ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate on DAO Governance

Not sure I fully understand your question but an AIP should not be able to request more than 250K in a single request. The same project could present another AIP later on for more funding but always with a 250K cap per AIP request. People could still submit any number of AIP they want.


ApeCoin DAO Prop House - Small Grants Program Proof of Concept


Use Prophouse to efficiently distribute micro-grants to empower artists, devs, and content creators, fostering ApeCoin ecosystem growth and engagement.


The objective of this proposal is to create a more efficient and engaging method of distributing micro-grants to artists, developers, and content creators who contribute to the ApeCoin ecosystem via Prophouse. By offering micro-grants on a weekly basis (ranging from 500 or 1,000 APE), we can:

  1. Test a more efficient way to distribute small grants than the current AIP process
  2. Empower artists / devs / content creators to contribute the ApeCoin Ecosystem
  3. Create attention, engagement, and good vibes

The proposed system consists of three monthly rounds where micro-grants are allocated. During each round, community members can apply or nominate others for these micro-grants, with selections made based on the project’s potential to contribute to the ApeCoin ecosystem. By creating a more efficient process for grant distribution, we aim to empower creative individuals and foster an environment of collaboration, energy, and excitement around ApeCoin DAO grants.

Steps to implement:

  1. Sign up for a instance for ApeCoin DAO
  2. Announce the micro-grant program and create guidelines for what it is intended to fund.
  3. Manage the backend of prophouse 3 times a month
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for subsequent monthly rounds.

Cost: The primary cost of this idea would be the micro-grants themselves, with 500 or 1000 APE distributed to 4 winners each round, three rounds per month for three months = 24,000 APE distributed to 36 different winners. Additional costs may include platform development and maintenance, some marketing expenses to promote the program as well as administrative efforts for managing prophouse but these are minor.

Answer: If this wins, will you do it? Yes, I plan to submit this and lead this through.

Your ETH Address used for ThankApe 5 registration: 0x56383A5Dd01d413fb8B38F2D0FceF5F511F1Dbb9


​​Title: Apecoin Adoption and Referral Program

One-sentence summary: This proposal suggests creating a website for Apecoin adoption benefits and implementation steps, along with a referral program that rewards $apecoin holders for referring businesses to adopt and accept Apecoin as payment using ThankApe.

Description: To encourage ApeCoin adoption, I propose creating a dedicated website that will showcase the benefits of Apecoin and guide businesses through the implementation process. The website will be designed to provide a clear and concise understanding of how Apecoin works and how it can benefit businesses.

In addition, I suggest a referral program that will incentivize $apecoin holders to refer businesses to adopt Apecoin. For every successful adoption, the referrer will receive 100 $apecoin as a reward, via ThankApe. The goal is to onboard 100 new businesses worldwide over the course of 12 months.

To ensure a smooth implementation process for businesses, I also suggest having a dedicated solutions engineer available to help guide, implement, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the adoption process. The solutions engineer (SE) will be available to businesses for a period of 12 months.

The SE would help with the following:

  • Conducting demos
  • Providing technical advice
  • Help with the Implementation process
  • Conducting site visits/zoom calls for technical support
  • Training customers
  • Creating Training manuals and implementation guides

Steps to implement:

  • Hire a solutions engineer to assist businesses in the adoption process
  • Develop an Apecoin Adoption and Implementation website to provide businesses with resources and information on how to integrate $APECoin
  • Create a referral program that rewards $apecoin holders for successful referrals via ThankApe
  • Launch the program and promote it to businesses
  • Provide ongoing support to businesses that have adopted $APECoin
  • Onboard 100 new businesses worldwide over the course of 12 months

32k $apecoin budget for the solutions engineer ~ $128k (12 months contract paid monthly).
10k $apecoin ~ $40k for Referral Program
5k $apecoin ~$20k budget for website development
5k $apecoin ~$20k budget for travel expenses

Total Budget: 52k apecoin ~ $208k USD

Answer: If this wins, will you do it? Yes, I am well-equipped to assume the role of solutions engineer for this project. I have over three years of professional experience working in the Higher Education industry, and I am confident that my expertise will be instrumental in driving the adoption and success of Apecoin.

