Share your Thank Ape PropHouse below and how to vote

Feel free to share your Prophouse links below and pitch to others. Also if you want your friends to vote but they dont know how to+ you dont know how to explain, follow this twitter thread I made for this very same reason:

Good luck and happy pitching <3

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**# GO VOTE! we need you! **
# Proposals

1 ApeCoin minimum to vote in snapshot. Remove bots and reduce individuals trying to game future benefits

Reward finalists in the elections to make the process more equitable.


We will highlight ApeCoin in our Voxels ApeCoin Unofficial Dao parcel


Apestake ENS and UD (Unstoppable Domains) Integration


Thanks @Evil

My first entry is for the futurist category

ApeCoin Arena in the MetaVerse

Made a cool Twitter thread, please like and share

:sewing_needle::thread: link

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My main entry is for The Ape Inn

Would greatly appreciate some support here fam

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Love to see the people engaging here!
I didnt wanted to start sharing right away with my props, so here are mine.

Developer Category :

Designer Category:

Influencer Category:

Governance Category:

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Thanks for posting.

Fellow Apes, my entry for the builder’s contest is to build an AI-powered Assistant for the discord. Read the detailed proposal and if you like it please upvote. Prop House


Thank you for the thread mate !
But I think I arrived too late to be able to vote, it’s a shame :laughing:

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The voting on prop house is still open for the next 2 days! It’s never to late to vote

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