Scam Airdrop Warning

I just got scammed by someone who claimed as co-founder @BoredApeYC and @yugalabs. He has a verified Twitter account Is his account being hacked?

This is his tweet

Just lost 0.33 ETH

scammer address 0xE3B4233EA0fF16Ac7D62064d13e7Afaa51381590



People purchasing verified accounts and repurposing them to impersonate people for scams like in this case has become more and more common these days. Very sorry to hear about your situation.


Wow wow just knew that. Thanks

Unfortunately, there are multiples accounts running this scam. I report all the one that I noticed.

0.33ETH, that sucks though.


I blocked and reported that twitter account earlier. That account tagged me in 6 posts. I hope not too manynpeople got jacked! Very sorry if that happened to you.

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Yeah. It will not happen if the Twitter account is not verified. Thanks mate

Yes, I hope people are now aware that a verified account can be used to scam also. I’m just aware of that now lol. Thanks mate!


Im sorry man, always check twice and trust nobody. And dont be afraid to ask before sending funds, these scammers always find new ways to steal…

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I almost got scammed by another account that sent me a to a MAYC website that looked pretty convincing but there were no links to the social media sites on it so i asked around bc im thinking “everyone has to know about this new launch coming out right? " " I know im not that lucky to be one of the 1st” and turned out no one was taking about it, but didn’t know about it. Keep spreading the word about these scumbags. But always DYOR and ask around. Sometimes if its too good to be true it is. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Hey man. Yes, it has never happened before to me. Now I know I can even trust a system after all lol. Thanks a lot, man.

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Thanks for your advice man. :smile:


I was very close to losing 0.3 ETH because of this!

I just reviewed current AIPs and @BoredApeYC Twitter! We are basically flexing while not even a tweet was published to help our community of believers!!!

I was wondering about my first AIP to be submitted! I guess it will be a security incident & frauds policies, processes, and procedures along with a new website and Twitter account for status reporting solely!

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You are lucky! Never trust any account from now on. Another scammer is here

And I wonder why Twitter doesn’t suspend those accounts.

Thanks for your suggestion maybe it will get support.


I had no idea people could buy a verified account. I saw this same account and could not tell if it was legit or not.

Now we know that Twitter verified account is tradeable. I wonder how much will it cost. And Twitter doesn’t do anything about it. I mean they can catch the guy who sold it. Or maybe we must file it to the FBI. I’ve moved on now. Just to make sure that anyone won’t fall into this verified trap again.

do you mean that you sent .33 eth? or you clicked the link and it took .33 eth?

This is a very scary thing, I don’t even have 0.33eth.

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Have to be careful out there, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, I’ve had 2 scammers reach out to me in 2 days wanting to do a private sale.