Reevaluating Discobot: Is It Time for Improvement or Removal

Hi there,

Are you having trouble chatting with our robotic friend Discobot? Can’t get proper answer or any help of even easy q like “How to”.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Have you tried putting something after “how to”? :kissing_heart:


Yes, maybe I don’t using it right :zombie:


I got those same messages, lol

My favorite part: Unfortunately, as a poorly programmed bot

Not sure if there’s a better solution out there, but I ended up having to skip this because I couldn’t figure out what topic it wanted me to do it for.


Yes I remember this, getting through its ‘help’ was a bit of a challenge!

I seem to remember that it was actually pretty simple but the text was quite misleading? Are we are to change the text to make it clearer what you need to do to pass this ‘test’!

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I see Assembly encouraging people to create bots to gain Apecoin - I think it should be removed completely and prohibited

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Hello @TheFatherOfAllStorms,

You may be referring to a Thank Ape contribution type, specifically:

“Create and maintain a custom bot, tool, or technology resource for the community.”

Thank Ape is a DAO Approved initiative formed from AIP-124. The $APE Assembly, or the Stewards do not create or validate contribution types for the Thank Ape initiative. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!



Yes. And i think we should all be validating where $Ape is going. I feel like 25o ape for hosting a space with their profile is targeted for more milking DAO style and there is a lot of similar tasks asking to get in touch with the Twitter profile in person or promote them and not the Ape Foundation which is wrong in its core due to actual AIP intention - main APECOIN and the only one official Foundation. So we have to review those “tasks” every time before posted monthly list by thankape. Other ways we again will benefit only people that just vibe on spaces more or personal friends and will promote a projects that are not US here. Something to really be careful about.

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