Your ETH Address used for ThankApe registration:


I’ll rephrase. Can you think of any type of grant that would be in excess of $1,000,000 in ApeCoin?

Why set the amount in USD? As we are running on $APE, why not limit it to the amount of $APE one can request?

Also, don’t forget that we have seen several initiatives pass to the tune of $1m (AIP-3: Year 1 Budgets, AIP-36: Guy O’Seary, AIP-134: Bug Bounty, AIP-230: “I want apes to fund public goods”), all of which I argue are necessary (or at the least, appropriate) asks. Also, in the case of Guy O’Seary, who didn’t end up utilizing his budget, after the term the unused totals are returned to the DAO.

Vastly more are in excess of the $250k figure you’ve suggested. Where did you arrive at that number as the cut-off?


My entry, not sure it qualifies. It’s governance, and in a way having no delays on payouts may make DAO more attractive? /shrug

I absolutely love this idea! Incorporating a tool like this to educate consumers creates a much more immersive experience and very inclusive!


Proposal Name:
-Connect NFT with BAYC wine using NFC (* Near-field communication*)*

Proposal Category:
-BYAC wine utility*

Abstract | Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal.
-Uniquely binding a physical BAYC wine to an NFT using NFC and an App, a digital record of ownership and transaction history can be maintained, enhancing the traceability and authenticity of the artwork. This can potentially help reduce fraud and increase the value of the NFT over time.*

-We control every stage of the winemaking process in-house. From preparing the land to planting, caring for, harvesting, crushing, and making wine out of the grapes*
-100% of grapes estate-grown in our vineyard*
-100% produced and bottled by our winery*
-Fully TTB licensed wine Label with Bored Ape #3755*

Author Description (mandatory if the AIP is requesting funds) | A brief background of yourself
-Early BAYC OG since May 2, 2021, and proud owner of BYAC #3755 and fully licensed BAYC wine.
-An accomplished executive possessing a diverse skill set in both the technical and marketing domains of AI, IoT, and storage. Adept at driving innovation and growth, this seasoned professional holds a degree in computer engineering and has garnered over two decades of experience in the technology sector.

Team Description (mandatory if the AIP is requesting funds) | A brief background of your team involved, if any
-CTO (PhD): expert in AI and storage, one of the critical technology contributors to Google’s TPU cloud
-Chief Architect (PhD): expert in IoT and App development.

Motivation | A statement on why the APE Community should implement the proposal.**
-The key technological solution can be leveraged by all projects within the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem. This implies that the solution is designed in such a way that it can be utilized by various projects without the need for significant customization or integration efforts.*

Rationale | An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values.
-A solution can help enhance interoperability and efficiency within the ecosystem, ultimately benefiting all Ape-coin holders. For instance, a shared protocol for asset tokenization and exchange could enable seamless transactions between BAYC projects, facilitating greater liquidity and flexibility in the ecosystem.

Key Terms (optional) | Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific.**
-The emerging technology of Near Field Communication (NFC) and rf tag provides an efficient and secure means of uniquely binding an asset to a non-fungible token (NFT) through a simple iPhone application. NFC enables the exchange of data wirelessly over short distances, facilitating the transfer of information between devices, such as smartphones and tags.*

Specifications | A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.**
-By utilizing NFC technology, assets such as fine wine, physical art, jewelry, or collectibles can be linked to an NFT, enabling the asset to be represented digitally and traded on decentralized marketplaces. This provides numerous benefits, such as increased transparency, security, and ease of transfer, for asset owners and collectors alike.*

-Moreover, this solution can help resolve challenges associated with provenance and authenticity in the collector’s world. By uniquely binding a physical artwork to an NFT using NFC, a digital record of ownership and transaction history can be maintained, enhancing the traceability and authenticity of the artwork. This can potentially help reduce fraud and increase the value of the artwork over time.*

-Overall, integrating NFC technology and NFTs offers a promising solution to the challenges associated with asset ownership and provenance in various fields, including the web3 ecosystem. The ability to easily link physical assets to digital representations through a simple app can potentially transform the way we trade and interact with assets, unlocking new levels of transparency, security, and efficiency.*

Steps to Implement | The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step, where applicable.**
-Step 1: Encode NFC Tags
Encode NFC tags with unique identifiers that can be linked to NFTs. These tags can be attached to BAYC Wine, providing a digital representation of the asset on the blockchain.

