Skate or ape , dance to you ape

What a game …. Now what if it was ape or skate . Head on , best moves wins . A pool party in back ground , along with that, in background the ship that is in a replay so you can see what’s going on from a distance or just grab your binoculars to see up close , and above is another game you can watch from the pool or ship or while skating . Crazy light shows , banana eating contest , strength challenges to beef up your ape for game play plus an ape spinning apetastic music not to mention the dance moves wow :star_struck: . Just food for thought . I am happy to be here and I hope I’m not out of line here . Just being creative , as I’m new and trying learn and help anyway I can :blush:


Absolutely love the enthusiasm ngl, this idea is cool af, I think there’s a funded AIP feasibility study called IRL EVENTS (linked below), and this maybe could be something that would ‘marry’ nicely with that possibly in the long run, like great ideas to brainstorm, not sure? Or even if you tagged some of the authors and members, as I’m sure ideas like this are always welcomed.

Anyway, really nice to read all your other comments and ideas, defo what we need here always!


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