Thoughts on the Upcoming Special Council Elections and Cartan

The upcoming Special Council elections represent an important point in DAO history. Not just ApeDAO history.

We’ve got some pretty KEWL names running for ApeDAO Special Council! Like, WOW, man! Imagine if we had so-and-so running **** around here! Here’s the problem: They coast in on previous accomplishments that have nothing to do with the actual job — accomplishment mostly based in volume of social media follows — ignoring completely the actual mandate of Special Council, which is DAO risk management.

Manage risk. That’s it, folks. Not appeal to whatever social group, not bring in massive partners, not get celebs to come to parties, not direct the DAO’s vision, not flex around on Twitter. This a no-flex zone. But I guess since Rae Sremmurd “ain’t poppin’” no more, y’all actually don’t know better.

Do you think these pseudo-celebs want to spend time away from their flashy lives digging into DAO risk management? I urge you — go back into the threads of these SC candidates. You don’t have to read the whole thing. Just cmd-F and search “risk management.” If the term doesn’t show up, strike that candidate from your list.

Another red flag — if you see unanswered questions under the candidate’s profile, auto strikeout.

All that other stuff about hooking the DAO up with this or that brand cuz i’M fRenS Wi’dUh oWnur — this is stuff you do off-hours, which more easily facilitates the negotiation of that nice bag of personal benefits to yourself for the effort, by the way, SC candidate sermaam. But that’s not SC DAO business. What is? Risk management. You got one job. Risk management. That’s it. Bears repeating.

Or don’t, and elect your friend who campaigned off partnerships, representation, parties and Twitter follows, and watch the SEC swoop in on us faster than Ooki DAO.

My issue has always been how SC candidates will connect low level devs to high level Yuga influencers to highlight buidlership. You’ll see it if you go back to candidate threads; I ask this question repeatedly. But even this isn’t the job, and I check myself on that. That’s not DAO risk management.

Thoughts on Cartan:

Nothing about the open letter justified an expansion of services. Although I agreed with many of the thoughts, the way forward is not to assume the community cannot take on added responsibility, especially when the information needed to shoulder that responsibility is gated behind NDAs and closed-door meetings.

I haven’t seen any efforts towards real decentralization from Cartan, though the letter pays it lip service. Efforts from individuals in the community are often overlooked because the folks who share the most in Discourse need to reach out to whales to have a chance of passing big initiatives. I believe this reality was mischaracterized in the open letter as laziness from the community, which is simply not true.

With that in mind, I can’t vote for the Cartan extension as it stands, especially not with the sticker price mentioned. I’d need to see Cartan get community members who obviously want to be involved more involved in the process. Until that happens, I think there will continue to be fractionalization in the DAO and a lack of real synergy.


Good points. Who are the candidates you are feeling right now?


I keep my votes private as I do in the real world. I don’t believe calling out individual names adds anything. But there are very few who meet the criteria I described above.


I get it. Thank you for sharing.


GM Matntis / Everyone,

When I was reading SC candidates profiles and their accomplishments, I told Todd, “man… I have zero chance to win the election, even if I am willing to serve the ApeCoin DAO without financial incentives!

“You got one job. Risk management.”

I am assuming that “Risk Management” indirectly involved with centralized governance model. Last night, when I read the Open Letter to ApeCoin DAO, there quite many red flags but I preferred keep my mouth shut since I am nobody! ( but I was proud that once in my life, I was accepted to the Ph.D program after completed my MBA with 3.85 GPA out of 4.0, that is a short story…)

I mentioned before in my conversations “There are some degree of risks that ApeCoin DAO associated with a centralized governance model through a 3rd party leadership.”

That’s how I personally see things, and therefore I am proposing to move the DAO forward with decentralization in order to minimize risks or better managing risks for the better future of the ApeCoin DAO and on behalf DAO!

Ken Forest


It’s a great point that you mentioned that

I do think the DAO needs reachable and active council members who can speak to&for the community. I would recommend not only checking the nominees’ SC election page, but also checking their activeness in the forum, especially their past activities even before the SC election was announced. It’s not hard to see who are paying attention to the DAO and making contributions.


I think the SC needs to be comprised of individuals with different skill sets, but agree it would be extremely valuable to have a member with deep risk management experience as part of the ensemble. All that said, I do want to point that the assertion above that risk management is the primary duty of a SC member does not align with what’s stated publicly in governance documents.

From “1. Every year, there is a DAO-wide vote to determine which DAO members will serve on a special council on the APE Foundation (the DAO’s “Board”). The purpose of the Board is to administer DAO proposals and serve the vision of the community. This initial Board will only serve six months.”

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administer DAO proposals and serve the vision of the community.

administer DAO proposals = do the legwork to implement AIPs, which primarily means managing the risk of whatever implementation is necessary

serve the vision of the community = serve, not lead.

“1. Every year, there is a DAO-wide vote to determine which DAO members will serve on a special council on the APE Foundation (the DAO’s “Board”). The purpose of the Board is to administer DAO proposals and serve the vision of the community. This initial Board will only serve six months.” = SERVICE THROUGH RISK MANAGEMENT.

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I think you’re taking an existing definition and interpreting it to meet your thesis. That is a completely in your right, but I wanted to make it clear to other readers here that managing risk is not the only job laid out in the original governance documents.

You just reposted the page you took your quote from. This doesn’t add to your point, because no other General Guideline touches upon Special Council duties.

  1. The only place “Special Council” is mentioned is in General Guidelines.
  2. The only General Guideline that speaks specifically to Special Council duties is Guideline 1.
  3. The other 6 guidelines speak on points of order.

You cannot accuse me of misinterpretation with no clear evidence. Also, I completely disagree with your statement that “taking an existing definition and interpreting it to meet your thesis” is a right. If it is a right, it’s a useless one, because it doesn’t add to productivity. With all due respect, this is what you have done, not me.

My point stands. General Guideline 1 speaks to administering DAO proposals, which you have misinterpreted as a duty to lead. This is the executive creep I spoke of in many posts — Special Council members/candidates taking it upon themselves to expand the role outside of precedent or guideline. Highly dangerous and will lead to centralization and the exact type of org that the DAO is attempting to replace.

Risk management is SC’s on the record mandate. Nothing else.

And in general, if people can’t see that expanding this SC’s core duties beyond what the last SC did is executive creep, I don’t know what to tell you. Pattern’s there clear as day. The next cycle it’ll be more, then more…

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