Shilly The BAYC Recording Artist Powered by ApeCoin

Shilly the Community Produced Recording Artist Powered by ApeCoin

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation and Brand Decision


Ever since I bought my first ape on May 1, 2021 for .25 ETH (#humblebrag) I knew he was destined for greatness. Along with an amazing team of musicians and animators we’ve created Shilly, the first Community Produced Recording Artist. You may have seen the video for his debut single, “I’m Boring”.

Shilly - I’m Boring (Official Video)

With the help of a grant from the ApecoinDAO Shilly will be the first chart topping NFT recording artist and bring apecoin adoption to another level.


I’m Josh Schwartz, but they call me Shwaz. I’ve been part of the NFT space since Feb. 2021 and part of the ape community since May 1 2021. Most of my professional life has been spent in the TV/FILM industry where I worked as an editor for a bunch of crappy reality shows. Comedy and music are major passions for me. I’ve performed improv, written sketch comedy, and been playing in bands/ writing music since I was a kid. I’ve been fortunate enough to go into web3 full time and am currently working on this project that combines my greatest passions in a way I never thought possible.


Josh Schwartz (@theycallmeshwaz) : CEO. Head writer. Musician, wannabe comedian, lover of weiner jokes.
Noah Berg (@admiralfun) : COO and Co-producer.
Matt Squire: Exec. Music Producer (Panic! At The Disco, Ariana Grande, All Time Low). Yep he’s responsible for I Write Sins Not Tragedies. :shushing_face:
Preston Johnson (@sportscheetah) : CMO and drummer. (Co-founder of Pixel Vault and Wagmi United.)


We are putting everything we have into Shilly from the music, to the art, to the size of his calve muscles (This was actually quite the battle). Along with a collaborative community of musicians and storytellers Shilly will break into the mainstream in a major way. Apecoin will be an official payment option for all things Shilly and the Apecoin logo and imagery will be featured prominently in Shilly content.


The only reason Doge and Shiba are worth more than Apecoin right now is because of the story we tell about them and how many people are exposed to that story. Apecoin needs its own story, it’s own “cool”. Shilly will make Apecoin cool by making it essential.


In late January 2023 we will be launching a web3 platform called The Studio, a token gated collaborative community hub where holders will be able to contribute to Shilly’s music and story and have a true stake in his success. Apecoin will be the official currency of the platform and be used for gamified rewards and will be required for purchases in the Shilly merch store.

In Q1-Q2 we will be releasing Shilly’s first EP of 4-5 songs as well as another music video. The cover of the EP will feature the Apecoin logo prominently and the next music video will have Apecoin heavily integrated into its story.

All Shilly songs and music videos will be minted as 1/1 NFTs and transferred to the Shilly Community DAO, except for the next music video (featuring Apecoin) which will be transferred to the Apecoin Treasury.


(detailed breakdown coming soon)

I think I saw this proposal before. The video is well-produced. I like it! My question is, how will the budget be used? Usually we want to see some details of the costs.


Going to add a detailed budget breakdown shortly!


Saw this when it hit the TL as well - well produced. Look forward to seeing the detailed breakdown of exp.


How do you think Shilly will make apecoin essential? What do you mean by that? Is there a way to see some of your works online? If we want to expand the ApeCoin brand and usage I believe we need more people from outside NFT communites and “web3”, we need great prodcuts and services that people wanna use regardless of a token.

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Hi @Shwaz

Q: What is your motivation? It wasn’t answered in your response.

I don’t understand your statement re: Doge x Shiba being more valuable than APEcoin.

If you are building what sounds like a creative house, and desiring to use the ape coin logos for marketing, you are you also in turn giving a % of royalties x profits back to the DAO outside of the noted music video? You utilize the APEcoin credibility as well in pushing anything predicted with the association i.e. logo as expressed.

What is the current following of the company x marketing plan for it? What distributor are you using for the EP? and is the MGMT x other i.e. agent fees built into this budget? or paid as normal industry standard a % of the “artist” booking x fees?


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