Title: AI APE ALLIANCE: Empowering the APE Community through AI Research and Implementation

Category: Core: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

ABSTRACT The AI APE ALLIANCE aims to establish a specialized AI research and implementation team to foster the growth and engagement of the APE DAO & community through AI-powered strategies and tools. The initiative will focus on utilizing AI for streamlining onboarding, facilitating education, enhancing social media presence, enabling efficient information retrieval, and optimizing marketing strategies. The team will consist of two full-time members and will be overseen by the proposal author. The AI APE ALLIANCE will also set up a website and social media platforms to test and experiment with AI and ChatGPT-powered tools, which can be then voted on to be integrated into the APE community ecosystem as well as shared with other APE DAO-powered projects.

AUTHOR The AI APE ALLIANCE proposal is submitted by Moe Crypto, who will oversee the initiative to ensure timely execution and exceptional quality. The proposal author recognizes the collective intelligence of the APE community and aims to build this initiative in an open and collaborative manner, incorporating insights, feedback, and experiences from the community.

MOTIVATION In an era where AI is poised to disrupt various industries, it is crucial for the APE community to stay at the forefront of AI applications. The AI APE ALLIANCE is motivated by the potential of AI to simplify the onboarding process, provide tailored educational content, offer efficient search and navigation features for quick access to relevant information, and fine-tune marketing strategies for community growth and engagement. This initiative aims to harness AI to drive growth, engagement, and innovation for the APE DAO & community.

RATIONALE The rapid evolution of AI technologies presents an opportunity for the APE community to enhance its ecosystem and user experience. The AI APE ALLIANCE seeks to address the need for a dedicated team that can research, develop, and implement AI strategies and tools tailored to the APE community’s needs. This initiative is essential for ensuring that the APE community remains competitive and innovative in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.


  • Establish a dedicated AI research and implementation team.
  • Set up a website and social media platforms for experimentation, testing, updates, related blogs and communication.
  • Develop AI and ChatGPT-powered tools for integration into the APE community ecosystem.
  • Collaborate with AI experts and AI influencers for insights into AI technologies.
  • Engage the APE community through surveys, polls, and feedback sessions.
  • Establish metrics and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of AI strategies.
  • Ensure adherence to data privacy, security, and ethical standards.
  • Focus on scalability to handle increased demands as the APE community grows.
  • Create educational content and tutorials for AI tools and features.
  • Run pilot programs to test the effectiveness of AI tools in a controlled environment.
  • Utilize AI to optimize marketing strategies, encourage community engagement, and raise awareness for the APE ecosystem.


  • Establish the AI research and implementation team.
  • Develop the website and social media platforms.
  • Collaborate with AI experts and influencers.
  • Develop and test AI and ChatGPT-powered tools.
  • Engage the community for feedback and insights.
  • Implement pilot programs to test AI tools.
  • Launch the AI tools and strategies to the APE community.

TIMELINE Work will commence immediately upon approval of the proposal. The AI APE ALLIANCE aims to launch the initial website, socials and set of AI tools and strategies within 8 weeks from the date of receiving funding.

The AI APE ALLIANCE proposes a funding model of $7,000 in $APE per month, to be allocated for a period of six months at a time. To ensure the effectiveness and viability of the initiative, an initial trial run of two months will be conducted. This trial period will allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s impact and potential adjustments to the strategies and tools implemented. The total cost for the two-month trial period will be $14,000 in $APE at the time of funding.

Under the assumption that AI is just a “tool” and not a separate realm that works on its own - why can’t these AI projects apply directly for funding? Why would there need to be a separate allocation? If there is anything that can help the ecosystem, it should be considered for funding, whether it uses AI or not.

I feel like this just adds a layer of unnecessary bureaucracy. Feels like the 14k will be spent on random projects that can fly under the banner of “AI” but might never have actual non incentivized usage.

If there is a specific AI idea, perhaps that can be directly funded?

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Welcome to the forums.

We have some community feedback about A.I. over here – did ya get a chance to read it and what are your thoughts about an A.I. Working Group?