-Step 2: Develop the NFC-Based Application
Develop an application that can read NFC tags and link them to NFTs. This iPhone application should be user-friendly and easily accessible through smartphones to allow many users to participate.

-Step 3: Link the NFC Tags to NFTs
Once the NFC tags have been encoded, they can be linked to the corresponding NFTs through the application. This process ensures that the physical asset and its digital representation are uniquely bound, allowing for transparent and secure transactions on decentralized marketplaces.

-Step 4: Maintain Digital Records
To ensure traceability and authenticity, digital records of ownership and transaction history should be maintained on the blockchain. These records can be accessed through the application, providing a transparent and immutable record of the asset’s provenance.

Timeline | Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.
-Step 1: 3 month
-Step 2: 3 month
-Step 3: 3-6 month
-Step 4: 3 month

Overall Cost | The total cost to implement the proposal.**
-Phase 1: 2500 Ape coins. Create 250 bottles of BAYC wine with an RF tag that a smartphone can read.

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APE Overseas Committee - APEOC


Governance & Process Improvement Ideas


Language barriers are a real problem in the modern world, although English is the most spoken language (~1.4bi speakers) and the “default” language in Web3, there is a big market to be reached within countries that are heavily active in the Web3 Spaces but that have not English as their first language.

Researches show that gaming is one of the most appealing subjects and It is assumed to be driving a market tendency for the upcoming years. APE Coin fits perfectly to power blockchain gaming projects economy and where at a good market timming to broaden the DAO’s accessibility to content and information. APE Coin DAO could start a brand awareness program and develop key members to lead cultural/business specific actions within certain languages to act as an arm to smoothly bring new communities to adopt APE Coin.



The Problem

  • Language restricts access to clear information and the will of business to integrate new tools and technologies
  • Lack of a concise token largely adopted as an in-game currency

The Solution

  • Pulverize APE Coin DAO content in largely spoken languages in Web3 Space
  • Form a base of APE Coin DAO’s content producers within target languages
  • Create a strategy to bring awareness on APE Coin in how it satisfy a project needs for a trustful on chain currency



The goal of the Overseas Committee is to leverage APE’s brand awareness for non native English speakers broaden the capacity to bring new business opportunities to APE. A case study could be Binance’s Global Strategies.

To accomplish the goal, the APEOC could be structured within two main elements:

  • Business Development: responsible to deal with B2B affairs, closing partnerships related to APE Coin implementation
  • Brand Awareness: responsible for content production strategies targeted to specific languages, building community, translations, keeping conciseness and accuracy of communication

The team dealing with Business Development could be members whose already have a background in that field.

For the content production, we could use the brains already existent inside of our community. Members could submit ideas and contents (PDFs, charts, blog texts, threads, or anything inbound marketing related assets) to the board, following specific guidelines, and get rewarded in APE if their content manage to be approved by the board and published on social media or any related medium.

APEOC will become responsible for organizing or assisting any team already doing events and any other community activation outside English speakers range. The first approach could be implementing Twitter strategies on the target languages.

Target languages: Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Hindi

Minimum Team Composition and Hierarchy

  1. 1x Business Dev
  2. 1x Manager
    2.1. 1x Community Manager (General)
    2.1.1. 1x Portuguese Manager
    2.1.2. 1x Chinese Manager
    2.1.3. 1x Russian Manager
    2.1.4. 1x Hindi Manager
    2.2. Designer with experience in Social Media

6. KEY TERMS - pending


OKR - Objectives and key results is a goal-setting framework used by individuals, teams, and organizations to define measurable goals and track their outcomes.



Some tools the team will need

  • Slack or Notion: to organize tasks and to do all the project management
  • Twitter handles for each language
  • Access to a design tool
  • Google Drive to organize and backup files (Notion is also a fit here, but not as a backup tool)



Build community should be “the word” of the very first stages of the implementation.

