Security/Safety tips I use

One thing I’d love to bring forward to everyone is security. Please be safe out there, as we all await announcements there will be many scammers being creative and trying to take advantage. Grab a ledger, store your prized possessions in the ledger. If you need to connect to a dapp that requires your NFT, please do as much research as possible. Afterwards, transfer that NFT to the hot wallet, connect and then transfer back to your ledger immediately after. Another thing you can do regularly is go on revoke dot cash, or etherscan to revoke access to what you’ve connected to or bought. A great way to also do this in your phone using metamask is clear privacy data/cancel all signature under security and privacy in metamask. However, I do not recommend solely using metamask for this space on your phone. Please be safe out there and if anyone has any helpful tips to help lookout fellow apes, please comment below!


Would love to see some contributors in the comments, let’s look one another out. If you have any ideas and better methods please drop them below!

Thanks for sharing, these are great tips. The Boring Security group (@BoringSecDAO on Twitter) has a discord setup that is also a great resource to use and learn from people in there as well.


See : AIP-69 - Boring Security

The Boring Security AIP is trying to cover all avenues for security and resources, I’m sure they would definitely welcome your thoughts and contributions.

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