In response to your concerns, AI is indeed a tool, but it’s a rapidly evolving one. The pace of AI development necessitates an agile dedicated team to stay abreast of changes and adapt accordingly. Drawing from my experience with startups and crypto projects since 2017, I’ve found that building expertise through experience and continuous refinement is key to staying on the cutting edge. In my opion One-off AI solutions would lack flexibility and adaptability and end up costing a lot more in the long run

The AI APE ALLIANCE will embody this iterative process, starting with ChatGPT powered tools like custom trained, support bots, chat bots, personality bots, internal AI assistant bots as well as AI-engineered content creation. These tools will be geared towards improving new member onboarding, support, education, retention, engagement, then branching from there.

Bureaucracy is the reason why we build an independent website . This platform will serve as a testing ground for AI-powered tools and ideas, allowing us to execute and refine them without delay. It will also serve as an independent content creation and social media marketing tool, fostering engagement and awareness within and beyond the APE community. Once proven and effective we can attempt to vote them into official channels.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the AI Working Group. I’ve read the post and appreciate the thoughtful exploration of the pros and cons.

While the idea of an AI Working Group is indeed valuable, the AI APE ALLIANCE proposal takes a different approach. We believe in a focused, action-oriented strategy that allows us to hit the ground running. Rather than spending time in extensive deliberations, we aim to start testing and implementing proven Chatgpt powered AI strategies right away.

Our goal is to create a dynamic team that can quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving AI landscape. We plan to establish a platform for experimentation and communication, where we can develop and refine AI tools in real-time. This approach allows us to stay on the cutting edge of AI applications and deliver immediate value to the APE community before the next bull market.

Haha, I agree about Working Groups🤣:

I guess my initial Call-to-Arms was to surface community members that were working on A.I. projects or utilizing the technology to come together to ideate on best practices and best outcomes for the DAO, prior to presenting an AIP.

You obviously just want to get the show on the road - :laughing:.

That said, would the $7k a month be an opportunity for other community members to get compensated as they join your alliance or is the grant going elsewhere?

How will you measure whether or not the 2-month trial period is successful or not as it seems it’s gonna take you about 2 months to get everything up and running anyway?

Do you think you may need a longer runway to get the KPIs required to determine success or not?


Thank you for your questions. The proposed $7,000 per month is primarily allocated for the compensation of two dedicated full-time team members and one part-time overseer. This budget also covers operational costs such as website hosting, ChatGPT, AI chatbot hosting, and other miscellaneous application expenses. We will maintain a transparent record of these expenses each month.

While the core team will be compensated, we certainly encourage and welcome other community members to join our alliance on a voluntary basis. As we demonstrate success and the initiative grows, there could be potential to scale and include more compensated roles.

Regarding the two-month trial period, our objectives are clear and measurable. We aim to set up the website and social media platforms, initiate research, publish 4-6 blog updates, begin AI powered social posting and train 2-3 AI chatbots, including a support chatbot, an APE personality bot, and an internal assistant bot.

We have a lot of creative ideas and plan to explore many other AI-powered solutions. While the possibilities with AI are vast, our focus during the trial period is to deliver tangible results and demonstrate the potential of AI within the APE community.

In addition we plan to put together an AI mastermind group that would meet twice a month. Its a lot but I believe we could accomplish most of this.

I thought I replied, but I guess I just posted it above.

To further support the idea

Excerpts from this source: 8 ChatGPT Statistics, Facts & Trends - GlobalSign

  • AI Chatbots are being widely adopted, with many companies implementing chatbot technology in some capacity according to a survey by Statista. Moreover, customer inquiries handled by AI chatbots have surged by over 700%.

  • Consumers show a preference for AI-based chatbots in customer service situations, with a recent survey revealing 56% of over 2,000 respondents prefer AI chatbots over human representatives.

