Step up the pace Web3: Proposing An AI Astrology Calendar for Online Culture


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The ApeCoin DAO is the largest most financially empowered DAO in the NFT enthusiast networks. Lukas Hosford has been interested in the Ape community and NFTs since he first learned of them. Before that, he had years of experience in relevant fields such as debate, economics, and alternative currencies.

He is familiar with certain dimensions of The NFT Space more intimately from the last year of building project connections, but now recognizes the value of onboarding himself Into the ApeCoin DAO before he mints more projects.

He is turning his efforts toward marketing the time and services of The NFT Space and himself outward through a digital marketing agency for artists, coaches, and creators on the Meta platforms & Tiktok.

His overarching goal is to clear the FUD around art and creativity itself, replacing disempowering narratives with a sophisticated edutainment industry.

Advisors & Collaborators:
Matthew Bonstetter ( @MLBinWA ) is a leader in regenerative artist collectives organizing with stake-holders across all project categories.

Lunar DAO ( @lunar88dao ) & Chain Connect App ( @chain__connect ) are Web3 project incubators with aims to bring unique ecotourist destinations and gamified lifestyle products to market.

Web3Radio ( @WEB3RADI0 ) is a broadcast production agency.

Conventional wisdom holds that no messaging entity can reach all demographic groups, or appeal to ideological groups & belligerent cynics, but the central networking hub of X for coordination & curation of comedy, story-telling, & music, is a game changer.

Brilliant and poignant short-form segments, both in-live-time and for asynchronous distribution, can have distinct and lasting impacts on public controversies, especially by focalizing talent where it can make the most impact.

Midas’s Persona ( @Portmidas ) was involved in Marketing Campaigns for NFTs when they pumped big in 2021 and has since shifted focus to the asian segment of Web3.


NFTs have had incredibly success with gaming projects and niche artist networks, but have yet to see their mass-onboarding campaign and legitimization in the public eyes.

The reputation of The NFT Space has been affected by the character its early adoption culture.

As a speculative marketplace within an emergent technology industry (crypto), it was only natural that short-sellers, scammers, and tricky tools like bots would pose major threats to the space and corrupt its optimal models.

Now though, all these problems can be solved simply by expanding the space.

Focusing on innovating an industry that is under-innovated and under-capitalized would be optimal, especially if it can be made to interface well with the existing online culture.

Astrology is the study of time as it is mapped in the heavens and is a major aspect in all traditional medicine systems, but has been essentially factored out of study in modern academia by a constrained paradigm for science.

The paradigm for science that Western Academic institutions have adopted reflects a split between metaphysics and the material sciences enforced by church doctrines.

The debate is intense because true astrology is very subtle and particular, but its names, terms, and narratives have been misused and manipulated, supplying plenty of fodder for legitimate criticism.

The consequence of this limiting scientific paradigm and the overall delegitimization of Astrology is that it has suffered from limited access to centralized networking hubs and the technology resources that facilitate efficient aggregation of information and distribution of texts.

Insofar as they have engaged with astrology, most people have read generic horoscopes and even tried to puzzle out their own birth chart. But knowledge of precise and powerful astrological alignments that remain hidden to the unstudied eye has been something only wealthy & specifically-cultured people have experienced until this point.

Now though, the cost of personalized astrology readings can be brought down by supporting Astrological scholars with AI & social media tools.

A unique opportunity exist for coordinating everyone with a calendar app.

The calendar itself can be rich with art, storytelling, astrological information, & tools for navigating time-tables.

This would be a powerful branding move for the ApeCoin DAO to fill a major and much needed niche in the online-media marketplaces and Social-Finance networks.

One of the most important forms of leadership is pace-setting.

A calendar rich with both an abundance of natural information about the astral and seasonal influences of the material world on our bodies and minds—and also abundant with online meet-up times—has the potential to serve a pace-accelerating function for the collective that uses it.

More easily navigable schedules means better attendance, more connection, easier planning… all of which have cascading benefits when added up over days, weeks, and months.


NFTs need renewal for all the Made By Apes founders to be seen in the best light possible by the wider world!

The ApeCoin DAO is in a unique position to facilitate this industry innovation in a way that benefits everybody involved.

The influencers in the ApeCoin DAO are many and diverse. They have a wide variety of followings and resources at their disposal.

Their followers have money and many of them are also art collectors and business-people in other arenas.

The ApeCoin DAO is hereby invited to forge an alliance with Duke Startalker to support the success of his astrology project and to bind him into service to the Apecoin DAO.

He will do recorded public astrology readings for 33 ApeCoin DAO influencers, events, or projects.

ApeCoin DAO will recruit an AI team to build an AI Astrology engine for online communities, which they are free to monetize on an ongoing basis (subscription service) though ApeCoin and other paired crypto-currencies.