This is an overall image of what the first steps could be:

  • Source a team within our DAO members
  • Offer training to the team
  • Translation of all DAO assets including website content and strings, extending to third part tools we use like Thrivecoin’s page
  • Start producing content about APE DAO ecosystem
  • Scheduling Twitter Spaces along the already established DAO partners to introduce the existence of language specific APE point of contacts
  • Promoting and/or taking part on IRL related events

After this first phase, when the languages subcommittees reach certain growth OKRs, we could start to pitch potencial business partners on those specific languages, never letting community building behind, where new tasks being:

  • Market research for potencial partners and new business
  • Development of tailored pitch decks
  • Promoting established use cases of APE Coin
  • Taking part on business fairs



The team assembly could last a month and the implementing of a single language strategy could last a whole year.



The APEOC will have roughly three class of expenses (in U$)

Fixed costs

  • Software: $200/month

Core Team “The Board”

  • I don’t have the numbers but the payments could be set on milestones reached with a low monthly payment

Community Contributions

  • Approved and published asset/article: $5~30/each

WILL I DO IT → BIG YES, but I’ll need help in many things, I’m better in having ideas and prepping plans than actually executing the plan… ENTP-A here :grimacing:

ETH Address → 0x3d37b7317be26e46c8B9fd592517BC95d73C22D1

Have a good weekend :slight_smile:


Summary of idea:Shaping the DAO identity

A DAO should make sure it takes the right direction to thrive. It starts by better knowing itself from the inside, to know its identity.
However this identity is currently only defined by a very small fraction of the community.

  • Only 2% of the Apecoins voting power are currently active (8M out of 368M in circulation) on AIPs, giving very few clues where the DAO should go.
  • On the 120k holders, it represent, at best(!), 2,400 holders who express themselves. It’s 117,000 holders on the side! And this number is growing.

This proposal aims at capturing representative expectations trends from the unheard voices (at least 10% of the holders) and deliver it to the DAO to better know the communities it serves and ofc support decision-making.

Benefits of getting these feedbacks will:

  • drive better collective decisions or give hints for new proposals to the communities
  • help to manage expectations.
  • give cues on how to engage with them better and make them foster
  • attract more people to hold Apecoins to be part of the “club”

Imagine we get over 10% of holders giving feedback.That’s 12,000 holders!

Steps to implement

  1. Create a poll to capture expectations trends (5 to 10 questions). This is a raffle for those who answered with 5 prizes of 100 Apecoins reward. this is key to improve the response rate.
  2. Send the poll to targeted communities through various channels : from accounts on twitter, discord, discourse,…and retweeted by Thankape :saluting_face:. It needs to be easy and quick (~2 min) to get the largest number of feedbacks
  3. Analyze feedbacks (per channels, per type of holders, per communities,…) and deliver main conclusions to the DAO and communities (transparency!)
  4. Run the raffle and provide the rewards

Any ideas to improve this proposal are welcome!

1000 Apecoins (including 500 Apecoins for raffle rewards)

If this wins, will you do it? Yes. Will need the DAO to send the rewards directly to winners.

Your ETH Address: 0x9222cF504c11DCDC8642192917274b7A9884ea67

What’s my identity??? :rofl:

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Proposal : Non Intrusive Identity Verification

:eyes: Category : Process Improvement

For context, I suggest you go through this → zKYC

:brain: Abstract :

How can we as Individuals interacting in a Trust less setting incentivise desirable behaviour while also upholding values like privacy and individual liberty ?

That’s a question we need to ask ourselves

In this pursuit, we reached a point where we’re electing our own leaders. And To ensure there are major ramifications for them to act maliciously, we verify their Identity.

This entire process needs to be streamlined, I mean it’s not even close to the point one would be comfortable to share the deets with them. Also the “might share with 3rd party entities” didn’t help.

Now, using quantum resistant implementations we not only take the privacy come

:triumph: Motivation :

The current system doesn’t inspire as much confidence , Time for a change. Let’s connect the world stronger to

Not a lot for me to add which I won’t mention later on.

:face_with_monocle: Rationale :

I’m of the belief that this initiative aligns with the values put forth by the DAO and the culture set by the contributors there. With that in mind, I’m proposing this solution.

The advantages imo significantly outweigh the cost benefits. Let’s do this !!

:newspaper: Brief overview :

In house KYC implementation (which can be scaled up massively) with the priority of keeping sensitive user data safe. We first encrypt the data provided by the user for KYC, upload the encrypted data onto IPFS or similar decentralised file storage solutions.

