Spaces coordination?

Is anyone coordinating spaces or chats? I saw one comment, but I wasn’t sure - :face_with_monocle:

Thanks in advance!


I don’t believe I’ve seen a coordinated effort to hold regular live audio discussions on the topic of the ApeCoin DAO as of yet. I would suggest folks who have an interest in hosting sessions respond to this post expressing so along with available times.

Perhaps we also consider creating a poll to determine what time has the highest demand so we can optimize for participation and fruitful discussion across a global community.


Agreed @William

I’m on a mobile, but once I’m back in front my comp i can attempt to make a poll if nobody else has. Not entirely sure how to on thisnplatform but a link would suffice.


im in NYC time and was thinking the same thing i was just gonna host a spaces after work which is around 6:30pm usually & im excited for the multilingual spaces cause they cant all be in English, if we want this to be adopted as intended well need representatives from all corners of the globe. needless to say I’m totally open to hosting a space where we can all share our thoughts and enthusiasm.

my twitter is @N1t3Guy id be down to host in an hour if we just wanna wing it in celebration for the first day of the open boards :smile: :tada: :tada: :tada:


I am interested in hosting both scheduled and spontaneous spaces. Provided that I’m not sitting alone in a room and can find co-hosts to chat and have conversations with. I have limited experience when it comes to Twitter spaces. I learn quickly.

For me they will always be GameFi based and will focus on creating interest in new users while promoting the IPs and partnering developers who want to integrate with ApeCoin.

It’s not a task I can do alone. Again I don’t want to sit in an empty space. That’s my fear! A friendly face or two would go long ways towards making that happen and we could start as fast as this weekend.

I’m available 24/7 for max of 6 hours per space.


I’m with you on that! I’m available after 6pm est and all day on weekends :raised_hands:t5::sparkles:


Happy to help, connect, participate etc. Here’s my link if we want to connect. Ill follow everyone in the dao.


I would be available between 12pm - 5 pm Eastern for Twitter Spaces, everyday.

Shoot me a DM if you guys are planning to, or share links here.



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