SUB-DAOs (working groups) broken down by country.

I like some of the ideas I’ve seen today and yesterday, fair pay for fair hours paid to those selected and contributing within ‘smaller working groups’, but how about we divide the work up by country into SUB-DAOs?

Maybe have one sub-dao for each country, each allocated its own grant on a yearly basis, each sub-dao is structured the same, but because they are broken down by country the task becomes much more manageable , streamlined and goals more achievable imho.

Also the sub-daos would be responsible for marketing, their own workshops, with their own small team, maybe their own discords or at least a channel within the community discord, their own twitter feeds, their own sub-dao section within discourse too.

The reason why I think breakdown by country could work so well is each sub-dao would be directing their efforts towards ideas and brainstorming etc that they understood, for example i’m in UK, so I know football, cricket and rugby are the most popular sports here and not basketball or ice hockey for example, which allows the sub-daos to be very focused and in a more known manor, than say a US led team approaching a football team in the UK to try and make connections or future the apecoin brand.

I’m really thinking this could work well, they’d be cross over of course and all sub-daos can and will work collectively and all will be ‘answerable’ to the main AIP processes and guidelines etc, but the ‘working groups’ are initially divided up and staffed based on their country, we would probably not tokengate the communities, so for example anyone could join in and jump in on any others countries ideas if they so wish, I also think it would help create pools of specific knowledge, also we could direct certain ideas to specific sub-daos as maybe there is a cricket or snooker idea - so one place to brain storm that AIP or get some valuable knowledge gained from experience would be in the UK sub-dao group for example even if the idea originated from the Canadian group - we all continue to help progress and help one another but just use country as a tried and tested method to breakdown such massive amount of future traffic and growth.

Again, I agree with the idea that all elected and also employed or appointed positions would be paid, maybe there are minimum hours agreed too, but not eye watering cash grab salaries, maybe nominal amounts to start with for first 3 months and could be target or review based to progress to the final tier after the 3 month period, and all based on contracts no longer than two years with reviews bi-yearly every six months.

The internet made the world much smaller, but I feel the success of apecoin DAO and excellent AIP creation, brand exposure, marketing, progression and collaboration is achieved better by breaking down the task, pooling together groups by a common thread, country. This also allows ideas to develop faster as people can also talk in their own languages and know what will be most popular where they are based.

Each sub-dao could have its own POAPs or maybe even memes or NFTs, who knows, really endless how this could play out tbh. It is based on @Mantis idea of ‘working groups’ in essence, however, breaks it all down by country more or less.

I could go on and on, am I onto something or?


SubDAO is one thing we want in 2023. It’s hard to imagine that a super large DAO like us does not have subDAOs to cover different projects. I don’t think creating subDAO by country is a good idea.
Usually subDAO is subject based. Each subDAO has a theme, or a goal to finish some projects. But this should be a right direction, to create more smaller working groups within the DAO.


There’s definitely merit to geo-based subDAOs, because different geographies breed different cultures, languages, TIME ZONES, that should be catered to if you really want to proliferate a utility.

$APE so far has been a very Western, English, US-based coin. This will work against it in the future. Bitcoin’s strength is its geodiversity, so it cannot be attacked or even threatened by any single jurisdiction that wants to impose sanctions on it. $APE right now is under the complete control of the US, and they can smack it around any time they get good and ready.

You’re completely correct to think this way; I’d be more like splitting it into regions rather than countries; but I definitely think this is an idea that’s too complex for this DAO to consider right now. People in here just aren’t in that brainspace. So while I think this is a worthy effort, it’s one that wouldn’t receive its fair share of attention.


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