To create an ApeCoin NFT marketplace with 0% fee for trades in $APE

Just an idea. What if we will create our own NFT marketplace that will be governed via a separated from ApeCoin DAO with it’s own token?

The token will be airdropped to OpenSea and LooksRare traders, Snapshot voters, and BAYC/MAYC/Otherdeed holders. Thus we will acquire nice audience fast, and there will be not only NFT traders, but also experienced DAO enthusiasts. And of course holders of our core NFTs.

Killer feature: All trades done via $APE token will go with just 0% fee.

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Anyone need an ApeCoin NFT marketplace with 0% fee for trades in $APE? Or there is nothing special in the idea?

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A marketplace is a great idea and some others (ex. X marketplace) have proposed this in the past.

It didn’t make it to the voting stage previously and I forget the exact reason why but I believe it might have been due to concerns with brand affiliation. Maybe a different variation of a proposal would be welcomed.

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I love this idea, and would love to build this on behalf of Apecoin if you all are interested. I’m an ape, mutant, and $APE holder and just started Snag Solutions to build customized marketplaces for projects.

I’d be happy to do this pro-bono and we can offer <1% on ETH based listing and offer listings in $APE with no marketplace fee. We could have this implemented in ~a month and would just want the blessing of the community (via vote) before building. Team is fully Doxxed and smart-contracting will be audited.

We used the multiple BAYC-family collections to designs for multi-collection projects so sharing an image of what this could look like below:


Do you have a ready to use demo marketplace? I would be happy to test it.

Following OpenSea Twitter to find reasons for our own marketplace every day

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