Thoughts on APE_U cohort first day and how it can compliment upcoming Banana Bill

Hey guys! Long time contributor here. BANANA BILL has brought in a fresh wave of interest to the ecosystem. It’s something different. New allocations and the ability to negotiate terms with partners is going to have a considerable impact on the decentralized org. I expect BBill will be a winning move.

Reasonable grant and partnership opportunities are tough to negotiate in a forum thread!
Banana Bill is a big earmarking of funds to be deployed to favorably power cool sh*t.

More exciting(to me) is what was funded in the recent Governance Working Group proposal. What they’ve been working on since ~December is the APE_U Initiative. They partnered with a kickass startup-advisor-type firm and have put together a program to powerup our serious AIP writers.

It’s significant and worth mentioning here. What you’ll see is an author fellowship form and short professional workshops and more. I think there are frequent contributors here who should look closer at the program and consider how they can get involved. Room for about 10-15 people.

I think they’re recruiting based on referral or expressed interest at this time but may have a form around…Just had our first meet yesterday. I’m confident that it’ll produce the best ecosystem and governance proposals that you’ve ever seen. Makes a nerdy ape like me lean forward.

If you’re into writing proposals and community initiatives…follow or join in on what GWG & APE_U are doing with their coaches program and resource bank. Again, it has great potential and is worth posting about. Cumulative results of a lot of builders in the ecosystem is going to come together.

Banana Bill mainly presents opportunities for infastructure builders, native coders as well as builders from the outside the ecosystem, and will pour the foundation for a chain to support innovations built by Great Apes, Mocas, Horizen Jedis, and partners old-and-new. Huge opportunity for a lot of people.

Most profitable thing one could do right now is start a lab and build. Build-to-earn.

APE_U has just started its AIP author coaching cohort. More interesting to me than 3am solidity coding seshes are community initiatives, ecosystem and process proposals, and DAO planning. Network growth and community outreach is fun and fulfilling. We need great proposals writers!!!

I think for gov nerds, APE_U is where you wanna be. Many on this forum would be a good fit.

Check out their program…it was baked into the last GWG budget proposal. Worth looking at. I dont post as frequently here as used to but…again…this program made me lean forward when I read the details. APE_U is launching at a perfect time and will have a lasting impact just like BBill can.


Long time commentator, one time co-author…future AIP author here.

Excited about what APE_U is doing. Will be in the front of the class when it launches, not just to upskill myself, but to help the next generation of authors as they enter the ecosystem.


If APE_U is even half as successful as ThankApe, that would be a good thing.


Hey @0xSword. Big fan of the APE_U initiative. I’ve recently proposed an AIP that hopes to complement APE_U by coaching and assisting members of ApeCoin DAO in the writing and publication of academic articles. It’s a complementary direction, less about coding, but still focused on community, writing, research and bringing the ApeCoin name into public discourse. Here’s my AIP, currently in the final draft phase: ApeCoin DAO & the Future of DAO Legitimacy: Establishing ApeCoin DAO as a Reference in DAO & Metaverse Peer-Reviewed Journals - #22 by 12GAUGE.Admin. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I’d love to hear it!


Hey VF, you’re probably a good fit for this program. Heard you on spaces & have seen your stuff here. I agree with something Cap said about “If only we had 10,000 Von Frontins.” When people dont get elected, Apecoin often loses out on “important upgrades.” APE_U has potential to help retain serious contributors. Something you should consider. Starts with training AIP coaches!

Whats most impressive about Thank Ape is how they’ve networked across DAOs as they grow the Thrive Protocol. Powerful tool and allies to have. As far as APE_U, they are doing what I think is next-gen stuff. Nice branding, thoughtful approaches, structured zoom & workshop opportunities. Pretty sure that it can be “break” the boring wheel of AIPs & builders getting stuck in limbo here.

I post this mainly because I think it’s an opportunity for you two (and a few more) to get into rooms and work to really do some cool sh*t. There’s a lot of directions and opportunities people can go. For gov nerds, community planners, initiative designers…I think APE_U has great potential.

They present the program better than I can. Here’s some info.

Yo David I’ve watched your proposal and read through the thread. My personal views are that we dont have much to put on display at the Smithsonian (if that makes sense). Having said that, more academics and writers and people with your kind of background are so important to have in both the larger space and local communities. I see you also have micro-grants and mentoring as goals.

APE_U is quickly moving towards having a resource bank. Might be something that you could get involved with if you’re looking to network with others that have similar interests. There’s a few different ways to power what you’re doing, maybe a small team or community if you wanted. You’ve been around and active for quite a while. Need to find a way to power you whether AIP or otherwise.


Thanks man! I agree with your thoughts, and definitely I’d love to get involved and network with others who have similar interests. It’s all about community - gathering, sharing, and building, with micro-grants, mentoring, and teamwork to develop, encourage and support each other. 1+1=3


Love seeing this!!

Also just catching it now – interestingly right after my call with @Aepicurean and @blockchainzilla where we were just chatting about this very topic.

Nice move @0xSword let’s keep the thread going and vibes high as we are all APE_U!!! Also great to keep @yesmegbun and the OpenCampus crew in the loop who are all doing such incredible work :heart: :muscle: :muscle:



Put me in coach! Ready to do my part.


Best thing can be done today is to be early to ask supportive questions to new AIP authors. Help them navigate in a way that is public as possible. When you’re the first person to a potential partnerships forum thread…there’s right ways and plenty of wrong ways to approach. Improving thread quality is something everyone can do. Forum experience is huge huge imo.

Needs people like you who are ready to welcome and make smart suggestion that are favorable to both parties DAO & approaching partners. If done right…there’s things can be done that make even the Banana Bill less necessary. Thread quality and conversational flow is so critical. Its hard to get right. I think basic questions, instead of declaring “I hate or like this proposal”…goes a long way.


There are so many happy gifs that I want to post in this thread right now – but resisting for the sake of professionalism on the Forum :heart: :apecoin: :apecoin:



Thanks AC. Much of your work on these forums has been cutting edge.

Threads like this are important to make forum open and lively. It makes a difference!

And your OG beyond the swamp proposal still is prob one of the best to show to new authors.

Time and thought and care goes into drafting AIPs and circulating them. It’s actual hard work!

Few things that have worked for me are:

Having a reason to post, even about simple upcoming space reminders, had an impact! Reason to log on everyday, check new convos, sip coffee or sit by the poolside on a laptop. Forums can be fun!

Biggest name game forums are built on Discourse. Thriving huge communities. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

…we have the technology. And enough people with experience. Thats my silly view on it.


Loving this thread @0xSword and love the sharing of learnings in public! What we’re building towards for APE_U is a solid community of practice and we’ve already got some of the key ingredients in place - passionate members like yourself, lots of expertise, and a culture oriented around experimenting and learning.

Big shoutout here to @AllCityBAYC and the GWG who kickstarted this initiative for the DAO. It’s been a joy to learn and build with you AC!!

@DavidW Wow! I’d love to chat about this further - thanks for bringing your AIP to our attention! Will drop you a DM

Lots of space for passionate people to get involved. Will also be reaching out!

Part of the vision is to transform what “education” looks like for all. I think there’s many of us for whom traditional schools weren’t necessarily the best learning environments, but we continue to learn and iterate now, and there’s plenty of that going on at ApeCoin DAO that we’re excited to support. :smiling_face: :ape_u:


Build to earn is the new meta :sunglasses: good to see you regaining interest.


Hi @0xSword,

Thanks for the awesome update on the APE_U !

APE_U sounds like a game-changer for us proposal writers. The author fellowship, workshops, and coaching programs are exactly what we need to step up our game. We also should learn from other DAOs, hope the program include that.

Talking about games, so yes, Banana Program about to shake things up with the new allocations and partner negotiations - it can drive ApeChain more efficiently than AIP process in our DAO.

Thanks again for sharing this!
-Mr. Hype :fire: