Program for Anniversaries in the Forum

Reinvigorate early members in the ApeCoin Dao.


If someone joined 12 months or more ago, they were early in ApeCoin Dao. An anniversary could be given some basic reward ranging from a POAP to claim to something more significant.

They may not have been in the forum in over 6 months. I wasn’t, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t consider getting back involved. After all I did.

It is about commitment, about turning something old into something new. There is a Chris Rock comedy skit on this theme.

For example, what could be done or connected with those with their anniversaries in the forum today?


I think a POAP or something like that could be a neat idea. I don’t know how to get people back on the forum if they haven’t been here in a while, there could be a space for people to chat about what the DAO has accomplished in that time and what they hope it will accomplish in the future. A discussion where people can go over achievements or something?

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