Still no official Ape on DeBank and others Social Finance media

We can contribute well with DeBank and others for APE mass adoption.

(my profile where I do posts about APE-Universe from time to time)


Like it.
As a member community I think we will be present in every big crypto platform.
You are doing a great job :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Hope you can take you $ape to da bank

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and I see that people have interest for Yuga for my posts on DeBank about ways to enter Yuga, Im doing some post about part of ecosystem that I contribute and have experience

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Now make posts on DeBank only to promote Yuga ecosystem projects that I participate and hold for long, and people like it

Ape to DBANK that will be great

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Not only for DeBank - to all SocialFi projects


Agree with it. We have to mass adopt $APE with all possible channels!


I need to find all possible and normal SocialFi like Debank with crypto users and degens, to make big offer article maybe but its clear that APE must do mass adoption in all possible way :hear_no_evil: :cupid:

Ape must be on the ride with SocialFi

Perfect, this is very good, an excellent idea for us to be able to disseminate our ecosystem here.

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I saw how it must be, its like a clear strategy but I must add all in article with some statistic maybe

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