Staking Through Extreme volatility

Hey Apes,

As someone who isn’t a major whale but is still incredibly excited to be a part of the community, I’m very curious as to how other smaller holders are feeling about the staking process that will provide greater liquidity for upcoming projects while incentivizing stakers with a reward, albeit locking in stakers for a period of time.

Not to be a doomsayer, as I’ll be DCA’ing into my bag weekly, so a temporary correction in the price only helps my bags grow :muscle:, but I’m definitely concerned there will be an overall market drop if the stock market likely continues to fall. I’m glad we’re not following metals anymore in the crypto space, but to say we wouldn’t dip a bit with the stock market now that the 2 major markets caps graphs closely follow in correlation to the market at large. I believe this dip is something to plan and counteract by DCA’ing and not trying to guess the dip. Perhaps we will avoid dipping at all due to strong sentiment for all of our projects, and I’d be delighted with that case also! Not losing value of my investment at all and continue to stack my bag would be sweet, I just don’t see it happening at the moment.

Regardless of the market though and my opinion of TA and astrology, how do the rest of the smaller minnows in the space feel about staking your own bags? Are you all going to be:

  1. Keeping your money liquid to possibly buy into more projects and to flip some coins through the swings of the market.

  2. Stake and just hodl through the entire period in hope of stacking a big bag for the future.

I can see the DAO is overall for staking (I am too), I’m just not sure if I will stake my bag, or keep it liquid, or some combo of both and was curious of everyone else’s thoughts?



Hey there. Super minnow here. :sweat_smile: First can I ask What DCA’ing means?

Second. I am extremely interested in the long term potential of ape. I had myself up to 11 coins all in during the launch Saturday. had to trade most of it while I could simply because i’m so new to crypto.

I managed to HODL 1 coin bc I believe in community driven growth. And the fact that a nobody like me can be sitting here with 1 coin, and an opinion seems a good place to start.

I am personally for staking in the early future.

Cheers Mate!


I’m holding a modest amount. About 405 after I get it off the exchange I use and into my wallet. I plan on staking through volatility and am not looking for short term flips. I also stake other crypto and plan on continuing this pattern for the foreseeable future.

I will not be holding large bags of apecoin because I will continue buying at regular intervals anyway.

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