@sasha - Discourse Facilitator Application for Term Beginning June 2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Sasha

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftsasha

Nomination Statement

I will excel at creating Draft Analysis Reports due to 1) my diverse background (software engineer, then founder of an esports team, then venture partner at a business accelerator, and finally degen/trader) and 2) having already done a nearly identical job at the Stacks business accelerator during summer ’21. We had hundreds of applicants and only 25 spots. Not only did we select founders/ideas of whom almost all succeeded in raising vc rounds, I spent months mentoring and helping them grow. Accelerator itself partnered with OKCoin for 165M fund after this success. I’m thorough, constructively critical, and I want to see DAO proposals succeed just as much as I want to make sure we research all potential risks for the token holders to make informed voting decision. I’ve lived in 4 countries for at least 6 months each in Asia, US, and Europe, which I hope helps me understand local needs on a more nuanced level. Thank you so much if you vote for me!

Bullish :fire: I enjoy reading your comments in discourse. Would be excited to see you as one of the two Discourse Facilitators^^


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you, Sera! If elected I’d probably not post as much to avoid perception of “official” support or not support of an AIP by a DAO representative…

buuuut you (the DAO) will get great DAR packages


I have ideas for making the forums better. AIPs like Bojangle’s will make them friendlier to newcomers, but I also want us to lay out information about all of DAO systems and processes. From what Special Council does to how the Administrator works to where treasury money is stored to every detail and nook and cranny of the AIP process. It should also be clear where we have oversight and where it’s absent (for now).

Once people can clearly see every part of the machine, they will be better-equipped to write precise, impactful AIPs to change and/or add to the existing rules.

And what’s already public, I want to make it more easily accessible / organized.


Hey @Sasha, glad to see you’re running and already thinking about things we can improve upon.

You probably already know this, but you don’t need to be a Facilitator to propose changes like the ones you’ve suggested. AIP-7, for example (one of the few “Informational” AIPs approved to date), helped restructure the forums into the way we see them today. If you have a great idea for a way we can restructure our information and front-facing display, or add to the availability of publicly accessible information, by all means don’t wait. You can put this forward immediately, and I’d encourage you to do so.

Looking forward to the coming weeks, and best of luck to you.


Yessir, I know, and thx, I’ll submit one later if not elected! But I also need to have a platform to run on so figured I’d let potential voters know some of where my head is at.


I’m glad to see you’ve applied, however I’m not in favor of effectively silencing those posting some of the most consistent and well-informed comments here.

You’re not the only applicant to whom I feel this applies.

How to reconcile this?

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Hi @br00no,

I wanted to take the opportunity here to pop in and say that I will be making a swift return to the forum as I have more free time. My recent inactivity (from my personal discourse profile) is a personal decision, and due to increased work load.

I’m still hosting stages 3x a week via ApeComms to engage with this community directly though!

I’m generally free to express my personal opinions & ask questions.




Thanks! Are you referring to “If elected I’d probably not post as much”?

It’s not hard to move 1 $ape to a new wallet and register an anon account :innocent: :man_dancing: After all, it should be the content of a post that matters, not who is posting. In theory.

Some background info in this Twitter thread:


Good question.

Some current facilitators have made it a point not to comment while acting as facilitators. IIRC it was stated they’d collectively agreed not to, or something to that effect, however at least one or more have done so plenty of times. IOW there’s confusion on this.

I do not think there should be a rule against it, however if it’s expected or if there is such a rule then it’s unethical to skirt it.

You mentioned “great risk analysis of every proposal” subsequently. Thus far there’s been none from official channels - we haven’t even had basic project tracking or any form of financial or ethical oversight - just the odd concern expressed in AIP threads prior to an AIP going for vote, from people such as yourself.

Is “risk assessment” now part of the Facilitator job going forward? People already have such skills and experience or don’t - voting or giving a job title won’t change that.

Or did you mean your usual type of comments? In which case we’re back to the top of this discussion - will you be allowed to comment as you do now while in a Facilitator position?


Yeah, of course, if there’s some rule against it, then I won’t. But afaik facilitators can comment from their personal accounts, just not their work accounts (so ok from “Amplify” but not from “Amplify.admin”, for example).

It seems to me it’s more “risk research” for the Facilitator job, and “risk assessment” for the Special Council job. Facilitators don’t get to make any decisions in regards to AIPs, only prepare initial report for the Council, which then assesses for legal and other risks. The Council will always ask for more if they feel the report is insufficient. So a good facilitator will know what questions to ask so as to reduce the back-and-forth between Council and Author.

I think I will be allowed, yes, but it is my personal ethical stance that I shouldn’t be commenting from my account to avoid bias from any perceived weight of a “DAO representative.” At least when it comes to criticisms and praise. I think for just questions it’s okay. Dunno, honestly nobody probably cares and I’m just too principled or w/e, this is why I’m not great for politics :grin:

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Podcast 20-min interview with SSP and Adz: Spotify


I learned so much about you reading this statement! Best of luck, Sasha!

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Thank you, Swickie :orange_heart:

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