Town Hall Discussion - 6/1/22

As a community we’ve made huge strides in the last few months. We’ve voted on a range of AIPs and witnessed some big new integrations. However, the DAO’s work is just starting and nothing is set in stone. It therefore feels like a good time to take stock and debate how we can make the next phase of our development even stronger than the last.

To that end, we’d like to set up a Twitter Spaces Town Hall on 6/1/22 at 730pm ET to discuss the ways we can update the DAO proposal process to accelerate our progress and harness the energy of our community.

You’ll hear from:

We’ll be asking:

  • Are there improvements we can implement that will increase the number of high quality proposals that reach Snapshot?

  • How do we increase the reach of ApeCoin, and the number of people who want to build in this ecosystem?

  • And how do we ensure that all proposals receive some type of community input before reaching Snapshot?

We’ll be joined by community members such as @MG (who took the first step by updating the organizational structure of the Discourse, making it much easier to filter and find proposals to engage with), the special council, and Alisha.eth who is a DAO expert and has so much wisdom from ENS she can share with us.

This Discourse post is where we should surface the top 3-5 ideas for process changes to discuss at the Town Hall. Feel free to reply to this post with any ideas and suggestions you have. We can dig into the suggestions with the most hearts on Wednesday.

Some potential ideas to discuss:

  • Temperature checks to gauge community feedback early in the proposal lifecycle
  • Sponsor model where every proposal needs a sponsor
  • Sub-committee to provide feedback and guidance on proposals
  • Minimum voting thresholds / quorums

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,



Thanks for pulling this together @maariab. I’m looking forward to it.

As one of the community representatives on this call, if anyone wants to reach out to me with their thoughts/questions/concerns I’d be happy to bring things up during this call.


DOXXING for all Special Council Members.

Once the initial six month period is up; candidates should be required to be doxxed as a prerequisite to be included.

If we want people to ‘trust in the process’ and our ‘brand’ to compete, facelessness is just ngmi imho.


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