Then we use SSS to split up the decryption key into secret shares which are to then distributed among the Off chain SGX or SEV nodes.

To retrieve the data, you need a clear mandate from (first among ?) equals and only after getting enough votes can you reconstruct the decryption keys to access the encrypted data stored on IPFS [inFavour >> Threshold]

:sewing_needle: Architecture :

:pencil2: Important Terms :

Most of the terms will be covered in this infographic :point_down:

:computer: TLDR :

Here’s a simplified and basic overview of what we’ll do

Step 1 : Your data is encrypted and stored On chain.

Step 2 : The Decryption keys for that specific data is taken and split up and distributed among the nodes.

Step 3 : If there’s a majority mandate, those secret shares can be retrieved and the secret i.e. the Decryption Key can be reconstructed.

Step 4 : Decrypt the On chain data and access it whenever

Step 5 : Stonks !! :chart:

:memo: Steps to Implement : Basics

  1. Explore all possible avenues of our approach
  2. Put together an Implementation for a trial run
  3. Take notes, Iterate and propose solutions
  4. Incorporate those solutions and scale up

:moneybag: Overall Cost to Implement :

Phase 1 → Small scale Implementation [ $15 - 20 k or 5000 APE ]

During phase one, we’ll explore all possible avenues to effectively implement what we’re trying to do.

For this, we’ll use Ternoa’s available tech stack, which is already available with a majority of the features we’d need.

We’ll assess the best way to test out an implementation with the current technical capabilities and figure out where we need to make improvements. We’ll build custom implementations if we have to.

With that, we’ll commence the first ever test of something like this. It’ll be epic, not just technologically but ideologically too as we’ll be upholding the values which bring all of us together.

Full Disclosure : I worked with them on this tech previously (Tech & Product Documentation) that’s why I have a deep understanding of their specific implementation.

We’ll document all of the things along the way

Phase 2 → Scaling up [ TBD ]

Setting up our system + Custom Implementations +

During Phase 2, we’ll lay down a foundation for other projects to follow our lead and help set up secure systems for their own Non Intrusive Identity verification systems so that they don’t have to trust a Third Party with their data or risk it in any way.

This’ll allow us to scale up rapidly and will solve this problem of incentivising desirable behaviour in a Trust less system while being able to protect one’s privacy.

I’ll provide more specific details about our implementation in a dedicated proposal.

Quick Question : Would it be better if we ask for a budget upfront (even if we don’t use all of it) or should we go for a phase wise approach ?

If this wins, I’ll start working on the Dapp which would enable us to replicate at the DAO level and then at scale.

The development of proprietary solutions is capital Intensive, ya know :man_shrugging:

Closing Statements :

We’re laying the foundation for Mass adoption to take place. Let’s ensure we create a solid one.

There’s room for improvement in all aspects of life, that’s a fundamental truth so in a way no implementation is perfect.

I think this is a much better way of approaching the topic of KYC. Imo Technology is an enabler, it helps us transform the way we do things and if we can leverage existing tech in such a way then we can address a lot of our pain points.

I wouldn’t loose any sleep over keeping my personal information stored on this system, that’s how much trust I have in the system.

I believe that privacy is an inalienable right that everyone should have and there’s no substitute for that.

or as Benny Frank one said : wise words to live by really :man_shrugging:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Eth Address for Thankape : 0xb528273a8F1EC8b4f8636ed2feD3A6cbD7A2f265


This proposal presents a game called Ape Fighter, which uses the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP to create a new competitive gaming experience for players.

In Ape Fighter, players can use their BAYC/MAYC Avatar to participate in one on one fighting against other players’ apes. The Fighters will take place in an immersive 2D environment and will feature a variety of challenges and obstacles. Players will earn prizes through ApeCoin, digital collectibles, and leaderboard-based competitions with in-real-life esports competitions.

The game will be free for all holders and non-holders alike, with an option for players to purchase Premium features using ApeCoin. This integration of $APE will be an example and set a standard to bring demand for new games to build in the Apecoin ecosystem and use $Ape as their in-game currency.

