Thank Ape Prop House Updates

It’s incredible ! I’ve always loved artists because they have such unique imaginations all their own


thank you, I also made a short version of the video.

Taking snapshot soon, this will only be available to people who hold $ape at the time of snapshot.

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Hi evilllll! i dropped some stuff on prop house lmk if too late

Hey GM Xavier, I’m sorry I didnt get you, what do you mean by dropping some stuff on prop house?

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I put up three proposals over on the thank ape over there

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That soooo cool!!!

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Hey all. :partying_face: We are delivering our winning proposal!
Join us! The “ApeCoin Creator & Bored IP Meetup” ticket on September 24th is now available! Scan QRcode. Secure your spot by claiming it on Tokenproof! :tickets:RSVP only!

:gorilla: Token gate for BAYC, MAYC, :coin: ApeCoin.
:round_pushpin: Lion’s Milk NFT CAFE. 104 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY.
Learn more from my Twitter post.


This is so cool! So damn epic Popil! <3 Congo


So excited to see what comes out of this @popil!! Thank you so much for organizing + sharing all the updates with us, so hyped to see the pictures soon 🫶🏻


Finally done with everything, try out the townhall here: Apecoin Townhall
Mint link for the designer contest entry : Ancient Assembly of Ape


Thank you, wish you are here!!

you too! i have sooo much fun!!

Hey all. I’m so excited that our 24th event tickets are all claimed. If anyone would like to come to join but is having issues with a ticket, please let me know❤️ Thank you all the support


I am still looking for more content for voxels:

  1. AIPs passed
  2. NFTs related to APE
  3. 2D art
  4. 2D with sound or video
  5. 3D designs
  6. Logos of companies or people using powered by Apecoin or with passed AIPs or accepted APE.
  7. Links and locations to other parcels or other metaverses with ApeCoin locations.
  8. IRL photos, best if faces covered with PFPs for privacy, unless people asked for permission to publish.

The designer has half built the location, but the more content the better.

Get back to me.


GM! :frame_photo: ApeCoin VR creator metaverse is live now! :star:This ApeCoin VR creator metaverse is from my ThankApe x Ape coin Winner Proposal!
We will be featuring Ape coin Creators & MBA all at once!
Please Scan the QR code to visit the VR gallery! Learn more creators and builder list from here


Teaser video


That’s cool🔥 amazing teaser


Yoooo thank you so much <3

GM! Sending over the updates of my Prop House proposals!

Virtual Art Gallery
Status: :white_check_mark:

Activ Ape Stories
Status: Launched :white_check_mark:
Have several posts lined up, but did launch already. Check out #ActivApe on X.

Apecoin print design
Status: DONE & Shared! :white_check_mark:

Apecoin on Wikipedia
Status: :orange_circle: In the Works.
I’ve written up pages 2x but it got taken down and deleted by the Wikipedia reviewing team. The issues here include the following…
:arrow_right: Information needs to be based on reliable secondary sources so using as a data source gets rejected as this is a ‘primary’ source
:arrow_right: Content I write keeps getting flagged as ‘plagiarism’ since its resembles the way we discuss ApeCoin on different sites. I’ve written something that didn’t get flagged but…
:arrow_right: WikiPedia marked ApeCoin as a topic not YET qualified/relevant enough to be on WikiPedia. This will get resolved by having more content by legit sources, pages and publications, discussing ApeCoin. I believe this is possible and will come, but current media is not sufficient just yet.

I’m staying posted on this topic and the media surrounding ApeCoin and will submit a draft to WikiPedia again. Currently a page has been made but its still on draft mode.

That’s all for now I believe!