The AIP Process - AIP Step 1: I've Got an Idea

We should be proud of the big strides that the community and Foundation have made so far. Together, we have begun building the foundations of a governance system to support the ApeCoin community and its ambitions. Key to this system of governance are AIPs.

Laying the strong foundation that will enable ApeCoin to spread and allow our DAO to grow more decentralized over time requires a rigorous and consistent set of procedures. These procedures can make the AIP process feel onerous to some, but it’s important to remember they are there to ensure that the DAO’s resources are being used responsibly in this crucial early phase – and to remove the need for open-ended centralized oversight of projects.

Over a series of posts, we will recap this process to bring greater clarity and, hopefully, inspire any and all DAO members to come forward with their own ideas to improve our community. A more detailed visual of this process is also available at Start Here.

Examples of best practice and improving the process

We hope this provides helpful context as to why some AIPs may take longer than others to go through the process, and why there’s even such a structured process in the first place.

If you’re currently drafting an AIP and looking for inspiration on how to best structure and build out your ideas, we’d recommend checking out Final AIPs. These proposals have all gone through to a community vote and so are good examples to follow. Take note of the level of detail and thoughtfulness that meets the standards for the strong, durable base we’re all working to build.

AIP Step 1: I’ve got an idea

The first step for an AIP is for an author to float their idea to the community. This means introducing your idea, with as much or as little detail as you have, on the AIP Ideas category on Discourse. The best part about this first step is that it allows ideas to marinate within the community for a week, providing the opportunity to gather helpful feedback on how your idea can best meet the needs of the DAO. The author also has the option to request the discussion to be extended for another week.

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Click here to read “AIP Step 2: Time to Write”, post 2 of 4 in this series on the AIP process.


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