Ape Fighter offers a novel approach to interact with the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP, and we are confident that it has the potential to be a widely adopted gaming platform. Not only will it attract the web3 community, but it will also introduce a new audience of traditional gamers to the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Furthermore, we envision Ape Fighter as a model for aspiring gaming developers, showcasing the potential of building games within the supportive and thriving ecosystem centered around $APE.

Author Description

My name is Keezi, and I am a multi-talented artist and the founder of a design and game studio. Over the years, my studio has worked with several well-known artists, including Kanye West and Future. Additionally, we have collaborated with various web3 companies such as Harmony One and DeFi Kingdoms, among others. As a result, I have gained extensive experience in the web3 space, and I am excited to bring my expertise to the ApeCoin community.

Team Description

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who have been working in the game development and blockchain industry for many years. We have a proven track record of success, having worked on top games with millions of downloads on app stores, premiered work on television, and multiple successful blockchain games. Our expertise extends to both 2D art and 3D animation, making our visuals and game mechanics truly immersive and engaging. We have also worked on innovative NFT projects across Ethereum and Solana, making us well-versed in the intricacies of the blockchain space. With our combined skills and experience, we are confident in executing the proposed AIP and delivering a high-quality game.


  • Our proposal is motivated by the following reasons:

    • Introducing non-web3 native gamers into the $Ape ecosystem by providing opportunities for players to compete, earn prizes, and socialize with friends using ApeCoin as the in-game currency.

    • Setting an example and standard for upcoming game developers to use ApeCoin as the native in-game currency and token standard.

    • Creating a new e-sports culture within the Bored Ape Yacht Club community through Ape Fighter.

    • Providing a unique and engaging experience for $ApeCoin Holders and BAYC/ MAYC NFT holders to use their assets in games.

  • With the approval of this proposal, we will foster excitement, creativity, and community building within the NFT space while increasing the adoption and use of ApeCoin beyond the current web3 audience.


Ape Fighter aims to build a stronger and more engaged web3 community while increasing the utility and demand for ApeCoin by utilizing it as the primary payment currency for premium game features like in-game skins, in-game items, competition prizes, and more.

Our goal is to show a use case for upcoming game developers to build their games within the Apecoin ecosystem and to lead Apecoin to be the default in-game currency and ecosystem for new web3 gaming communities to be built around.

This aligns with the APE Coin DAO’s principles of fostering innovation and driving Web3 culture forward.

Benefit 1: Creating a new use case for ApeCoin

By integrating ApeCoin as the currency for our game, we are creating a new use case for ApeCoin beyond games built natively by Yuga Labs. Our game’s competitive nature and prizes in ApeCoin, digital collectibles, and leaderboard-based competitions will attract players who may not have previously been interested in ApeCoin or blockchain technology. This, in turn, will increase the demand for ApeCoin and showcase its versatility beyond the NFT market.

Benefit 2: Amplifying ApeCoin’s presence in the gaming industry, making $Ape the default in-game currency for games

Our game’s integration of ApeCoin as a currency will not only create a new use case for ApeCoin but will also amplify its presence in the gaming industry. As more and more gamers begin to adopt blockchain technology, ApeCoin’s use as a gaming currency will showcase its potential as a viable option for in-game purchases and transactions. This will, in turn, increase the visibility of ApeCoin in the gaming industry and create new opportunities for its adoption and a new standard for gaming tokens.

Our goal is to lead the industry of games to build their in-game economies around $Ape and lead Apecoin into being the default in-game currency and ecosystem for games.

The integration of $Ape within our game will act as a catalyst for aspiring game developers to want to integrate $Ape into their games as they can build a community and benefit from the microtransactions of $Ape within their own games.

In summary, integrating ApeCoin as the currency for our game will not only create a new use case for ApeCoin but also amplify its presence in the gaming industry. By showcasing its versatility and potential as a gaming currency, we believe that our game will contribute to the success of ApeCoin as a whole.


We’ve developed a product vision that covers all the needs of players related to our game. Below are some of the key features:

1.1 Character selection screen

Character Selections - Choose from a variety of unique characters with different abilities and special powers.

2.1 Player versus player mode

Player versus player mode- Play online against other players for free or raise the stakes with wager mode.

3.1 Character creation screen

Character Creation Screen - Create your own character with custom abilities and traits.

