:

Pancho’s Poppin Foods has a track record of offering delicious, high-quality food inspired by classic family recipes. We have received positive feedback from customers, demonstrated by our growing online presence and community reviews. With this grant, we intend to continue this growth, further incorporating Apecoin into our operations, and contributing to the Ape ecosystem.

Engagement and Collaboration:

We commit to staying engaged with the community through active participation in DAO governance, forums, twitter townhalls, and more. We value input from the ape community and are eager to collaborate with other builders in the ecosystem.

We kindly request the Apecoin DAO community to consider our proposal and support our mission to fuse delicious food with the dynamic world of digital innovation.

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Sandman is an OG Ape, IRL artist, and builder in every sense. Good, warm human.

Glad to see you posting an AIP, ser.

From early days on CH to today, we carry on. Best of luck!


Could start small to introduce the Lasagna to a gathering of apes in NYC? I’m open for suggestions to get this off the ground

Good to see the Sandman in here! Welcome sir.

I’m curious about a couple of things.

Can you illustrate how your operations achieves this? Is blockchain tech incorporated into your business operations itself, and if so, how?

Will you be able to provide that transparency up front, as a means of accounting for the funding you’ve requested?

From a business standpoint, the global frozen food industry does appear to be one of growth in recent years, and appears poised to expand another $100b by 2030 according to a recent report by Polaris. We know Europe is frozen food’s largest market, and regions like India, China and Japan are experiencing growing demand. Which regions will you plan on serving? Is this US-based distribution?

And finally…

While you may not have an exact figure, can you provide us with a price range for potential voters to consider?

Thanks again for posting, good to see you here.


I would hope to partner with NFT events and others like apewater/ Bored n Hungry etc. to add lasagna to the menu. cross promote and offer the frozen lasagna as a catered option for such events. The possibility is to have a member token as subscription similar to hello fresh delivery

Transparency would be that maintaining communication on @poppinfoods twitter and email list. as well as establishing a community of NFT enthusiasts and bridge to the general public through live events and mail order with apecoin on packaging and discounts special offers for apecoin holders, keeping the community up to date on progress, wins and pitfalls.

I think frozen food has a huge future due to time restraints and a trend that people want easy to prepare meals at home.

I would start with US based as I am in NY and start to expand as I can. as profits moon :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: would expand to canada and europe as the business builds. wherever it can happen. Its a matter of baby steps to world domination of the best lasagna you’ve ever had a recipe I’ve made for over a decade in many different flavors with both red and white sauce as well as meat, veggie, veggie based meat, mushroom spinach etc.

Pancho is already on the wall in Brooklyn greeting everyone a big GM


Thanks for adding detail. Again, how much are you asking for to fund this venture?

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Sandman is definitely an OG ape and the Clubhouse days were fun…



It’s exciting to see how Pancho’s Poppin Lasagna is mixing digital tech like Apecoin with the frozen food industry. Their plan to use a grant to boost production and marketing, while ensuring transparency. I look forward to their collaboration with Yuga Labs and Bored and Hungry. It’s refreshing to see tasty food meet the digital world! But my question is how much are you requesting since it was not stated?

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I find your idea very interesting, for me it’s necessary to mix web2 and web3. the most complicated thing is to integrate this in small businesses many people don’t know or are septic about crypto. i think this is the biggest challenge of your project. But I support it.


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