Sign up for August 3rd Office Hour

ApeCoin Community,

The next moderator office hour session is on Wednesday, August 3rd at 8.30am ET.

To sign up, all you have to do is reply to this post (the content of your message does not matter). The first 5 eligible community members to respond will be invited to participate.

To be eligible, your account must have Trust Level 1 - Basic. You can increase your account’s trust level by regularly visiting and engaging with Discourse. Read more about Discourse trust levels here. You must also have not participated in any of the three previous office hour sessions.

A moderator will reply to confirm the 5 community members that will be invited. If you are invited, you will be DM’ed information to join the call.

If you join the call, feel free to be on video or audio only. These sessions are meant to be productive conversations on the DAO, so please be respectful to your fellow community members and the moderators by giving others space to speak and following the same guidelines for conversations on the Discourse.

Yours Apefully,


I would like to join


Yess sir been waiting for first day in the store lol.


sign me up to join please


Hey @bc @Canitreen
Here to play… May Yuga live long and prosper. :innocent:


I think im late😅 for this.
But if i had a chance would be great


wow that filled up quick, looking forward to chatting.

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I would like to join


ok, let’s add one more

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Hi Brandon, would love to connect and chat.


Oof, just missed it – was busy replying to an AIP :laughing:


fine, I’ll add @akhilttm and @ssp1111 :rofl: but that’s it … I’m capping this office hours at 8 :innocent:

But clearly people would like another one, so we will setup another very quickly after. :partying_face:

Thanks All


Congrats bro! Would love to discuss the updates we are making from the feedback and guidance from Ape Coin DAO members and Ape Coin DAO moderators team on AIP-61 that will be up for a vote soon. If not all good too look forward to what is to come! AIP-61: Multi-meta linked NFTs - Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Please note office hours will begin in 35 minutes, 7:30 am CST, 8:30 am EST (apologies for any confusion on timezones)

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seems a bit late here.

I would like to join,too.

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Hi @0xApe we will host another office in the near future and definitely welcome your attendance.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to the ApeCoin DAO community members for their participation during the Office Hours!

Curious about what happened in the meeting and what was discussed? We’ve pulled out the audio from the session to share with those who’d like to take a listen. Click below to hear the playback.

Do you want to join the next Office Hours? Then please watch out for the post about the next meeting. The Office Hours last 45 minutes and take place on the first Wednesday of each month. The start time will alternate each month between 8:30am ET and 8:30pm ET to accommodate a wider range of time zones.

Thank you!

- river


Love that this is recorded. Really helpful.


Thanks for inviting :heart: