Things we can do as a forum community without a mandate or entitlements

Here are some things that we can do as the forum community to better the experience on these forums, the only official resource for Apecoin ERC-20 token, and prepare for increased traffic for the first Special Council election of the year. Last fall, the forum community, an unofficial discord, and Apecomms stage, welcomed and hosted nearly 40 candidates. Our stage was open to all, and questionnaires were shared ahead of time.

Going back further, many people went away during summer of last year, and these forums were fairly quiet. I think this year we can maintain good activity levels, but it is important that we keep threads focused.

Here are three things we can do today:

  1. When interacting with threads, especially new ideas approaching the forum, its generally best to provide a few examples of similar proposals, and it’s generally best not to respond to anyone who says “I am offering advisory services,” as there can be such a thing as bad advice. Build in the open!
  2. Experienced forum users generally understand the importance of sharing their own experiences, while avoiding projecting their ideas on others. It is important to ask the authors a few questions, and to learn about their expertise. Because of the many backgrounds coming through these forums, each person likely has their own expertise. Likewise, someone may not have as much business acumen as they may attempt to portray.
  3. Adding To Help & Resources is something that anyone can do. And if you’re an enthusiast or a grant recipient, you should consider ways to quickly share your experiences. Experiences shared from experienced community members are incredibly valuable to new participants.

Note: There are some things still not functional after the administrator transition.

  • AIP-121: Monthly Reporting are not being broadcasted in the Getting Started Category
  • Ecosystem participants have mainly focused on Working Groups instead of helping proposals
  • Threads here can become difficult to read. Sometimes there are none who respond to them

I often hear people talk about creating resources and educational materials. I really want to encourage a culture where we each write guides. Not as representatives of Apecoin DAO, but instead of members of a large and continually expanding ecosystem. I want to strongly convey that you do not need a mandate or entitlement or compensation to share your experiences to help here on the forums.

Throughout the next month, we’re going to have Special Council elections come around. In the last round before December, we elected 3 representatives that have been very community-facing and easy to contact. Alexis Ohanian and Yat Siu are the other two board member, one from Reddit and a great pancake maker on twitter, the other from Animoca Brands, a champion of digital property rights. They may take center stage as they share their own visions, and reflect on one year of Apecoin’s existence.

I’d additionally like to point these things:

  • Many share an interest in IP brand building. So its common to see Bored Ape projects big and small
  • Many here are part of NFT communities and the general web3 scene active on twitter is popular
  • Terms like Stakeholders and “Pump the token” are terms that should generally be avoided

About our snapshot voting:
We have frequent voters who have followed our ecosystem for a long time. Some are individual token holders, while others are communities that delegate their tokens and decide how to vote. The delegate system is versatile, allowing for a token holder to easily override their delegates decision.

Generally, the larger delegate & voters should be considered as informed voters. It is also important to note that the sign of a healthy forum is that participants will not need to tune into twitter spaces to quickly access important conversations. During summer months is my preferred time to lounge and read forums.

When leaving feedback or prompting additional conversation in a thread, its very important to remember that the thread and conversation will be presented to all token holders when the AIP goes up for vote.

Be respectful and helpful. Check out the links, and ask simple questions to start. When Special Council candidates come with interest, they’ll each have their own thread, and we should invite conversation.

These are just some general thoughts that I have concerning the forums. And these are things we can do today, with no entitlements or compensation, to make this forum more inviting for new and frequent users.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community Sword!


Always adding value. well said.

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