ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate on DAO Governance

Totally agree with everything mentioned here @Brazy . And would love to have you help on this idea. Slide into my DM’s sir :saluting_face:

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Hello everyone, I am happy to participate in this initiative and I hope that this idea will catch your attention !

AIP Idea-a-thon #DrJDR1 : “Did you know Otherside relics ? Discover ApeCoin relics now !”

Surely you were all part of the team that didn’t win this famous winged helmet during the Second Trip on Otherside a few weeks ago…
On the other hand, it is possible for you today to touch it with your eyes and why not acquire it.

Today, no less than 520 ETH in volume has been generated…

It is obvious that the next Trip will be very well attended and that incentives of this type will be very effective in having as many players as possible present, and motivated to do their best.

:point_right:So my proposal is: Why not use a similar reward system within the ApeCoin DAO ?

(Proposal which could be associated why not with the system set up by ThankApe)

You will have understood the interest as a source of motivation for the members of the community.
(Collection, resale)

We must also see a communication effect through work that could be done within Otherside (implantation of the Relic, specific badge, etc.)
Please check also my second idea, slightly related to this one.

BUT also a showcase for ApeCoin through this collection.
Imagine seeing a collection related to the image of ApeCoin in Trend collection on Opensea?

Looking forward to reading your ideas, hoping that this one catches your attention !


Hello everyone, I am happy to participate in this initiative and I hope that this idea will catch your attention !

:eyes: AIP Idea-a-thon #DrJDR2 : Title : “ApeCoin DAO Headquarters on Otherside”

:right_anger_bubble: One sentence summary of idea : Today, we don’t yet know much about Otherside, but it is certain that the ApeCoin DAO must have its place, and offer activities in this Metaverse in the future !

:point_right:So we need our headquarters !

:pencil2:At least 1-2 paragraphs of description : We don’t yet know everything about the future possibilities on Otherside, despite the fact that in the last few weeks we have more and more information about the possibilities for each of the Lands (resources, sediments, vessels, etc.)

BUT one thing is certain, we know that the exchange currency will be ApeCoin.
As the best representatives of ApeCoin, ApeCoin DAO must be present on Otherside in a symbolic way by having its own property.

:spiral_calendar:Steps to implement :
My example here is Land #22 but of course it could be another one.
(22 in relation to 2022, the year ApeCoin was born)

    1. Select the appropriate land : Discussion with the members of the Discord WG0 / thank-ape chanel, of the criteria for choosing the Land
      (location, for example not too far from the center and therefore from the Clubhouse)
    1. Buy/Add this land in a dedicated ApeCoin DAO Wallet
    1. Provide communications related to Otherside news, in order to onboard more and more members to ApeCoin DAO. It will be a great communication tool.
    1. Start working on the possibilities through a group of invested members of the ApeCoin DAO, why not the Working Group dedicated to the Metaverse?

:moneybag:Cost : depending on the choice of the Land.

If we retain the idea of ​​a central location…

  • Currently, you can find about twenty lands located in the 999 closest to the center, for a budget of about 20 ETH.

  • Even better, if we want to have a position on the central island of the Clubhouse (just under 350 lands), there are 5/6 Lands available for a budget of around 55 ETH.

:white_check_mark:If this wins, will you do it ?
For sure, WE will do it.

:pray:Your ETH Address used : dyorjadore.eth / 0x213c8Ac88ce17Fde84AFEF05bF369fE95dDEb7E5

If you like this idea, I hope it will be retained and that we will have the opportunity to talk about it in order to define the selection strategy for this future Land to create our headquarters there.

Looking forward to reading your ideas, hoping that this one catches your attention !


I think is a great idea and would be great for the community- ie an ELI5 kind of resource


This is a fun idea and a great way to incentivize apes to get involved :fire:


Here’s an idea that’s sorely lacking re: “Innovate on DAO Governance”

Regular audits by a neutral, qualified 3rd-party auditor, published for all to see, including comments on risks, bad processes, related party or other suspect transactions, and regulatory issues, including who (or which AIPs) is being paid by the DAO, how much, why, for how many different roles, and for how long, like any other legit similar endeavor.

It’d be super fun to see that and it would be a significant step toward proper oversight and perhaps eventual accountability, both of which are totally lacking as-is and in the current slew of Working Group proposals.


PROPOSAL NAME: AIP Ambassador & Mentorship Program
PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation -or- Proposed Marketing and Communications Working Group Initiative

ASSOCIATED THANK APE WALLET: 0x3c061e4f94F198c80A7a78b345C4a1D5450f9544


The ApeCoinDAO Ambassador & Mentorship Program will pair successful AIP authors with first-time (AIP) applicants while (potentially) operating in conjunction with the proposed Marketing and Communications Working Group to help spread ApeCoinDAO AIP awareness through instruction provided during scheduled Twitter Spaces and group Discord voice calls.


