The Bangkok Bartender & ApeDAO North Star

I wanna tell ya a schtory.

Seeking adventure in this crazy world found me midday in a Bangkok alley. It was quiet. Bangkok comes alive at night. But the bar was open.

I’m lookin to put myself in the right mood for the festivities soon to come. So I stroll into this empty bar and order a couple tall glasses of my favorite gal Stella.

No one to talk to, so I check the decor. Funny how Western paraphernalia proliferates everywhere. Walls were decorated with WWII posters and models — Rosie the Riveter posters, little snub nose bomber toys, that kinna stuff.

After serving me, the bartender walks from behind the bar, goes to my left and climbs a ladder up to a little loft. He’s the most interesting thing in the room, so my eyes follow. We all come to rest in his efficient second floor setup, complete with bed, tablestand and workstation. He lives up there.

The little work area is the feature presentation. He’s got a full Yamaha MIDI drum set, an analog Korg, a little mixer, mic and various odds and ends adding up to a personal music studio.

“This is why his step is so lively,” I thought to myself. “He’s created his own incredible dreamweaver in the middle of this old off-to-the-side bar!” I mean, the ergonomics are impressive. Every day, the guy gets to jump out of bed, make and record music on his own terms, serve a few schlubs a drink to pay the bills, rinse and repeat — all within a few steps of each other. This bartender’s got life pretty much handled.

He was gone into the back cleaning before I could ask him about his setup. I didn’t have much to say to him, anyway. “Dude! Cool drums! Can I hear a tune?” Sounds lame in my head. He probably gets that every day.

I would have been very interested to tell the Bangkok Bartender about a digital ape coin that could take his music worldwide. I would have loved to tell him about DAOs and especially this one DAO that focuses on art and culture. But not just that — it has a North Star of connecting people just like him, folks with talent, drive, ingenuity, but perhaps a limited reach, to a global audience that is starving for new content. I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t know if this was true.

Yuga and Otherside are going to grab up all of the big studios and self-sufficient teams. The builders with capital and reach, influence and a resume — you know, the ones you all really want to work with — they don’t need the DAO. The Bangkok Bartender needs the DAO.

And the DAO needs the Bangkok Bartender. How many millions of him are there around the world in these little holes, disconnected from the rest of the world, but with talent and energy the world can grow from?

I say let Yuga and Otherside have the big guys, because they’re going to get them anyway. Art and culture is a fine theme for this DAO. No problems there. The DAO’s North Star — the Bangkok Bartender. Giving funding, advisory and community specifically to the world’s hidden artists and builders — building new web3 native superstars.


I can’t help but think that they went to their loft area that night and composed a song about ApeCoin. Waiting for the day someone comes into the bar and shares their passion for the space.

Loved the post.


Great little anecdote Mantis – read it while enjoying my morning cup of PG Tips.

Quick rant:

Big guys little guys - they’re gonna need to co-exist. Have you ever noticed on Twitter, in Discord and these very forums how an auto-react to ideas is “wen NFL/NBA tie-in” basically nudging authors to add a larger than life goal to their initial idea?

There seems to be a bifurcation in the DAO currently, forcing authors to perform a difficult balancing act - the community wants big outcomes but delivered on Fiverr freelancer prices, expecting major partnerships from the get-go and don’t forget, “there are talented members who will do most of this for free”. Ugh.

I want the DAO to fund a thousand, bottoms-up experiments across verticals, throughout the globe, offering “the little guys/gals” an opportunity to start something with the support of the community.

Never gonna happen as long as we have members that are already thinking that the treasury is gonna go bankrupt because of a .0002% funding request!

Quick shill:
IRL Events Network is the beginning of a foundation of smaller, meetups and regional events based sorta kinda on your narrative above – how to identify, showcase and fund local champions to be ambassadors for the DAO doing what they love, etc.

Alright, enough said. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.



Hey Mantis Bro, you have couple pictures about this fellow that you can share and post here? Love to hear your story, yes these are the artists need the DAO’s mutual support the most. IMO, Ken

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@Anaroth, I feel like that’s coming soon! :grin:

All of what you said is relevant — I’ll pick this part out because I have a solution that will make everybody happy here… the Endowment concept. Yield based funding! Principal has 0 financial risk and small scale spec projects can be fearlessly funded. This is what makes DPH special and why every maverick should back it, because it means more money for your crazy idea! :crazy_face:

All crazy artists and infrastructure nerds leave your comments on DPH! Make it airtight so it can pass and start creating art and culture magic!

And @Apeancestor I didn’t take pics with the Bangkok Bartender, sorry. But I’m sure you’ve met him many times in your life!


Thanks for the enjoyable read @Mantis. I, too, have met this guy somewhere in the world on countless occasions. Safe to say this is the direction your Degen Prop House concept is headed, no? Yield-based endowments for micro-contributors like the Bangkok Bartender?


Basically, yeah.

With the intention of turning those micro-contributors into the new superstars of tomorrow!


All about it man. You said it before, but the big fish gonna get theirs regardless. Reading over the attached document now.


Does this mean i don’t get to work with @Anaroth anymore? :rofl:


Yes, the Endowment concept.

I commented on the conservative nature of endowment investments IRL and there was a little bit of debate about that, but if you were able to pull it off where an idea (IRL Events Network for instance) could place its grant with your DPH and continue to operate purely on the emissions (yield), I would wholeheartedly sign-up in an instant.

I’ll leave the DeFi Treasury Management to those with better understanding and experience and look forward to utilizing your tools for our upcoming proposal.



Nah Y’all stuck with me.


Wait… you stay with @Anaroth and help him to complete the project. Whatever project it will be, need to be completed. :slight_smile: :star:


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