4.1 Game Progress and Achievements

We aim to make most of the features of our game free to play. However, certain premium features such as exclusive power-ups and character skins will be available for purchase using ApeCoin. Please note that these premium features are subject to change as we further analyze the game’s use.


ApeFighter has made significant progress in developing our NFT gaming platform.

We have released various teasers of our game, accessible here: [image]

and have completed the initial game design and development.

Moving forward and pending approval from the ApeCoin DAO, we envision completing the full development of ApeFighter in 24 weeks with the following milestones and resource allocation:

Stage 1. Game infrastructure with full game functionality

Milestone: Optimize backend infrastructure for the game & implement all features of ApeFighter.

Duration: 8 weeks.

Resources: Our existing team (self-funded) + 2 x Backend devs + 2 x Unity3D developers + 1 x Blockchain dev + 2 x 2D Artists

Amount of $ApeCoin required: $62,000 equivalent.

Stage 2. UI Functionality with full game functionality

Milestone: The UI of the game allows for full game functionality with backend integration, including multiplayer capability.

Duration: 8 weeks

Resources: Our existing team (self-funded) + 2 x Backend devs + 2 x Unity3D developers + 1 x Front End Developer + 1 x Blockchain dev + 2 x 2D Artists

Amount of $ApeCoin required: $62,000 equivalent.

Stage 3. Testing, Final Technical Progression, Bandwidth Stress Testing with full game functionality

Milestone: Testing, Final Technical Progression, Bandwidth Stress Testing with full game functionality

Duration: 8 weeks

Resources: Our existing team (self-funded) + 2 x Backend devs + 2 x Unity3D developers + 1 x Front End Developer + 1 x Blockchain dev + 2 x 2D Artists

Amount of $ApeCoin required: $63,000 equivalent.

Stage 4. ApeCoin integration and marketing campaign

Milestone: Integration of $ApeCoin as a payment currency and launch of a marketing campaign to drive user adoption.

Duration: 4 weeks

Resources: Our existing team (self-funded) + 1 x Backend dev + 1 x Marketing Specialist + 1 x Blockchain dev + 1 x 2D Animator + 1 x Video Editor

Amount of $ApeCoin required: $9,000 equivalent.


Given that the scope of this proposal will be partially funded by internal resources, the additional cost to implement the proposal is estimated at $196,000.

Wallet Address: 0xaeDB040Ebe18edA43905f38423E5b37980add36a


Are you familiar with this AIP?

Ape Camp

An onboarding pipeline for web3.

Imagine stumbling upon NFTs in 2023. Scams, PnDs, influencers, shitcoins, and everything in between running rampant. Imagine if you were onboarded into web3 prepared for all of these hurdles. That’s exactly what Ape Camp would do. Safely onboard and train people. A series of courses, material, and guidance. Have a place to ask those initial questions. A place where scams are not present. A way for friends to recommend friends safely. Successful graduates would receive a soul bound token that gives access to the sanctuary. A place for ape camp graduates.

Steps to implement:

  1. Identify what topics need to be taught
  2. Find those interested in sharing knowledge within those topics
  3. Make the content available and consumable
  4. Promote the s*** out of it
  5. Train the next wave of web3 members properly

Costs: no idea but probably a website, an artist, and some dev work (may find volunteers if idea hits)

If this wins, I’d like to be a part of it. If yuga backed in any way, I’d maybe take some time off work to get it rolling and build the team.


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Would like to see a vote with more than one option!!! Otherwise if it fails we are straight back to square one again!! Once parameters are set, encourage people to write their own, assemble a short list and and send them all to Snapshot!

Still love ya though BT!! Always!!



I totally agree with you @badteeth . Mission statement is very important towards defining a strong branding and what the goal we are working towards

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Yes, this AIP is not for making the wine, but the technology for binding physical goods to NFT using NFC, RF tag, and App for enhancing the traceability and authenticity of the physical good in the Yuga ecosystem.

ApeCoin DAO Art Collection
Through a dedicated art investment fund, artist grant program, and curated art acquisition committee, the DAO can help foster a vibrant and engaged NFT art community, benefitting both apecoin community and artists alike.

ApeCoin DAO has the opportunity to invest in the wider NFT community by purchasing works from fellow ape owners and non-ape owners alike. This investment will support artists and strengthen the overall NFT ecosystem, as well as benefiting the community.


