Speaking to long and unreadable proposals

I’ve read many times that people have a problem with how unreadable proposals are on Discourse. Well, there IS a feature that allows you to “hide details,” but it’s only available once you achieve Trust Level 2 and pass the Advanced User tutorial.

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For instance, I’m hiding these details so you can’t see them unless you click on the arrow. Isn’t that much easier to read? Cool little feature, huh? Kind of interesting how people who are supposed to be so into the DAO asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars somehow miss it. Interesting… who knows… maybe Discourse had something in mind when it put together the features this way… but who am I to speculate? I’m just a monkey

Maybe the DAO should consider limiting proposal drops to users who have gone through this process. After all, achieving a new level and actually taking the time to LEARN the system does actually show a commitment to the DAO.


Hi Mantis, I like your comment and you made a good point. If you happened to read all the Special Council candidates’ profiles… some of them are just unreadable, and long and not concise paragraphs. Well, I guess we have to accept that. Of course, some of us are good in communication and writing but well… maybe not that easy for everyone.

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This has been such a battle. Okay, I’m not sure the best way to go about this. Im advising most proposals on how to best present to the community.

I don’t want to lock down the proposal process, or require a high threshold(or worse, fees for idea) but I also want to see nicely written proposals presented to the greater community. Do you have any advice for this?


The hidden detail is a good function (I actually didn’t know this before). And I do agree that proposals should be readable and not too long with direct narratives. Not sure if it is a good idea to limit the length, but the writing skill and layouts should have effects on the Likes of an AIP.

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Well, I didn’t say anything about limiting the length.

And this post was 72.55% in jest.

But the greater point is that we’ve got a lot of folks coming in here asking for big things and not even taking the time to learn basic functions in the Discourse. Special Council seats, huge proposal asks, etc. Not calling anybody out (yet) but if the shoe fits, wear it. Just sayin. Imposing some sort of ask before giving is an easy fix to many problems, but what do I know. I’m just a lowly Mutant. :grin:

But I do have 340+ followers now! When I started posting here I had less than 140. So I’m not as lowly as I used to be. :muscle:


Oh silly! Don’t start with that “lowly mutant” thing. I’ve got a rugged PFP & do just fine here. I do agree that proposals are often hard to read. I’m now recommending that users embed a short video pitch deck using YouTube. It’s a constant learning process to find what will work best.

I had a person @ BAYC in Miami say “you’re the one teaching apes to read!” but that’s not really my goal here lol. Proposals can be made much easier to digest, especially when we can work together to figure out solutions !!


Hey Todd / Mantis,

You both have a great sense of humor besides being very supportive in the community!

We definitely need more folks like you both. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :star:

I just looked at the ApeCoin Forum statistics and our community is pretty small by the numbers.

Maybe we should come up with some proposals to promote the ApeCoin DAO community as well as its memberships. Maybe we can use Costco membership model and implement its membership concept in the virtual world - In Ape Metaverse!

  1. Facilitate the use of the APE coins with some sort of physical product merchandising

  2. Combine the Ape Yacht Club House membership with some rewards in exchange for APE coins

  3. Free Game Developers Conference Tickets via the ApeCoin Foundation

Just some ideas…



Just info for anyone who wants to achieve this BADGE - pretty quick and simple:

Via DESKTOP: (edited as found a faster way to access)

In top right of screen click your PROFILE ICON and then select the DOWN ARROW at bottom to show all messages/notifications, if you scroll all the way to the bottom (first message) you’ll see GREETINGS FROM DISCOBOT, select it.

Copy and paste the following command in the reply section and send the message to discobot:

@discobot start advanced tutorial

You’ll then enter into the advanced user course (give it up to 10 seconds to start as a reply from discobot) then follow the steps, sent as individual messages. Should take about 2-3 minutes if familiar or 5-10 if not imho.



I actually think you’re on to something here. I brought this up in Discord.

Compare our AIP lengths to say the NounsDAO proposals. If you compare word count, I’d be willing to bet our average is over 5:1 and maybe even higher.

Granted, one argument is that we have a billion dollar treasury, brand and mission to manage (no disrespect meant to Nouns… just want to illustrate the differences between our respective goals), this is still absolutely limiting participation. So much of our AIPs are designed through the filter of a legal process, which in my opinion is why an implementation group exists (to help fill in the gaps). The NounsDAO proposals seem to be written in plain english with a few exceptions.

I think this needs to be addressed at some level as one of the many steps to increase participation from the general community.


Duly noted, thank you for the suggestion. Since this point has been raised so many times, and across multiple channels, we’ve recently incorporated the use of the “Hide Details” in our latest iteration of ApeComms.

Thanks again,
:gorilla: :orange_heart:


The NounsDAO proposals seem to be written in plain english with a few exceptions.

NounsDAO is on fire. They have a lot of administrative initiatives we could learn from.


Looks like ApeCoin DAO is using the same Discourse software package.


That’s a really good point, could as a group we collate a rough list of who does what best in the space. Benchmark against the best as a starting point. No need to reinvent the wheel and this would lead to lots of examples for improving quickly and effectively.

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Definitely an interesting discussion… On one hand I think it’s critical to take a deep dive on proposals in order to gain a better understanding of the concept and who’s pitching it. But on the other, candidates should be able to captivate voters with an effectively condensed elevator-style pitch. Keeping that in mind, I think readers should remain mindful that the proposal shouldn’t necessarily be decided on based off of how well the author held our attention versus the actual content they are trying to present.

But as Mantis draws attention to, I like the “hide details” feature because it gives readers the choice to view more while providing creators an added ability to strategize how they present the overall proposal.


But they are tho, and there’s no way around it :rofl: I’m facing this hurdle with my DPH proposal. Any advice to get over it?

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Always down to take a peak brotha… DMs are open :+1:


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Kinda how forums work, in the world of MMO RPGs, forums came out as a way to interact with other players and mods in a more civilized way. Forums havnt changed much yet anywhere

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