Experienced project manager and creative director responsible for the creation of AIP-169 BeyondTheSWAMP and contributor to The Hunt for the Missing Meebit, two winning project proposals who have received funding from the ApeCoinDAO.


As an ambassador of the ApeCoinDAO AIP process, I view it as my duty to help passionate project leads who lack the necessary experience, confidence or resources to take their ideas to the next level.


Onboarding into the ApeCoinDAO under current conditions can be intimidating and often times confusing for newcomers. By empowering first-time authors with an experienced, successful AIP creator who can provide feedback and invaluable guidance, we can help increase DAO participation and the overall quality of AIPs we receive.


Our program will utilize the ApeCoinDAO website (Discourse) and Discord server; third party Discord servers; Twitter Spaces; Zoom; and look to establish relationships with teams like Thank Ape to offer rewards for program participants.


  1. Post AIP concept to idea thread and consult with ApeCoinDAO community and working group Stewards to refine proposal and determine the best-possible selection process for applicants
  2. Reach out to Thank Ape and explore the possibility of working with one another
  3. Finalize proposal and await Snapshot voting
  4. Receive approval from voters
  5. Establish possible visibility and speaking opportunities with ApeCoinDAO Marketing and Communications Working Group
  6. Launch project


Launch project within one month of approval + any additional time that may be required to receive grant funding.


Proposal costs based on one year, minimum three hours per week.

2500 $APE -or- The Equivalent of $10,000.00 USD


Love this idea. Could be integrated with my proposed idea of making onboarding and info from the DAO much more digestible.

I think the AIP process is one of the biggest hurdles new comers will face when trying to get involved. Pairing them with a seasoned vet makes a ton of sense.



Ehhh… Thanks B.

And yes, agreed on all fronts. For me, I tend to be much more in favour of putting greater focus on education and mentorships than I am of making the actual funding process easier. Having access to grants is a huge opportunity for not only recipients, but also the ApeCoinDAO itself when proposals are able to make meaningful differences — so strengthening them right from the start only makes sense.

I also believe that advice coming from proven authors provides a far more candid critique than they may receive through other channels. We’re also a very passionate, entrepreneurial bunch, which is exactly the personality type these applicants need to connect with most.



This is a great ideia to gather the best minds to a great cause hehe


And new minds! Perfect icebreaker for a lot of people :muscle::muscle:


I like this idea, and I think it could even be incentivized through ThankApe. We actually have the tools to be able to implement something of this scale without the use of the DAO resources.

If you’d be willing to organize something like this, hop into the ThankApe channel in the WG0 discord. You can still be eligible to win here of course, but verifying this kind of participation is what the ThankApe//Thrivecoin platform was meant to do. I really like the idea of having a POAP that signifies a basket of things we think is meaningful! I’ve added your proposal to the judges panel, thanks for your submission!


The feasibility here is unlikely due to the foundation not being able to intake any funds.

One thing we could do is fund public goods (like Boring Security - and perhaps Gitcoin Grants type initiatives) with the proceeds. I’d love to see this proposal, but it’d need to be well thought out given the constraints of the DAO.

I’d love to see some edits and iterations on this idea.

br00no, would love to see you flesh out a potential solution or proposal here. Is this something you think you could organize/structure or be the intermediary or setup a structure to propose?

I don’t think its a bad idea for more transparency, but the idea of this Idea-a-thon, is to, in the end, come out with something actionable!

I think this would be an easy suggestion once the time comes closer to just apply for some of the Dev-land grants through Yuga. Though it may be too early to define how we would go about doing this, I’d be open for a proposal on it.

This is likely something that we could suggest the BAYC council and Apecoin council work together on in tandem to solve as well! Not a bad idea!


I see the potential problem with this as integration and possibly hurting the brand if not done well.

I think this might be beyond the scope of this idea-a-thon in terms of execution and cost, but I like the idea anyway!

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you should make a proposal!

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Also be sure to check out Feld’s “edit 2” above. Following that basic formatting will make things easier for those who review. :slight_smile:


gm everyone. Great discussion!

Was wondering how wide the scope of proposals can be? Would it be in the scope of this Idea-a-thon to propose changes to the general governance process and how proposals are pushed through from idea to final vote? Or would that be too much?



I’d say if it is something you want to carry through to the end and do the implementation yourself, if it doesn’t need much or any funding, then its fair game!

The idea is to give you free reign to create a huge proposal (or small) that may get otherwise voted down if you said “oh, and give me $10k for coming up with and taking the time to make this proposal”… but some people need a little extra push to put some ideas into a proposal.