  • Accenture analysis suggests that the use of AI chatbot technology can increase engagement and reduce human labor costs by up to 30%, save up to 40% on customer support costs, and boost customer satisfaction by 20%

Summary from this source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/368662952_A_Review_of_ChatGPT_AI’s_Impact_on_Several_Business_Sectors

  • ChatGPT-powered tools and chatbots can significantly enhance business operations and ROI. They provide cost and time savings, and improve customer satisfaction by offering personalized interactions that traditional chatbots can’t match. This allows customers to obtain specific information quickly, without delays or misunderstandings (Page 10).

  • ChatGPT can optimize workflows in various sectors, reducing costs associated with customer support staff and creating more engaging experiences between brands and consumers (Page 3). In education, it can automate grading and answer questions about course information, freeing up staff for more important tasks (Page 7).

  • In finance, ChatGPT can automate simple customer service tasks, allowing banks to focus resources on more complex issues. Its natural language processing allows unique responses based on past interactions, making banking easier and faster (Page 7).

  • In eCommerce, ChatGPT provides valuable customer behavior insights, enabling personalized offers that can increase sales conversions (Page 4). Overall, ChatGPT’s integration capabilities and continuous learning make it a valuable investment for businesses seeking competitive advantage.

This is how i see it:
Investing in GPT powered solutions for Apecoin and Ape DAO can have multiple potential benefits including enhanced member onboarding, engagement, support, education, marketing, and internal efficiency. Let’s look at the numbers to understand the potential return on investment (ROI).

  • For example, if Ape DAO’s treasury currently holds 350,000,000 APECOIN, which at $2 per coin, has a value of around $800,000,000.

  • If we assume a modest improvement of only 0.5% in the treasury valuation due to the implementation of these chatbots and AI solutions, the ROI would look like this:

  • 0.5% of $800,000,000 is $4,000,000.

  • So, by spending $35,000, Ape DAO could potentially increase the value of their treasury by $4,000,000 - a net gain of $3,965,000. That’s a return on investment of over 11,000%.

  • On the other hand, if we assume a higher yield of 10%, the numbers get even more impressive:

  • 10% of $800,000,000 is $80,000,000.

  • So, an investment of $35,000 could potentially increase the value of the treasury by $80,000,000 - a net gain of $79,965,000. That’s a return on investment of over 228,000%.

  • In simple terms, imagine spending $1 to potentially earn between $113 and $2286. That’s the power of enhancing efficiency and engagement using AI and GPT powered chatbots. It’s like investing a small amount to improve the wheels of a car, and as a result, the car runs faster and uses less fuel, creating a lot more value in the long run.

This is broadly a good idea but there is a ton of vaporware in AI these days. Also, real “research” requires PhD or similar level people. A lot of us call googling or asking ChatGPT questions “research” but that is almost always an exaggeration.

Like someone else posted above, we should instead focus on delivering smaller and measurable chunks - x blogs, y chatbots etc. which you later shared. Creating chatbots, with custom personality, is very easy and can be done in hours. I don’t think we require 2 months or 14k $ mainly for chatbots.

Hi @ApeJumper,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your feedback. While I understand your concerns, I believe it’s a bit of an oversimplification to suggest that real “research” is exclusive to PhD-level individuals. In today’s digital age, knowledge and expertise come in many forms. The democratization of AI and machine learning tools has empowered a broader range of individuals to contribute to the field.

As for the notion that creating chatbots with custom personalities is a task that can be completed in a few hours, it’s important to clarify that while setting up a basic chatbot can indeed be quick, the process of training, refining, and optimizing a chatbot for a specific purpose is a much more involved process. It requires a deep understanding of the community, its needs, and the specific use cases the chatbot will address.

Our proposal isn’t just about creating chatbots; it’s about integrating AI into the fabric of the APE community in a meaningful and impactful way. This involves ongoing research, experimentation, and refinement - a process that is both time-intensive and requires a dedicated team.

The AI APE ALLIANCE is committed to delivering measurable results, as outlined in our proposal. We believe in the potential of AI to enhance the APE community and are eager to put our plan into action.


Thanks for the heads up! We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and dive into the AIP Draft phase. It’s do or die time, and we’re all in. Let’s make the AI APE ALLIANCE a reality! Looking forward to the next steps.

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