"Start here" category not very helpful

I’m searching for instructions on trust levels and also on how to create a proper AIP. I thought I would find guidelines in the “Start here” category but the topics in there aren’t useful at all for a new member.

Can we start using that category for guides and instructions around the discourse and the DAO?

That way newcomers can read through these topics and have a clearer understanding of how processes work around here.

Also if someone could post the link here to that one post about trust levels and what the requirements are and also a link to the AIP template, that would be very sweet. I seriously can’t find them anymore…

Edit: The “Welcome to Apecoin DAO” post is helpful of course! It gets a bit lost between announcements though which caused my confusion.


Hi @AnnieRawrz,

Interestingly enough, I was reviewing the “Start Here” and making notes for our upcoming Facilitator meeting on this very topic when you posted this. We certainly acknowledge that it’s unorganized and it’s a top priority item for us right now. You can be assured that we’re actively working on clearing this up, and appreciate feedback from the community on how to do that better. Much of this is what’s left over from the previous administration, so we have our work cut out for us. There’s also a Help & Resources section that we are currently rolling up our sleeves on as well.

As to your questions, here is the post on Trust Levels you were asking about, and you can find the AIP Template here.


Thank you for the quick response!

The “Welcome to Apecoin DAO” post was very helpful btw. I totally forgot about that one. It gives a first insight on how to navigate the forum.

0xSword posted some amazing guides about the AIP process in the “Help & Resources” category. I would suggest to make an overall “About AIPs” post that links to those guides and helpful templates.

Maybe have an extra category for announcements?
That would make the most sense.

Again, thanks for your response!

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Yes, those are all good and don’t forget about the recently-approved AIP-251 which aims to address these precise concerns.

Of course, that AIP doesn’t fix the Start Here or Help & Resources sections, but that’s where the Facilitators come in (with feedback and input from the community, of course). However, the fact that so many more people are joining these days gives us an even stronger incentive to make this a much more accessible place for newcomers to find the resources they need.


Sorry to bring this up again haha

I was again searching for the post on trust levels.

Maybe move Vulcans post from General to Starthere? I think it makes a lot more sense there for newcomers and doesnt get lost there. :slight_smile:

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Hi @AnnieRawrz,

Thanks for raising this, and while our Start Here section is for very specific content, I do think this particular post was miscategorized. We’ve actually just moved it to “Help & Resources” which feels much more appropriate, given the clearly “resourceful” nature of its content. We’ve also added some search tags to it as well.

I’m sure you’ve found it, but I’ll leave that post here for you. Thanks again for your helpful feedback!



Awesome, thank you for your time!


I am a new member and I also had this doubt, congratulations on the initiative, I believe that others also identified themselves and managed to solve their problem


Maybe this can help… :eyes:

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Thats a great post. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Annie! Hope it helped! :saluting_face:

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