If the ApeCoin DAO is particularly keen to Ape into the astrology industry, they are welcome to support Lukas Hosford in whatever other ways they see fit with money and/or resources to employ his artists to design the calendar.

The more they empower him, the more he can dedicate himself fully to unlocking this intriguingly ancient and simultaneously cutting-edge knowledge industry.


Phase 1:

  • Milestone 1: Proposal approval and Brand Partnership decision

Phase 2:

  • Milestone 2: Public Influencer Marketing and AI dev team building

Phase 3:

  • Milestone 3: Mint of Astrology NFTs and ongoing future marketing across platforms of astrology services utilizing the Apecoin AI engine.

Total Estimated Time: 6 weeks - 6 months


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = TBD

What timeframe are you looking at?

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As quick as possible. As long as it takes.

Realistically the astrology AI engine and calendar is an unlimited project.

How can we get the ball rolling? I am open to ideas.

Ok, so this is just an initial discussion and you looking for ideas of implementation. Hope more people will join it!

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Thank you :pray:

Hopefully someone reads it and is especially enthusiastic!

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Is the crux of this proposal is to create a calendar app that has an AI astrology engine? I’m curious how this relates specifically to ApeCoin. Also, is this related to trading elements, such as Gann charts or squares of 9?

I am no trader, but I imagine traders might appreciate the tool.

I like speaking on Web3 stages because I am into forecasting, predicting, and designing the future of the economy. I think people like having me as a speaker.

What I observe is that the culture is unbelievably rich in content and forward thinking, but the amount of static in it is tremendous.

Apecoin is the most successful DAO in Web3 as far as I can tell.

There is another tiny web3 astrology project i know of. They know and like and support me, but are not trying to scale and do not have the sort of astrological knowledge I have.

I am particularly good with astrology in its more macro-aspects. Like consider the way that multiple people’s charts interact. And how they interact with geo-location.

The Astrology engine could track members of the DAO and match them to each other according to where they can meet in public. It could predict for clusters of connections, especially for IRL events, when a common geo-location becomes a common influence.

People have no clue how intricate astrology is.

LA is on my Sun line for example. Which fits with how the only time I have been to LA, I witnessed a performance that had a unique impact on me and my life in a way that it definitely did not impact the other people around me at nearly an equivalent level (Sun = Self).

Whereas Michigan is on my IC Chiron line, which fits with how I am so clued into the hidden wounds people carry where I grew up and have had so many people share secret meaningful things with me there.

The world is so full of these subtle alignments and influences. They are only noticeable if you know to look for them and how.

To set a really cutting edge AI astrology project off, it would be amazing to get your DAO involved and use your data, train AI to look for patterns in it, supply you with insights…

You have an incredible number of innovators in your spaces whose voices need to be amplified and put into dialogue with leaders in outside industries.

Astrology is a good way to edify people’s best qualities. It describes human beings through a mythic lens.

But forget astrology for a second…

Apecoin DAO Social Audio spaces need a unifying calendar…

More than that… Social Audio spaces need more unifying calendars in general.

I could build a branded calendar for any DAO with enough events to feature.

A calendar for coordinating online culture is an innovation that solves a major problem and Apecoin DAO is a unique position to do it.

Other communities will loves this idea.

Once again though, the Apes can stand out by building the engine and supplying the theme for the first release version of the calendar.

We could have a long anticipatory conversation about how that might impact POAP and PFP culture if you want… A smoother scheduling structure will naturally lead to more efficient interoperability between the stages. And Poaps and PFPs function as tools for stage culture.

There is a flow to the way people get involved with online communities.

If the flow can be optimized with timing, pace, and smooth scheduling, more people can start getting involved faster without it being chaotic or problematic.

Online culture needs better structure generally… consistently… its constant expansion and evolution necessitates new structures. A somewhat centralized calendar helps people see who is organizing online events and how.

The Astrology AI engine can also be whitelabeled and sold for partnerships with other networks who want to use it to make their own calendars or match-making systems.

Academia has been sleeping on astrology even while some of their best minds break ranks to pursue it.

Nothing even remotely like this exists in the Astrology industry as far as i can tell. And it is actually possible, i really believe, if we back it with the right resources and get the right people onboard.

This probably wasn’t possible so many years ago. But it is now. And that is exciting.

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This is so true. Thank you for the long and very detailed answer! I really loved some of your points, especially the idea of predicting clusters of connections, geo-location, and creating meaningful interactions. I totally agree that the world is full of subtle alignments and influences. It’s super cool to have someone passionate and knowledgable about this in the ApeCoin community!

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Thank you for reading!

Seems like there is a natural and obvious alliance between our projects.

Feel free to tag me in or reach out at any time.

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Hi @lukasho,

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  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


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