ThriveCoin support channel

Instead of posting a link that leads to another Discord, why not open a Thrivecoin support channel in the ApeCoin Discord.

Since we submit our complaints through a link, you can just drop the link in the channel.

My thoughts though.


Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 5.51.06 PM

I see #thank-ape-support channel in ApeCoin discord, do you not see it? Perhaps we just need to update the link. Where is the link located?


It is no longer allowed to write on the #thank-ape-support channel. Now for all issues related to thrive you need to open a ticket on their discord. you find the invitation in the last message of the #thank-ape-support channel.

Isn’t support available in discord?


No longer on the #thank-ape-support channel, but if you go there theres a link to a discord where you are supossed to report them now.


guess I should have checked before replying :sweat_smile:

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:joy: :joy: It’s not an issue

Okay. Just that it’s occupying space for another server.

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