Proving NFT Ownership to Make a Claim

Hello ApeCoin Community,

I have tried to reach out to ApeCoing support with no luck. I purchased a few BAYC and MAYC NFTs from the chain NFT marketplace. I am wanting to transfer my NFTs from the chain to my metamask wallet to make my claim for my tokens. However, I cannot figure out how to make the transfer since the NFTs are not on the ethereum blockchain. I am fairly new to the game and do not want to my NFTs by making a simple mistake. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Unfirtunately they are not part of the eco-system here - they are possibly a unique collection only found on the cro chain. BAYC and MAYC are only ever found on the etheruem network and are not currently transferrable off chain, so im am confident when i say that yours is not a true BAYC iā€™m afraid - its more than likely a deriative. hope this hleps, sorry not better news fam.


Thank you for the response. That would explain why when I started searching outside of the cro chain, I found a duplicate of one of the BAYC NFTs on Talk about a stab in the chest. This hurts bad .


sorry to be the bearer of this bad news. thanks