Series – Lessons from the Other Side: AIPs Revisited Post-Implementation

AIPs power the DAO. They translate ideas into action and are how the DAO exercises community-led governance. This being said, we know that drafting a good AIP is no simple task. For example, while it’s impossible to foresee everything, a good AIP will consider and address many of the eventualities it will or could create.

To help future AIP authors, we’re introducing a new interview series with authors who have submitted successfully-implemented AIPs. We’ll also use these interviews to identify any pain points in the AIP process and, where possible, work to mitigate these going forwards. Above all, these interviews will:

  • Spotlight the work that’s being done by the DAO
  • Identify improvements to the AIP process
  • Provide insight from the other side to inspire and inform tomorrow’s AIP authors and implementers

Click here to read the first installation in this series, on AIP-9 with Boring Security DAO!


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