  • To support and invest in emerging and established NFT artists, both within and outside the ApeCoin community.
  • To strengthen the NFT ecosystem by supporting artists and contributing to the growth of the market.


  1. Create a dedicated fund for NFT art investment: DAO could allocate a portion of ApeCoin to a dedicated art investment fund. This fund would be used to purchase NFT art from both ape owners and non-ape owners.

  2. Create an art acquisition group: I would lead a small group of focused artists and collectors established to oversee the selection and acquisition of NFT art. 3 people who can make non biased art decisions. Weekly high profile apes would be brought on as special guests. This committee would be responsible for identifying promising artists and acquiring their work for the DAO collection.

  3. Launch an artist grant program: DAO could establish a grant program to support emerging NFT artists with minting costs and art supplies. This program would provide funding for artists to create and sell their work, with the goal of fostering a thriving NFT art community.

  4. Host art exhibitions during events: DAO could host exhibitions during Ape events showcasing NFT art, both from within the ApeCoin community and beyond. This would provide a platform for artists to showcase their work and for ApeCoin members to engage with the wider NFT art community.

  5. Host weekly Twitter spaces for artists to come shill and share their art and help set up an Oncyber gallery for any member to see art purchased.

COST: I am open to community suggestions and what we all believe would be fair to the community, the DAO and for overseeing the project.

By investing in the wider NFT art community, ApeCoin DAO has the opportunity to support emerging and established artists, contribute to the growth of the market and strengthen its own collection.

(If this wins, yes I absolutely will do it. I am passionate about art as a full time NFT artist and collector. ETH address is glasscrown.eth. Thanks for taking the time to read this!)


The Land of Hope x Apecoin DAO

I believe the ApeCoin DAO recognizes using resources to support others with dreams and purpose. With this belief, I present The Land of Hope. The Land of Hope is a Nigerian organization that works to fight against child witch branding. Children are unfairly labeled witches for causing anything from crop failure, job loss, etc and are horribly treated for these claims or killed. The Land of Hope has rescued 92 children from being tortured and abandoned by their local villages and help provide them with a better life. So how can we help?


I propose to provide The Land of Hope with the following:

  1. Art Supplies: We will supply the children with a range of art supplies such as paints, canvases, tablets for digital art, and laptops to create their art. These supplies will help them to cope with trauma and express themselves through art, which can be a therapeutic tool. They currently have art displayed on their social media platforms, sharing what happened to them. The art is laced with stories of horror, and yet hope.

  2. NFT Art Sales: We will onboard them into the Web3 community, cover the minting costs and provide ledgers to keep their funds safe. Our goal is to help the children sell their artwork as NFTs, allowing them to reach a wider audience. I will help bridge the gap, working with their art director and their administration for whatever is needed.


  1. Improved well-being of children at The Land of Hope: By providing art supplies, we will help the children cope with trauma and express themselves in a therapeutic way with better materials, digital art options, etc.

  2. Increased financial resources for The Land of Hope: By selling their art as NFTs, we will provide a new source of income to support The Land of Hope’s mission.

  3. Increased awareness of human rights: Through the sale of their art, we hope to raise awareness of the issue of child witch branding. We have the power to help others through art and awareness.

I am open to community suggestions and what we all believe would be right by the organization, the DAO and for overseeing the project.


I look forward to working with The Land of Hope to bring this proposal to fruition and improve the lives of the children in their care. I personally own one of the children’s physical paintings and believe we can do more together to create impact for those in need. We can stand united to use ApeCoin to create new legacies. These children have voices and art that deserve to be seen and heard.

If this wins, yes, I absolutely will do it. I believe if we have the power to create change, we must. ETH address is glasscrown.eth. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

(Land of Hope’s website for any more verification/info- Land of Hope – We fight against superstition and help children accused of being witches)


Welcome to Discourse! Love the idea, there’s a place for it. If you could refine what would need to be taught and the overall cost, for example, I’d be onboard.

One thing to note: Yuga is in no way legally affiliated with ApeCoin or ApeCoin DAO, so the likelihood of a Yuga backing may be lower than expected. But what if ApeCoin backed it?