Things to buy with APE (ApeCoin)

I think it is good to have a topic to add any services that accept APE, please check the website and suggest use a transaction wallet to buy not your vault.

  • If your company accepts APE or you do for services rendered add here.

  • If you know companies that accept also add here.


I’m thinking about doing digital arts and framing, when I start I’m going to
encourage people to pay
in $APE, I don’t care about FIAT money anymore hahaha


Something to think about for sure, I’ve used Bitpay before with $ape to buy some in-game items but again, it was a third party service via which I was able to pay with $ape, I know merch folks who have used $ape as currency too. Mentored them around NFTs but they unfortunately left the area coz nothing much was going on.

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All PixeLabs assets can accept $APE.
The Pixelated Apes which been recognized as first ever Inspired by BAYC can accept payment in $APE:

and the other assets such PixApe Summoners:

or the nuclear arena perks, which is collecting NFT for stake-to-play game about nuclear energy awareness.

In the future as working on PaaS on the Otherside, we will try to combine our Ordinals with $APE:


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